About the sentence in “Scripta Manent” trial and update on comrade Marco Bisesti

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About the sentence in the “Scripta Manent” trial

On April 24, the Turin Court of Assizes issued the first instance sentence for the “Scripta Manent” trial (which followed the repressive operation in which five comrades were arrested on September 6, 2016, and two others received notification of pre-trial detention while they were already in prison for the attack against Roberto Adinolfi of May 7, 2012).

Alfredo Cospito was sentenced to 20 years, held responsible for the possession and transport of explosives in relation to the bomb at the Parco Ducale at the Parma RIS (“special investigation department” of Carabinieri) of 24 October 2005 (acquitted of the charge of attack as “crime impossible” because the switch of the bomb was off), of the explosive
envelope sent to the then mayor of Bologna Cofferati in 2 November 2005 (convicted of the bombing plus “possession and transportation of explosives”), of attacks with multiple explosive devices at the Carabinieri school of Fossano in June 2, 2006, and in the Crocetta
district in Turin in 7 March 2007 (crime of “massacre aggravated by the fact that the goal would have been the police” and acquitted of the aggravating circumstance of political motivation), of sending explosive packages to the then mayor of Turin (Chiamparino), to the editor of the newspaper “Torino Cronaca” (Giuseppe Fossati) and to COEMA Edilità
(company involved in the restructuring of the CIE, “identification and expulsion centre” for migrants) in July 2006. He is also indicated as promoter of the FAI (Federazione Anarchica Informale), recognized as a “subversive association with purposes of terrorism”. The aggravating circumstance of transnationality has fallen.

Anna Beniamino was sentenced to 17 years for the Crocetta and Fossano bombs (2006 and 2007) and for the explosive packets of July 2006 (the same three for which Alfredo was sentenced), as well as for “subversive association with terrorist purposes” as promoter of the FAI.

Nicola Gai was sentenced to 9 years for “subversive association with terrorist purposes”.

Marco Bisesti and Alessandro Mercogliano were sentenced to 5 years for participation in a “subversive association with terrorist purposes”.

All the other defendants were acquitted (for all 23 defendants the charge was “subversive association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order” and for some comrades also “instigation  to commit a crime” and “terrorist attack”). All those condemned remain in prison, while Danilo has been released from prison and Valentina leaves the house arrest (to which she had been transferred from Rebibbia prison in Rome in December 2017).

The court has 90 days from April 24 to write the reasons for the sentence.


Anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti is in isolation since May 6th, 2019:

We learn that Marco Bisesti began serving 10 days of isolation from May 6th. This due to a verbal argument that occurred in mid-April with a guard, who thought of using the hydrant against an inmate in solitary confinement on the floor below the cell where Marco is locked up.

Freedom for all!


Here the addresses of the comrades:

Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai and Alessandro Mercogliano
C. C. di Ferrara, via Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara, Italia.

Marco Bisesti
C. C. di San Michele, strada statale per Casale 50/A, 15121 Alessandria, Italia.

Anna Beniamino
C. C. de L’Aquila, via Amiternina 3, località Costarelle di Preturo, 67100 L’Aquila, Italia.

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