AFed statement on kneecapping of nuclear executive by Informal Anarchist Federation

  • Posted on: 23 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Federation (UK)</a>

On the 11th of May Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of an Italian state controlled nuclear engineering company, was shot and wounded. A cell of the insurrectionist Informal Anarchist Federation have claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, saying that it was an act of vengeance for deaths and environmental damage caused by the nuclear industry. Previous acts claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation cells include sending a letter bomb to the Italian tax collection office, almost blinding a worker at the office and risking the lives of the postal and clerical workers who unwittingly carried the bomb.

Although it adopts the same initials as our affiliated Anarchist Federation in Italy, the Informal Anarchist Federation has no affiliation whatsoever with them or with us. It is an entirely separate entity, and we consider its adopting of the same initials as a pre-existing anarchist group to be, at best, confusing and ill-judged, and at worst malicious. Whether or not the Informal Anarchist Federation intended that their actions would be associated with the Italian Anarchist Federation and other members of the International of Anarchist Federations, these organisations have now been mentioned in press reports relating to the actions of the Informals, and so we now feel it necessary that we, the UK Anarchist Federation, make our position on their actions clear.</td><td><img title="How many kneecappers is enough to be social?" src=""></td></tr>...

In our aims and principles, the Anarchist Federation states that “It is not possible to abolish Capitalism without a revolution, which will arise out of class conflict. The ruling class must be completely overthrown to achieve anarchist communism. Because the ruling class will not relinquish power without their use of armed force, this revolution will be a time of violence as well as liberation”. We are not a pacifist organisation and do not condemn insurrection itself or all insurrectionist tactics; however, as Anarchist Communists we strongly criticise individualist and vanguardist tactics that do not come out of a broad-based class struggle movement. We condemn actions that put workers in danger without their knowledge and consent, and we reject elitist statements, such as that made by the Informals, which consider the working class to be too ignorant and invested in Capitalism to be relevant to struggle.

Capitalism is, fundamentally, a social relationship; it can no more be harmed by small groups who are disconnected from the wider class struggle shooting individual bosses or sending bombs through the post than it can by passively marching from one place to another or consuming “ethical” commodities. Instead, the Anarchist Federation advocates organising with other working class people to take direct action for ourselves in order to both defend ourselves against attacks by capital and the state in our everyday lives and build a culture of resistance that can seriously challenge capitalism. As well as being tactically more effective than isolated acts of violence, organising in this way allows us a glimpse of a better world, free of exploitation, alienation and oppression. By acting collectively and making ourselves accountable to others, we prepare ourselves for a world where our whole lives are really under our own control.


I still don't know if I can see a positive side to going all Baader-Meinhof style but I won't condemn it or distance myself from those types of tactics just because I don't want yuppies and "workers" to think less of me.

Presumably, large institutions (relatively speaking), even the anarchist kind, have to put out statements like this exactly because they collect dues and have large memberships and shit like that. The trappings of formal organization.

Also, it might be a reaction to a bunch of extra heat coming down from the state?

afed ain't that large

It certainly could enable repression if there's any effort to casually link the two.

Read about Baader-Meinhof's strategy then read the claim of responsibility. The comparison is not apt.

OP here: I already know too much about Baader-Meinhof, but I know fuck all about the folks who maimed nuclear whosits.
Where's my link to the claim of responsibility damnit?! You assholes expect me to google it myself?!

"...yuppies and 'workers'..."


yeah, yuppies because fuck yuppies, always and forever.

and "workers" in quotation marks because of all the weird contradictions around labour politics and marxism and identifying as proletarian , blah blah blah, so on.

I'm a worker in that I often have to work for shit pay for people I don't like.
Probably this explains why it's not central to my identity, but yeah, lumpenprole in the bakunin sense.
Solidarity with folks I share affinity with, some of whom are "workers".

end rant.

Ok, but there's nothing Baader-Meinhof about this.

This is a very thin retribution for the millions, billions of lives they are currently poisoning to death with the still-leaking Fukushima-Daichi reactors, adding to this the catastrophic pollution of the environment and other animal life.

This is self-justice through vengeance, that's all.

u jelly

The afed resent all true action with real consequences that has not been approved by their committee of yuppies and social climbers.

And as you can see from their statement, the beauty and grace of Olga's communiques.

