Al Jazeera profiles "anarchist-communist bakery" in Paris

  • Posted on: 21 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

This short video by Al Jazeera profiles an "anarchist-communist bakery" in Paris called Conquete du Pain, or The Conquest of Bread. As shown in the video, they are a self-managed establishment which pays everyone working there the same wage and is run by general assembly. They also have a worker training program for poor young people and offer discounted prices to anyone who requests them. You can read more about the bakery here and here or visit their Facebook page here

via AJ+



I dont consider these projects anarchist. but working in a coop is less shitty and why not work with other anarchists.

Afaik from the folks in Paris, they're more like typical platformist, not really anarchists. Maybe they've changed by a few years back these people were petty lame and robotic. Appelistas I guess.

This is a great place for vegans. Great choice of 'ethical' items. I agree that this set-up is healthier for people than the typical boss/wage slave scenario. It may not be anarchist. However, how many would rather have this than the typical alternative? Many, I would suggest.

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