9/11 Redux: Call for an All-Out Anarchist Attack on the Mainstream Media!

  • Posted on: 8 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Big media and its State has attacked us... Now let's strike back.

We know this is a last minute call, but we wanted keep as much time as possible out of State’s hands for protecting itself, while attacking us.

This is going to start on 9/11, the 11th anniversary of the Dark Day of Terror; this unrivaled jewel of the society of Spectacle, when for hours, the same images of planes hitting the towers were televised in a loop, like countless shots of an invisible yet very present weapon of mass disruption. We believe that this significant date is the exact right time when to bring this anarchist insurgency up to a new level. </td><td><img title="is the new level parallel to next level?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2009/darthwheelsl.jpg"></td></tr...

Eleven years ago, a major attack was carried upon the people all around the planet. This was an all-out onslaught of terror through the Spectacle, that resulted into a global fall into an Orwellian nightmare for most if not all of us. This attack was used shock the public, especially the establishment, into calling out for total mindless vindication upon anyone who’ll be labelled a «terrorist», by terrorist States. It was used to crush our civil liberties, develop an unprecedented grid of total surveillance upon the proles, through CCTV’s and telecoms, as well as to bring despotic legal-militaristic measures to repress dissenters, immigrants and native people alike, put them into maximum security prisons; and to further impose racist, restrictive immigration policies. It was also used to justify endless foreign military invasions worldwide, in what now seems to be part of the «new world order» agenda that George H.W. Bush called for, 22 years ago on the exact same date.

Whether intended or not, and conspiracy or not, the 9/11 attacks were the foundation for a new Nazi "Enabling Act", aimed at bringing ordinary fascism everywhere in the Western world, under a doctrine of Terror, of (inter)national (in)security. It was a further way to bring new legitimacy and life to age-old imperialist policy by rich Western countries, in a time where there wasn’t any global Enemy to fight against. No matter which political figure of democracy was in charge, this was aways pushed further and deeper, to the benefit of a few corporate crooks, and to the most grassroot level, with the invasion of our neighborhoods by a violent, paramilitary «gestapo» on steroids, in body armors and with an murderous arsenal around their belts. This has become, in essence, the signs of a dead, broken society, which needs to always further invade and militarize itself in order to keep going longer. As others pointed out, the rising Prison Society is a way for the State to buy itself more time; even perhaps secure its future, like it tries to secure its futures by invading Eurasian, Middle-Eastern and African regions. But primarily, all this cannot be achieved without a propaganda and mind-control machine that plays a central role into this global war theater. In a society that no longer exists, the established order relies on propaganda, as it presents itself as the only thing that binds all together. The only social tissue that exists is a power grid.

The Spectacle and the State are now one and the same. Attempts to distinguish them are irrelevant, since all that differs is the process behind these that pretty much equate to the same thing at the bottom of equation: producing a spectacle of power, and giving power to this spectacle. The police are the heroes in the evening news just like they’ve been for decades in mediocre Hollywood productions. The political, financial, scientific elite are the only relevant expertise, and the figures of the capitalist establishment they work for. Electoral process is intertwined with media manipulation. And none of this is new, only that now it is so obvious. The spectacle, in their world, is everything, and the telescreens of all kinds are its most pervasive weapons, their results being the production in our minds of the illusion of society, especially its fictitious projection across time and space. Like following trends and materialist ideals. Like seeing yourself in a televised debate, or fantasy movie. This is always, always, about what’s not there, what tries to be real, but that is never.

Therefore the total rejection of this shallow, lifeless, despotic, violent capitalist society can be best achieved through the direct counter-offensive upon its Mouth, the Mouth of the State, which keeps the sheep into line, that tells them which way to march. We gotta do this any way we can, with the best means we’ve got at hand, but the machine of the Spectacle has got to be subverted, broken, sabotaged, disrupted, tarnished, destroyed.

A clash with the image, a crashing of the spectacle, a cognitive dissonance is what will liberate us and the rest of the slaves. It can get as simple as someone losing reception on his-her cell phone, TV, radio, and then seeking to communicate with other people. That is the only true revolutionary event that can happen at this point in our collective alienation by technology. We can’t convince people to unplug themselves, this would be an obvious waste of time, especially when we can’t manage to unplug ourselves. We gotta unplug them all, cut off their servitude with the techno-industrial system. We believe this is the best we can do as anarchists, the most high-profile, far-reaching action. How this can be achieved? That is the question that’s been haunting some of us for a long time. But it may be simpler than it seems from afar.

To destroy cell phones, TVs and laptops will be useless (not at least for more people than ourselves), as the devices of invasion and oppression of the Spectacle are to be found in things as diverse as transmission antennas, cables, data servers, TV/radio stations, asshole reporters themselves, advertisement panels, CCTV cameras, "telescreens" in public places, speakers shouting the most inane mediocrity and despicable sounds in our ears everywhere. We should follow the mainstream media’s own sacred principles of maximal propagation and direct, aggressive exposure. Developing alternative media was an absolute necessity, and it contributed to the spreading of our movement, or at least its survival through time, but it is now time to go beyond that, to wage war on the media infrastructure of Power, to invade its long, mostly unchallenged dominion. Because this is about taking power, for ourselves.