Yeah, linking to Olga's communiques was the best thing Afed did with this article. They should do that more often.

Fuck this noise. Anarchy not anarchism!

Yeah fuck a fed

Fuck you, cowards!

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck.


u fuckin worse than I fuckin are,..,8ball

"Instead, the Anarchist Federation advocates organising with other working class people to take direct action for ourselves in order to both defend ourselves against attacks by capital and the state in our everyday lives and build a culture of resistance that can seriously challenge capitalism."

they've been trying that here in Seattle, they call it Seasol. It doesn't really go anywhere.

seasol = autonomous base nuclei

aka the mass structures proposed by insurrectionists.

aka self-managed leagues (made up people other than just anarchists) that are for:

permanent conflictuality, attack, and autonomous self-organization

insurrectionists propose mass structures? gurl u crazy!

There is homework waiting for many.

when was the last autonomous seasol action that was not sanctioned by the official meetings? yall just get together and picket shit or what?

you're crazy. firstly, the autonomous base nuclei proposal from O.V. is not exactly very popular among insurrectionary anarchists.

secondly, they write:

"So we reached the hypothesis of building autonomous base nuclei lacking the characteristics of mini-syndicalist structures, having other aims and organisational relations."

SeaSol is obviously mini-syndicalist structure, having the same aims and organizational relations as trade unions.

Nor is it autonomously self-organized. There is a centralized structure that determines what struggles will be taken up and what kinds of actions people are allowed to engage in.

third, they write:

"The organisation within the nucleus distinguishes itself by the following characteristics:
1. autonomy from any political, trade union or syndical force;
2. permanent conflictuality (a constant and effective struggle towards the aims that are decided upon, not sporadic occasional interventions);
3. attack (the refusal of compromise, mediation or accommodation that questions the attack on the chosen objective)."

SeaSol meets none of these characteristics. Perhaps 1, depending how you interpret it. But the conflictuality is entirely sporadic and composed of occasional interventions. And there is no refusal of compromise, mediation and accommodation -- that's the whole idea of how SeaSol works -- negotiation with the boss/landlord.

OK, I'm no syndicalist but this is bullshit. Seasol "doesn't really go anywhere," but then nothing does. Seasol has done plenty to directly affect peoples' lives and contributed to a culture of solidarity against landlords and bosses. It may not be smashy but I'd rather Seasol be there than not be there.

-a seattle nihilist insurrectionist

yes, because seasol is somehow a serious culture of resistance that challenges capitalism, and not dominated by organizationalist anarcho-liberals who will peace police their own pickets from counter protesters.

Where is the "serious culture of resistance" (SCOR)?

Bothell (for a day or a lifetime).

agreed. solidarity between groups like seasol and individual insurrectionists makes sense. we can support each other, even if we don't participate in every activity the other participates in, or have the patience for it, etc.

SEASOL is not the same as the fucking ISO, for example. cry 'enemy' wisely.

- a PNW anti-civ insurrectionist

no one cried enemy. solidarity should be critical. the comment's criticism stands.

with that said, you might want to use situations like the one cited here to keep in mind that solidarity will not always be a two-way street when dealing with leftist cowards... and given that one-way solidarity is not solidarity at all.......

do you think solidarity with seasol is one way?

Seasol has been historically very successful with the small battles they pick (the recent bakery fight that's drawn all the local right-wing press notwithstanding, thus far).

"the Anarchist Federation advocates organising with other working class people to take direct action for ourselves in order to both defend ourselves against attacks by capital and the state in our everyday lives and build a culture of resistance"

I fail to see how this description doesn't fit kneecapping a nuclear executive.

If the claim is that fighting for better wages and working conditions is more revolutionary than marching, boycotting, or shooting people, that's obviously wrong. They all do something and no one can say any of them is the magic formula to overthrowing the system.

Well kneecapping a nuclear executive is not, organising with other working class people, its not defending us against attacke by capital and the state (capital and the state are not individuals with power, they are social structures that permeate our lives)and its not building a culture of resistance.

its not by afed but i think this quote from the former group solidarity explains well what is and isn't revolutionary

"Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification. Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others - even by those allegedly acting on their behalf"

Rhetoric from those that reify social war into their narratives of struggle. Meaningful action, for posers, is whatever bullshit you can say that covers up the control of demagogues of conflict. Sterile and harmful action, for the rapists of anarchy, is the self activity of individuals and groups in the face of passivity, apathy and cyncism.

