Adbusters calls for hybrid anarchist-pirate-environmentalist global party

  • Posted on: 12 September 2012
  • By: worker

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S17 ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Tactical Briefing #37

Hey all you hacktivists, cypherpunks, mystical anarchists and global revolutionaries out there,

As the one year anniversary of OWS approaches, where do we stand?

To put it in a nutshell: the Zuccotti encampment model might have passed its heyday, but the spirit of Occupy is still very much alive ... evolving and inspiring, expanding our understanding of the possible, exploding our political imagination. Before S17 we relied on the same dinosaur paradigm of the dusty old left. We looked backward for inspiration instead of forward. With Occupy we jumped over that old dead goat. Now it's time to leap fresh again.</td><td><img title="then they came for the mystical anarchists and I did nothing, for I am not a mystical anarchist..." src=""></...

Look at what's happening in Quebec ... the boldness of the media democracy movement in Mexico ... the teenagers leading an education revolt in Chile ... the Pussy Riot inspired art war unnerving Putin in Russia ... and the new post-capitalist ways of living being forged in Greece and Spain. Witness the growing tempo of green riots across China, the South African miner strikes, the corruption protests of India, the freedom fight in Bahrain, the tremors of dissent in Saudi Arabia, the total loss of confidence in America's corporate-funded Coke-Pepsi election show. Then, add to that the crippling droughts, looming food scarcity, the end of easy oil and the tipping points hovering ominously on the horizon ...

Occupy began as a primal scream against the monied corruption of our democracy ... but after a year of struggling against an unrepentant corporatocracy, our goals are now deeper, our dreams wilder. We see a common thread emerging — a blue-green-black hybrid politics — that unites and elevates our movement:

On the blue front, we eradicate the commercial virus infecting our culture – we liberate the flow of information, champion the leakers, protect anonymity, and break up the corporate media monopolies with outrageous creative hacks.

On the deep green front, we push towards a decisive victory in the forty-year environmentalist struggle – we institute a binding international accord on climate change, pursue a worldwide de-growth economic agenda funded by a Robin Hood Tax and establish an across the board true cost market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth.

On the black front, we restore the dominion of people over corporations by all nonviolent means necessary – we unleash a visceral wave of jams, meme wars and cultural interventions against the monied elite, the financial fraudsters, paid-for politicians and megacorporate outposts in our cities. We kill off criminal corporations like Goldman Sachs, Exxon, Pfizer, Monsanto, Philip Morris and others that have broken the public trust.

A radical blue-green-black transformation of the current global system might sound hopefully idealistic, foolishly utopian, even radically impossible, but remember that on July 13 2011, when the first call for occupying the iconic center of global capitalism went out, it sounded all too naively absurd as well.


If you are in America, vote strategically but keep your eyes on the horizon. Our civilization remains steadfast on its economic, ecological and psychological crash course and sometime over the next few months, maybe in the new year, a galvanizing global moment of truth will happen ... be ready for it ... prepare yourself ... stay loose, play jazz, keep the faith, wake up every morning ready to live without dead time ... Capitalism is heaving and our movement has just begun.

On September 17, meet at dawn ready to rumble on Wall Street:

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

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If you think you can reform the system via party politics to achieve your goals, you don't understand the system. It's designed to give you the impression, the deep conviction, that if you work within its limits and rules, you can accomplish change. The only thing that will change is you,, you will either burn out from fighting the system on its own terms and dissipating your energy, or you will compromise your goals to the point where they sre indistinguishable from current system policy, and you, or some of you, will become participants in the system with all the privileges that entails. If you're truly seeking the results which you state above, you won't get them through the system or party politics.

YOU DUMBASS, U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POST-MODERNITY!! A PARTY doesn't have to mean voting (yeah i know they say vote this is to win the masses idiot) a party can mean an alliance, a narrative, a identity, etc. etc. etc. fucking noob

The Party has spoken. Submit, sheep-comrades, to the grand new corporate socialism! Or we'll bad-mouth you to Hell!

Who gives a fuck about post-modernity? Nerd.

not the working class

Nor even the _Insurgent Social Force_ (Criminals imbued with the _True Criminal Spirit!_)

Stop using the fucking word 'criminal' it's an authoritarian term used in classifying the non-conformists.

IGTT 1/10

Except that most people think a party does mean voting so as soon as you call your organisation a party your putting off half the people who think your just after their vote/money.

I don't think you understand what "deep green" means... or what black generally represents for that matter.

I nominate our esteemed comrade George Soros to lead this new party.

Wow, that's really some bullshit... First off, while i support minor reforms achieved through direct action and people power, who the fuck said anything about electing a bunch of corrupt fat cat politicians to act in their own interests on not ours again? It never worked before, it has no basis, it's horseshit... I hear the reformist left talk about FDR, it wasn't that the people elected FDR and he did good, it was the people were hungry and pissed and would've revolted had nothing been done. Seems like everyone gets all caught up in the election year.. vote this, vote that, party over here, party over there.. Piss on that!
Lastly I'd also like to point out on the part of the black and all militants, why are you using the words 'nonviolent' again? After the debate last night, I'm pretty sure diversity of tactics mopped the fucking floor with the concept that the left must imitate an anorexic Hindu too win.. So, Adbusters, we'll stick to doing it our way, and you go cast your vote for Robomney.

"buy our magazine!"

