Actions in Atlanta in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors

  • Posted on: 6 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><strong>Atlanta had two separate actions in solidarity with grand jury resistors. </strong>

<strong>From the night of August 5th:</strong>

<em>On the night of August 5th, we used industrial adhesives and a hammer to dismantle every parking meter on Edgewood Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta (45 parking meters total). On a large wall next to the biggest section of parking meters we spray-painted "FUCK THE GRAND JURY -- <3 FOR PNW (A)".

<em>This is just a small gesture of solidarity with comrades in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia who are resisting the grand jury which released 6 subpoeneas late last month. We know that the point of these hearings is to stultify the rebellion of those in the Pacific-Northwest who have helped to escalate the unending social war of which we are all apart. All across the country -- in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, East St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Seattle, and elsewhere -- anarchists have decided to meet this repression with further attacks against the dominant social order. We hope that our humble act warms the hearts of all who resist.</td><td><img title="1) closing tags 2) attack!" src=""></td></tr>...
<em>Additionally, there is a profound hatred of the privatized parking enforcement in Atlanta. We have chosen this target for the immediate effects it will have on our lives and to stoke the flames of rage against paid parking enforcement and law enforcement in general.

<em>For more information visit

<em>It's easy to attack!


<strong>From the morning of August 6th:</strong>

<em>Early this morning we dropped a banner over Freedom Parkway in Atlanta that read: FOR THE SILENT ONES <3, fuck grand juries @. We did this to show our love for those in the Pacific Northwest who are resisting the grand jury subpeonas there. May the revolt continue to spread in spite of repression by the state. Solidarity with all who rebel.

-some a's</em>

Picture of the banner:


...this is ideal coverage from the MSM.

Sure, and it's hilarious. Now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is getting into it on Twitter calling the nearly 48 hour old attack "BREAKING"

ajcatlantanews ‏@ajcatlantanews BREAKING via @clayduda and @EAtlantaPatch: Anarchists damage 45 ParkAtlanta meters in Edgewood and 10:19 PM - 7 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

This kid gets it:

RJ Cantrell ‏@RJCantrell Parking at broken meters is free & legal. ParkATL pays to repair them, not taxpayers. So why WOULDN'T you break them? 10:57 PM - 7 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

Read about the meta data encoded in most every digital image:

It is important to totally scrub this data before uploading to the web. Look at all the information you left intact:

ExifTool Version Number : 8.99
File Name : img_0175.jpg
Directory : REDACTED
File Size : 1181 kB
File Modification Date/Time : REDACTED
File Permissions : REDACTED
File Type : JPEG
MIME Type : image/jpeg
JFIF Version : 1.01
Profile CMM Type : Lino
Profile Version : 2.1.0
Profile Class : Display Device Profile
Color Space Data : RGB
Profile Connection Space : XYZ
Profile Date Time : 1998:02:09 06:49:00
Profile File Signature : acsp
Primary Platform : Microsoft Corporation
CMM Flags : Not Embedded, Independent
Device Manufacturer : IEC
Device Model : sRGB
Device Attributes : Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
Rendering Intent : Media-Relative Colorimetric
Connection Space Illuminant : 0.9642 1 0.82491
Profile Creator : HP
Profile ID : 0
Profile Copyright : Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company
Profile Description : sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Media White Point : 0.95045 1 1.08905
Media Black Point : 0 0 0
Red Matrix Column : 0.43607 0.22249 0.01392
Green Matrix Column : 0.38515 0.71687 0.09708
Blue Matrix Column : 0.14307 0.06061 0.7141
Device Mfg Desc : IEC
Device Model Desc : IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB
Viewing Cond Desc : Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1
Viewing Cond Illuminant : 19.6445 20.3718 16.8089
Viewing Cond Surround : 3.92889 4.07439 3.36179
Viewing Cond Illuminant Type : D50
Luminance : 76.03647 80 87.12462
Measurement Observer : CIE 1931
Measurement Backing : 0 0 0
Measurement Geometry : Unknown (0)
Measurement Flare : 0.999%
Measurement Illuminant : D65
Technology : Cathode Ray Tube Display
Red Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Green Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Blue Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Exif Byte Order : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
Make : Apple
Camera Model Name : iPhone 4
Orientation : Horizontal (normal)
X Resolution : 72
Y Resolution : 72
Resolution Unit : inches
Software : 5.0.1
Modify Date : 2012:08:06 08:36:14
Exposure Time : 1/140
F Number : 2.8
Exposure Program : Program AE
ISO : 80
Exif Version : 0221
Date/Time Original : 2012:08:06 08:36:14
Create Date : 2012:08:06 08:36:14
Shutter Speed Value : 1/140
Aperture Value : 2.8
Brightness Value : 5.975197294
Metering Mode : Multi-segment
Flash : On, Fired
Focal Length : 3.9 mm
Subject Area : 0
Flashpix Version : 0100
Color Space : sRGB
Exif Image Width : 1936
Exif Image Height : 2202
Sensing Method : One-chip color area
Exposure Mode : Auto
White Balance : Auto
Scene Capture Type : Standard
Sharpness : Hard
Image Width : 1936
Image Height : 2202
Encoding Process : Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample : 8
Color Components : 3
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
Aperture : 2.8
Image Size : 1936x2202
Shutter Speed : 1/140
Focal Length : 3.9 mm
Light Value : 10.4