Already the fire of anarchy spreads further than it has in decades. Your denouncements will no longer hold us back. You are a wolf in sheep's clothing. Your claims of being on the side of revolution is the ideology of spinmasters who trick themselves into thinking counter power narratives have the intent of attacking domination. Must like Leninists, we see through your lies. GTFO false opposition. Join Murray Bookchin in embracing the reality that you are not welcome with us anymore. You are a vile poison and the activity of free individuals and groups is the cure. We will work you out of our body only to make us all the more stronger. Once we cleanse ourselves of your toxic waste, we can stand more firm in challenging the environment around us. Firm we will stand.

This is stupid.

You can't really prove that the action was "unrevolutionary". But if that's how you feel, cool. Looks like the numbers are stacked against you here, and there are more who may never speak.

Fairly sure there was more than one person involved. How big does a group have to be before it's "organizing with other working class people"? Or is the key phrase here "working class"? Do you think getting people to sign union cards is the only valid activity?

Did the whole Italian working class vote on this action and carry it out personally? no. Do you think that should be the criterion?

Anyway, this takes place in the context of a very hot Italian situation, with a lot of unrest and hatred towards the powers that be. How do you know that a lot of Italian "workers" don't see this action as part of their struggle? Frankly, I bet it gives a lot of people "confidence" and certainly does "build a culture of resistance." What do you think "resistance" is? To "resist" murder, destruction and exploitation you put a stop to the people doing it, one way or another. Anything else is just daydreaming.

I'm not even touching the argument that capital and state are only invisible, intangible structures and not given life by living, breathing individuals who can and should be held responsible. That's just mystifying, pacifist crap that will lead nowhere.

Jesus fucking christ. Why the fuck does the anarchist federation - in UK, mind you - feel the need to put out an official statement where they condemn the action of a couple of anonymous anarchists - in Italy? This is beyond sad.

Because they chatted about it on libcom, then went to a pub, got drunk and after getting their asses handed to them by some of their own locals, they ran back to their safe space to cry. Being drunk and bored, they decided to offer the world a piece of their mind.

According to libcom rationale, anything "social" has to include a large number of pawns that were duped into action. That way they could bawww like dandies and remain on the defensive, always getting beat up and losing, but always the victim that everyone feels sorey for. Afterall, isn't that how the people win?

You are the lowest filth on earth

You're thinking of me

- Phoenix Jones

I don't know you so you might be filthy and low BUT I like your candour!

Capitalism is a social relationship.


Me and some friends had a social relationship with your mom last night.

sounds hot.

fuck the Anarchist Federation

Workerist fuddy-duddies in love with mass production.
Of course they oppose wild, creative action!

Yes because reenacting failed models of struggle is so creative.

Afed's model has been failing on the most essential issues, miserably.

Whoa, if anarchists rejected failed modes of struggle I think there would be no black blocs. What have blocs gotten? Uhm... nuttin honey.

States overthrown by anarchists: 0.
Windows broken by anarchists: a lot.
States overthrown by window breakers: 0.
States overthrown by non-anarchists: all of them.

Anarchists would have to adopt the methods of statists who have succeeded to follow a non-failed mode of struggle and do as well or better than they do it.

So far, it ain't happening.

"It is an entirely separate entity, and we consider its adopting of the same initials as a pre-existing anarchist group to be, at best, confusing and ill-judged, and at worst malicious." yeah seriously, didn't you know that they have the copyright on them initials?

And that the 'Italian Anarchist Federation' is famed world wide, practically a household name. Good thing they made the distinction, it could have confused no one.

Insurrectionist logic 101:

Any form of decision making process between one or more people = centralized authoritarian bureaucracy.

Critically analyzing the actions of other anarchists or discussing concepts like strategy = Recuperation.

Collective struggle = liberal

It isn't that collective struggle is bullshit, it is that our actions are propaganda and not propaganda for a bunch of silliness that AF is into. Many insurrectionary anarchists would agree with nihilist communist proposals that the dictatorship of the proletariat will happen on its own without a bunch of fake ass worker activists pretending to engage in real struggle. While we might offer small, (nearly?) insignificant catalysts to this struggle through our invisible networks, we aren't offering reification like AF does, nor are we attempting to recuperate real struggle into institutional narratives which neuter empowerment. AF makes social struggle political, safe and pro-justice.