Whether it’ll have an effect or not depends on YOU, if you choose to adopt this kind of tactics and for how long, wide and deep the attacks are gonna be carried up against this totalitarian regime. The more the media is attacked, the more it will be recognized by the so-called «masses» as the very hostile, dictatorial system that it really is, the more the many will be likely to join in the resistance. That is our theory for a new praxis. We hope that the many will find ways to prove it right.

There is no need for slogans (although we’re not calling against it!), sabotaging the media infrastructure -in noticeable ways- is in itself a clear enough signal of its refusal -in the same way that the media itself is its own message of domination- a refusal of its violence and invasion in our lives, beyond words. At best, détournement is a always a grand, beautifully subversive tactic, but we cannot expect it to be easily applied to every context or situation. The machine can be destroyed, it is in our power to do so. If you have located and isolated any kind of device of the spectacle in your area, this is a call for you to attack it on this September 11th, and onward...

"Against all authority" is our eternal principle. Down with all Power and its advocates.

For total liberation!

- some anarchist(s)




We now have everything we need, THANK YOU.

- Europol & FBI

YOU'RE WELCOME. I also have everything I need... to deal with you.

You mean that you've finally found LOVE? I'm so happy for you!

"Whether intended or not, and conspiracy or not, the 9/11 attacks." But these are the differences that make a difference. The author(s) should have thought this out better.

I fail to see how it makes a difference.

Yes, you -- fail, I mean.


^ Cop ^

author(s) did a fine job...only implying what "9/11" wrought on our civil liberties, et al...despite who or how it was accomplished...there is no "difference" betwixt any-thing...no-thing is any better than any another, only seems to be...only thinking makes it so...y'think?


*That's right! It doesn't matter who punched you in the face or if you were punched deliberately or accidentally. All that matters is that you got punched in the face. Because your face is all that matters.

Ok, let's look at the possibilities. Either it was some religious fundamentalists, who we hate, and would mostly be ok with killing regardless. Or it was the US government, who we hate, and would be willing to kill regardless. How the fuck does this pointless dribble matter to us? If someone you were already planning on killing hit you in the face, you aren't going to plan to make them "extra dead" or something.

Revenge is stupid anyway, and a decidedly statist notion (e.g. prison, justice, etc.). I don't want to bring down the state because of the people it killed, they're already dead and nothing will bring them back. I want to bring down the state because of the people it *will* kill, and because it's making my life miserable. To use your simplistic face punching analogy, if someone punches me in the face, I punch back to make them stop, not to satisfy some moralistic notion of it being right.

But that's just it exactly! You say, "if someone punches me in the face, I punch back to make them stop," But *who exactly* are you punching? You've got to punch *the right person,* not just whoever is within reach of your fists!

Once-a-fuckign-gain, is there any question as to who our enemies are? Seriously, explain to me, in detail, how the identity of the perpetrators of 9/11 changes our actions.

No, I don't think so. If you can't figure it out yourself, you'll never learn anything from me.

Buh bye.

Thanks for pretty much explicitly stating you have no clue as to what the fuck you're talking about.

You're welcome. Anything I can do to help someone like you!

this kind of ordeal is getting funny here.

Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha so funny! Absoluetly!

The second half off the post was about your moralism. It's the first half that's about 9/11.

The left cheek of your ass is about your mom. It's the right cheek of your ass that looks like your face.

Seriously though, if the US did, we hate the US and fundamentalists and want them both dead. If the fundamentalists did it, we hate the US and fundamentalists and want them both dead. Where exactly does this change our strategy?

I was wrong! The *right* cheek of your ass is about your mom. It's the *left* cheek of your ass that looks like your face. How could I make such a stupid mistake?

Given that we all make mistakes, and being stupid seems to be your territory, it's hardly surprising.

Yes, I reside in the territory of the stupid! Had did you know?

Well, ignoring the typos which make your accent quite strong, it's pretty obvious from your reasoning skills that you don't just reside there, you reign idiot supreme over the entire land. You know what they say, "In the land of the dumb, the half-wit troll is king."

sooooo.... newspaper boxes? in the streets?

No. More like newspaper boxes... thrown back at reporters.

Anarchy was an inside job!!!

LoL... I can already hear Alex Jones barking against the "Illuminati anarchist agents of the NWO".

I completely remember when this site wasn't empty rhetorical dribble.

Green Day Rulz!

Fuck the Hall Monitors!

green day is the air supply of the 2000s. sigh.

To Worker: I don't think the authors were referring to any evolutionist perspective of "next level", or "new level". But do you so much need to clearly define that in your head in order to attack?

I don't think evolution has levels, unless you're playing pokemon...

a pile of vomit

...you woke up into this morning.

Always good to hear about your daily crust punk living! Stop the Mountain Dew!

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