Trough monetary/spectacular relationships, it all looks the same to me: just merchandise.

"Occupy began as a primal scream against the monied corruption of our democracy ... but after a year of struggling against an unrepentant corporatocracy, our goals are now deeper, our dreams wilder."

To what... a more direct democracy? lol

I, for one, did not join in the "primal" (civilized?) "scream" (structured, controlled assemblies, or slogans in pacifist marches?) of against OUR corrupted democracy.

You can't reform an oligarchy, you socialist bozos. You can only get along with it, or bring it down.

Sorry I was thinking about jazz again.

Up the bloc S17

around the bloc 7/11

No no, this is a great idea guys! We just have to get ourselves to roughly the political situation of Germany in the 1970s... get counter-culture hippies and far-left environmentalists elected... and then 40 years from now when there are STILL nuclear power plants autonomous individuals will just have to shut them down themselves...

Agreed, though it would be disingenuous as an anarchist to be surprised when they show their true liberal politico colors i.e. inherent corruption in politics.

Some people just back down and give up, no stubborn defiance left, sad :(

I've noticed in the last five years that anarchy has shaped the discourse/tactics around rebellion a lot, this is just another example of the "polarization" -or gravitational pull- towards anarchy.. the colored symbolism is obvious and it reads -almost- like a communique. adbusters and so many other media outlets are adopting our language to explain our movements and using our images too (barricades, street fighting, squats).

Things are getting pretty tense, some analysts are even saying that next year is the year of global riots. Corn crops in the US were fucked this year and that'll rise the price of snickers bars. If anarchists are the ones who connect all the dots (a comprehensive structural analysis of Power) and the ones doing the rioting that will become so hip soon, then maybe that'll be cool to see: more anarchists and more riots.

no, not adopting, recuperating. they're trying to lessen our influence and direct our energies towards their electoral desires.

fuck adbusters.

Honestly there are so many anarchists holding so many varying ideas about approaching a world free of hierarchy and exchange relations. I've met a lot of anarchists who are super left progressivists and will vote in every election just to marginally improve people's lives (access to abortion, voting down prisons, etc.) but still envision a classless and stateless society. The depth of the anarchist cannon is so varied and contradictory (from kropotkin to bonnot to novatore to the CNT to bonanno to CCF to Riot Grrl to Durruit to dada to the green party to Chomsky to earth first! to Anti-Fa to zerzan to punk, etc,) that is part of its' power.

Adbusters is just coming around in their own way and adding to the cannon. They talk with a lot of anarchists and publish decent pieces in their magazine. It seems like they try to do a big tent thing with all the newish anti-capitalist thinkers. They publish pieces by derrick jensen fanboys, love the shit out of graeber, talk to zerzan, fetishize tiqqun and support the black bloc. They just write to their audience and, like I said, their tone is getting increasingly anarchist as tensions mount.


I hope this nation is set on fire, sure. lots and lots of fire


I think we should start using cannon instead. Every communique and book added to the anarchist cannon is another shot against the state and the existant.

Let's organize on nation-state lines in order to get rid of nation-states

The creation of a global anarchist party that is above nation-states (Adbusters' apparent agenda) would effectively get rid of being confined with nation-states, no?

the Bolsheviks said the state would be dissolved, just as soon as we reached full communization....

Is this the 19th century?

No. Parties work only with alcohol and/or sex at the basis. A political Party is a corpse from the start... it stinks, and only power-hungry people, along with a few idealistic tools, wanna make it live.

We don't need a stupid Party. We need to ATTACK.

No ummm, like you said, we need alcohol and/or sex FIRST, then we are alive!! The ATTACK comes later!

This "mysical" anarchist raises her middle finger right where you can see and says "Fuck you ADBUSTERS." loudly.

I really don't care for political parties but i don't disagree with groups like adbusters or crimethinc speaking on behalf or shedding light on the meaning of anarchism and the difference between it and black bloc as a tactic. Spontaneous insurrection or planned I'm all for it and people or groups speaking in favor of it. It really doesn't bother me so long as it is a means to an end and no self proclaimed anarchists get in the way.

Adbusters, what the fuck's up with accepting funding from the Tides Foundation. You Fucks.
You know who feeds you.

Soros and the World Bank/IMF.

Get Bent.

yeah, corporate lefties FUCK OFF!

You make deals with capitalists, so we'll deal with you the same way we deal with them!

Don't drink the punch!

If you are interested in non-Anarchist or anti-Anarchist ideas like this, call (262) 208-5347. Operators standing by.


If you are non-anarchist, you may have the opportunity to act as field general or state coordinator. If you are anarchist, don't fret, we still have a way you can get involved... as cannon fodder.

-Transphobe Lierre

Echoing some of the others here, this likely represents attempts at recuperation as well as a general drifting of the discourse toward radical anti-cap thinking. I've always felt like a lot of my anarchist activity has been about laying the groundwork for the work I'd actually like to do, which yeah, was shoot-myself depressing and (in the last 5 years) pretty realistic too.

If we can stop wallowing in the disappointment of the last 6 months, the change in atmosphere is getting quite interesting around here. Just pretend you could time-machine yourself to now from 5 years ago and how you'd react to the shit that's been going on. All of which is pretty specific to north america by the way, my frame of reference.

Also, Adbusters can choke to death on a bag of krusty hobo dicks.

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