There is no strategy for revolution and whether the dickpro actually becomes itself or not, we don't know. Will it accomplish the goals that were thought to be determined as inevitable in the 19th century? There is hope in us and inspiring the anti-authoritarian, disenchanted and disaffected which don't seek to channel their angst and joy into the avenues of politics that AF suggests. We are doing this now and anarchists are now holding hands with Anonymous. Whether they think we are bunch of dandies for wanting a kiss is another question all together. amrite?


Dictatorship of the proletariat? Fuck that shit. I'm not a Leninist.

Let's forever remain workers and have one class ro rule them all.

Authoritarian nonsense.

Nice strawman, liberal.

Aww, did I hurt your dictatorial ambitions Lenin? That's cute.

No you're just scared that when the workers seize power, were going to cut off your trust fund.

dictatorship of the proletariwhatthefuck?

Go listen to Crass you fucking liberal. DotP or GTFO.

you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal no you're a liberal

did i mention... fuck off fuck fuck?


Hey it's not my fault that most anarchists are just radical liberals who use "anti-authoritarianism" as a cover for their petit bourgeois class allegiances.

if DotP means Destruction of the Proletariat, then sure.

Critically analyzing the actions of other anarchists or discussing concepts like strategy, is fine. Putting out official condemnations of other peoples actions, in another country, is just sad... On so many levels.

But, between this pacific arguing and insurrection or revolt, there is a wide abyss,--that abyss which, for the greatest part of humanity, lies between reasoning and action, thought and will,--the urge to act. How has this abyss been bridged? How is it that men who only yesterday were complaining quietly of their lot as they smoked their pipes, and the next moment were humbly saluting the local guard and gendarme whom they had just been abusing,--how is it that these same men a few days later were capable of seizing their scythes and their iron-shod pikes and attacking in his castle the lord who only yesterday was so formidable? By what miracle were these men, whose wives justly called them cowards, transformed in a day into heroes, marching through bullets and cannon balls to the conquest of their rights? How was it that words, so often spoken and lost in the air like the empty chiming of bells, were changed into actions?

The answer is easy.

Action, the continuous action, ceaselessly renewed, of minorities brings about this transformation. Courage, devotion, the spirit of sacrifice, are as contagious as cowardice, submission, and panic.

What forms will this action take? All forms,--indeed, the most varied forms, dictated by circumstances, temperament, and the means at disposal. Sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, but always daring; sometimes collective, sometimes purely individual, this policy of action will neglect none of the means at hand, no event of public life, in order to keep the spirit alive, to propagate and find expression for dissatisfaction, to excite hatred against exploiters, to ridicule the government and expose its weakness, and above all and always, by actual example, to awaken courage and fan the spirit of revolt.

When a revolutionary situation arises in a country, before the spirit of revolt is sufficiently awakened in the masses to express itself in violent demonstrations in the streets or by rebellions and uprisings, it is through action that minorities succeed in awakening that feeling of independence and that spirit of audacity without which no revolution can come to a head.

Men of courage, not satisfied with words, but ever searching for the means to transform them into action,--men of integrity for whom the act is one with the idea, for whom prison, exile, and death are preferable to a life contrary to their principles,--intrepid souls who know that it is necessary to dare in order to succeed,-- these are the lonely sentinels who enter the battle long before the masses are sufficiently roused to raise openly the banner of insurrection and to march, arms in hand, to the conquest of their rights.

In the midst of discontent, talk, theoretical discussions, an individual or collective act of revolt supervenes, symbolizing the dominant aspirations. It is possible that at the beginning the masses will remain indifferent. It is possible that while admiring the courage of the individual or the group which takes the initiative, the masses will at first follow those who are prudent and cautious, who will immediately describe this act as "insanity" and say that "those madmen, those fanatics will endanger everything."