Don't kid yourself that firing up Tor is a panacea for all threat models. Educate yourself on best practices surrounding digital security and anonymity.

I see that you use an iPhone 4. Do you know about Carrier IQ? Are you aware that the iPhone saves timestamped GPS coordinates of everywhere you have ever been to a secret, cleartext (unencrypted) log and also saves this file to your computer every time you sync?


oh fuck

How do you scrub the data ?

Convert to bmp using save as.... then save back to jpg etc

The Wikipedia article linked discusses a method but let me google that for you:

But all that data is insubstantial and non-incriminating! Keep up the good work intimidating us and making us,,,OMG!!!PARANOID!!

By itself, it isn't incriminating. With other evidence, it can be used to confirm the identity of a participant in the banner drop. Given this communique links the banner drop and attacks on parking meters, this could present a problem for someone.

This submission to Anarchist news dot org does not link the banner drop to the attacks on parking meters. Separate posts announcing the banner drop and the attacks on parking meters were made to the Atlanta IMC yesterday afternoon. Sometime after that, some person compiled them into this one article on Anarchist news dot org. As far as any observer can tell, these were total separate actions coincidentally occurring within hours of each other.

dude. do you REALLY think the cops care about that kind of nuance? it won't stop them from trying to link actions/people together, and charging them.

The EXIF data can include the camera's serial number (see this list of known models that record serial number:, the GPS coordinates of the image, the date and time the image was taken, and who knows what else. None of this information is wise to unwittingly hand over to an investigator and that's exactly what you're doing when you upload an image without stripping the metadata. EXIF data could directly incriminate someone through the serial number or blow up a spot through the GPS data or narrow down/exclude suspects through the timestamps and model number.

I will keep up the good work of educating folks.

and the goodly work of patting yourself on the back

social war's main target is PARKING METERS

parking meters are kind of an awesome target. super easy to make inoperable in some way, definite economic hit to whatever city they're in (and many cities are broke as fuck right now, and get a large amount of income from parking meters and tickets for parking violations. if all the meters on a given block are broken, and no one can pay to park, even if they give out lots of tickets, most people will challenge them, and the city gets nothing). as long as you can couple it with some clear messaging, makes perfect sense.

Park Atlanta has a contract with the city to enforce parking violations. Park Atlanta pays a flat amount per year to the city for this contract.

Park Atlanta is guaranteed a certain dollar amount of parking fine revenue per year. Any shortfall from that guarantee the city pays up to Park Atlanta. Maybe you remember hearing about parking fines being increased this year because the amount of revenue generated was not enough to cover Park Atlanta's guaranteed minimum? Any overage and as near as I can tell, the city does not get an extra cent.

This action probably isn't an economic hit to the city. It is an attack on private property and Park Atlanta's revenue. Costing business, any business, money is good. What other easy to attack private property is there?

the main target of the social war has always been NEWSPAPER BOXES AND WINDOWS

In Toronto when some masked sexies threw a newspaper box through a window...omg...that moment was social total war

Anarchists in Greece attack diplomats cars. Anarchists in the states attack parking meter attendants cars...

Did you even read the article?

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