Abstentionist Posters and Anarcho-syndicalist Perspectives on Elections

  • Posted on: 5 September 2018
  • By: thecollective

via MTL counter-info


The electoral circus has begun in Quebec.

As anarcho-syndicalists, we believe necessary to promote a systematic abstaining stance. This is why we share here two posters as an answer to statist propaganda and electoralist brainwashing.

The fact that we don’t vote is the logical result of our revolutionary project.

It’s delusional to think that our emancipation will come from parliament. We’ll only be able to realize anarchist communism (only economical and political system that insures our individual and collective emancipation) by organising our struggles in a horizontal, egalitarian fashion… and far away from political parties.

For us, « leftist » parties place social movement’s and well intentioned activists’ energy in an electoralist dead end that offers only disappointment, treason, instrumentalisation, manipulation, lies, illusions, etc. While the electoral machine of the « leftist » parties are being built, minds and thoughts of social movement activist are pushed toward statist alienation and electoral wait-and-see attitude. If there is no capitalism with a human face and if the state is the wheel of our exploitation, then we’ll have to abolish both to be free.

In the end, we stay convinced that we have nothing to expect from the state, it doesn’t matter who’s in power. Both « right » and « left » parties reproduce and support state and capitalism that lean on oppressions and systematic exploitation. Elections contribute to the alienation of our lives.

Download the posters by clicking the links below

Elections everywhere – Text

Elections everywhere – plain poster



Honestly syndicalism will always be historically connected to fascism and it's a terrible baseline form of affectation based organizing EVEN if your into that kind of thing. Communism has nothing to do with anarchy. Individualism is the obvious goal which essentially amounts to preferable association. Good anarchism is about electing AWAY from a monosystem of any kind.

I would suggest going back to mutualism as a baseline and not sappy syndicalism. For all it's problems there's more flexibility in the former and there is a tendency towards individualism and elective affinity based association as seen by the likes of Armand who went beyond the ancoms even though he was somewhat influenced by Proudhon.

Because some people have a delayed and backward interpretation of power and political process.

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