They have calculated so well, those prudent and cautious men, that their party, slowly pursuing its work would, in a hundred years, two hundred years, three hundred years perhaps, succeed in conquering the whole world,--and now the unexpected intrudes! The unexpected, of course, is whatever has not been expected by them,--those prudent and cautious ones! Whoever has a slight knowledge of history and a fairly clear head knows perfectly well from the beginning that theoretical propaganda for revolution will necessarily express itself in action long before the theoreticians have decided that the moment to act has come. Nevertheless, the cautious theoreticians are angry at these madmen, they excommunicate them, they anathematize them. But the madmen win sympathy, the mass of the people secretly applaud their courage, and they find imitators. In proportion as the pioneers go to fill the jails and the penal colonies, others continue their work; acts of illegal protest, of revolt, of vengeance, multiply.

- Kropotkin, Spirit of Revolt

DAMN that was good! You tell'em Pete!
Felt like the first time I read that shit all over again.

I'd like to see more of an attack on this insuurectionary nihilist whatever bullshit, but on their terms. This statement, I agree with, but its kinda generic, and doesn't critique these clandestine groups in a way that I feel like they should.

Read At Dagger's Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics

It offers some critique of the militant, which I don't fully agree with because it is more a character assassination than a challenge of its approach. Read stuff by left communists that challenge the notions of anarchist adventurism, voluntarism and substitutionism. Once you have that down enough, the conversations can become deeper on how to critically analyze anarchist militancy from your own subjectivity.

Rather than attempt to create fear of informants, agent provocateurs, instigating repression and arrests, one can attempt to examine other things. What is important to you? Is it important to find ways to expand unrest? What are you doing to make this possible and why is that better rather than why is anarchist militancy worse in accomplishing your goals? Most of the time I just see constant attacks from the critics rather than any exposure of why what the critic would like to see happen is interesting, glorious and/or successful.

My attempts at workplace struggles were attempts at exposing radicalism to people that normally wouldn't, expressing "silent resistance" and gathering the like-minded into small worker groups that would network attempts to slow down work, attempt call offs, walk offs, write graffiti and perform minor economic damage when it was safe to do so. Unions are detrimental to this, so perhaps they could be used as a shield, but they are often just as quick as the bosses to denounce and turn against "isolated incidents", pressing instead for conformity to formal negotiations, strikes and so on. It is better to treat them as another boss than as an ally...but counter propaganda to it is difficult to keep going since so many people want to side with one, the other or neither.

Outside the workplace I've attempted work abolition poster and graffiti campaigns...all of this is primarily in response to a critique of anarchist militancy while not being an enemy to it. Militant activity is part of the struggle, but there really is a lot we can do without always seeking a way to denounce and isolate its actors and proponents.

Fucking movementist collaborators. The AF should go to hell.

They are exactly what the Chetniks were during the partisan war, not doing a shit about the Nazis executing people, even bitching at the communists for carrying revenge upon the invaders.

All you little 'insurrectionists', I think I heard your mum calling. Playtime's over and your dinner's ready.

All the same these formal anarchist. Here in Italy, too.
Spending their lives drinking wine, eating meat and chatting with mates without moving a finger
Anon it's time to back to work and be a slave all the time.

A comrade from Italy

supper! I lovers me brussel sprouts! Mum says they makes me a good class militant so someday I don'ts hate ev'rything and want to make smashy.

First, AFed's title was ""
Then they changed the title, erasing their despicable terrorist wording.

First, AFed pitied the injured poor "worker".
Then, they made the following correction:
"1 Correction: This statement makes reference to a worker at the tax office being injured, Although in other attacks workers have been injured, in this case the person who was injured was a leading official and the intended target of the attack. While the AF does not endorse the use of letter bombs in any way due to their indiscriminate nature, the original wording was misleading."

The assholes don't even know what they're talking about. It's clear.

Hi dont know if this is still going.
Im a scientist. My work is in quantum theory. Am i right in thinking that most people here support the actions of Olga Cell? Kneecaping a nuclear scientist, i can understand that. i wouldnt do it but it has a logic to it. There are many ways in which it is a reasonable action, like kneecaping a hedge fund manager etc.. But trying to blow up a nanotechnology research centre? do these guys know what nano-technologists do? To me its not a question of vigilante vs mass movement etc - its more dont blow up shit when you have no idea what its about. these guys must have read some sci fi with grey goo in it and though 'shit, better blow some nano-technologists up'. the main applications of nanotechnology are medical physics and materials physics. dont want to rant, want to hear good arguments against me.

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