Adventures of Tarmo - The Far-Right punk rocker in the City Council

  • Posted on: 23 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Estonia is a small country in the northern/eastern part of Europe, trying hard to leave behind its Soviet past and reaching neo-liberal paradise of Scandinavia. Although we do have our fair share of neo-nazis here, they haven't had much luck with party politics. The only extreme right party - The Indpendence Party have rarely passed the 1% point in the elections.

The hero of our story belongs to the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, one of the two ruling parties in the local parliament, basically a conservative/christian/center right party. In the capital city of Tallinn, the party is in opposition. Tarmo Kruusimäe was elected to the city council in 2009.</td><td><img title="Do you understand the difference between a push and a pull?" src="äe.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

Tarmo was active in the blooming Estonian punk scene in the 80's, forming a band called Kulo. The band has some extremly embarrassing songs, such as "Pepper Cunt" - apparantly about "moaning women, trying to follow the latest trends". The band is still active and has performed together with local neo-nazi outfits such as Preserve White Aryans (yeah, only the white ones...), but have also perfom at the presidental campaign events for the current president of Estonia.
On 5th of april this year, mr. Kruusimäe went on rampage infront of 78 other members of the city council, warning them of upcoming riots by anarchists. On the 25th - 27th of May, the first Baltic Anarchist Meeting took place in Tallinn and Kruusimäe was sure that there will be some clashes like there were during the two-day riots in 2007, after a monument for red army soldierd was finally moved from the center of the city.

"If you've read about anarchists, Bakunin and Kropotkin, they were idealists. These days they're a very violent crowd. They are the people with masks, that only show their eyeballs, pushing over cars and throwing Molotov cocktails. There are some brave men in here and we we'll manage this by ourselves if the police won't. The are anarchists from Sweden, Finland, Russia coming here. Let them bomb their own cities! We won't let them do it here!". The Baltic Anarchist Meeting actually consisted of discussions, bookfair, lectures and a peacful demonstration of some 150 people.

Last summer, the local anti-fascists held a talk on the neo-fascist movement in Estonia in the local anarchist-ran social center. Outside some 20 neo-nazis from a far-right football firm gathered, trying to get into the center aswell. Among others, our dear member of the city council - Tarmo Kruusimäe, was also in action. Threating to use his position in the city council and in the city's youth depratment, to make our lives bitter if we won't let him in. That situation was also mentioned in his speech in the city council, with a recommendation not to donate to the center (as if we've ever asked for it), but there, he told his co-members that he wasn't allowed in because of him belongin the the party, not because he was there with a bunch of neo-nazi skinheads, although there's photos proving it.

A worrying situation for the anarchists and anti-fascists in Tallinn as his position really could make an end to our social center and so on, but a situation without a solution. Although Kruusimäe is alone the voice of local neo-nazis in the city council, others will not take any action as it would mean admitting a problem with neo-fascists in Estonia and that would give a bone to chew for the Russian propaganda, so feared by the ex-Soviet state with cold relations to its Eastern neigbhor.



Aren't most punk rockers far right these days?

People said anarchists need to leave the punk ghetto, and we did. And now it sucks 10 times worse.

Did Anarchists leave the punk ghetto ? I know so many punk rockers who identify as anarchists but they're politics are silly NOFX/Fat Mike bland ass liberalism (ROCK AGAINST BUSH...ha ha). They think the words "punk rocker" and "anarchist" are interchangeable.

Counterculture is crap, in general. Before it was the punks, now it's the Queer/hipster we have to abandon... but only the truest of the true anarchists are gonna meet somewhere deep in a forest. Or what's left of the forest near that Nottingham suburbia.

Music was never meant to be political, most explicit attempts at it suck ass. From Motor City Five to Amebix to Immortal Technique, anarchy's better stay hidden in the noise and the lyrics.

Couldn't agree more.

Greatest hits of punks in my town include:
1. Befriending cops.
2. Befriending known serial rapists.
3. Befriending racist skinheads.
4. Calling anyone who tries to stop the above three "PC police."
5. Opening up a hip 'radical IWW' restaurant and joining the Chamber of Commerce.

Good to hear that I'm not the only one who has had similar experiences.

yay for making generalizations based on musical taste!

Get outta here, Billy Joel Armstrong !

When the end result is *a steaming pile of bullshit,* it doesn't matter whether I got pulled into it or pushed into it. It's still *a steaming pile of bullshit.*

That's not even a valid critique of anarchy, anarchism.

What does this fellow have to say about neo-nazi violence?

Sure, anarchists may use violent means to overcome repression and fight for a life without hierarchy. Anarchists are really all that violent? Even while we're sleeping. No one is violent all of the time. I wouldn't even fall into the trap of arguing violence/non-violence with this guy a la Chris Hedges still. It will go in polemic circles. This guy couldn't address why that is. It's never about violence for the sake of violence.

Anyway, think of how expose reactionary logic without also getting reactionary. I think this is something anarchists need to work on. There is a way to undermine the reactionary that strengthens ties to the community by bringing more and more people into anarchist practice (and eventual perspectives). Even if the social center is gone, is there any way at all of engaging the immediate world in a gift economy? If you can strategize a new model that people can use to increasingly no longer have to rely upon money, people will leave the old one behind.

It's a shame Estonia. Such beautiful sights, and the hauntingly ethereal music of Arvo Part. I wish you strength comrades!

Arvo Part is INCREDIBLE.

What about portland?!?!?!?!?!?!

You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone, save your breath I never was one.

1-2-3-4 who's punk whats the score.

And yes, anarchists have left the punk ghetto, and now punk sucks a lot more.

but mostly 'anarchism' sucks alot more

Every time I see this picture of Tarmo Kruusimäe I think he has spiked green hair.

"mr. Kruusimäe went on rampage infront of 78 other members of the city council, " There are 79 members in the council, do you really think all members of the city council attend every city council meeting? No offense, but that sounded kinda silly :P

he is the 79'th member moron.

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