Albany, New York: Capitalist icons wrecked

  • Posted on: 2 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Late in the night of June 2nd a group of young Anarchists destroyed 16 ATM's, 5 surveillance cameras. Also 3 banks, their locks were glued, and anti-state/anti-capitalist slogans were painted throughout downtown.

We destroyed the ATM's by filling all of the slots with expandable foam and spray painting the screen and hidden cameras. The surveillance cameras were destroyed by climbing the street lamps and smashing the spy cameras with a large poll.

This was in solidarity with all political prisoners, all falsely convicted in entrapment cases. Our hope is that this continues the growing momentum from the latest smashing and burnings, attack! It's so easy... Gather your affinity groups and attack! Be the crisis, stop the flow of capital. </td><td><img title="FOAM!" src=""></td></tr><...

Love to all east coast and New York/Albany rebels

Let our people go!



The muppets are so menacing.

Also, great job.

ONLY 16 !?!?!?!!?!?!


get some!

This is the greatest

Love & solidarity from the rust belt!

This is absolutely wonderful. Much troll love..

Thank you for doing this. Spectacular.

Good job. My daughter is in a wheelchair and can no longer attack. She thanks you and your affinity group, for keeping it smashy.

Keep it real, West Cost!!!!

-some New Jersey anarchists

Fuck yeah from other Upstate anarchists!


"smashing the spy cameras with a large poll."

I love how you used the electoral system (even in its non-binding manifestation) against the monetary and surveillance systems. Innovative.

excellent! ;-)

That sounds like a joke you might hear on the BEST ANARCHIST AUDIO SHOW ON THE CIRCUIT: Inconsiderate!

Love from Philly!

"Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski? The bums will always lose!"

but i have a job... and I STILL lose! WTF?

So everyone knows what oogle anarchists are about. They are not the people doing real hard work to make the world better. They are the spoiled children/cowards who break stuff in the night. A useless tantrum for when they can't get any real attention. When their bum lifestyle fails to earn them any respect or win them any gains for their cause. They run off before any real working people kick their asses for wrecking their town. They provoke police and complain when they get beat up by them. Brainless spineless and useless kids who skim enough books to try and justify their destruction for cheap thrills idiocy.

wanna be cop

yaawwwn. You sound mad, bro.


Idiot, why should "working people" (I doubt if you even are one) object to trashing banks? "What is robbing a bank compared to founding a bank?" (Bertolt Brecht). What real hard work are you doing to make the world better? Getting out the vote? Bagging groceries at the food co-op? Signing petitions?

Why should they object? Because they want to live in a nice city. They get pissed when they see spoiled children smashing it up. The idea of kids who for the most part haven't done any real work, never built anything will tear down what others have worked hard to build offensive and insulting. There is a reason why black bloc types have to hide not only from police but from working class Americans who would just as soon kick their ass. Maybe you don't see why they wouldn't have solidarity with kids who generally know nothing about real working class life, but know that they wouldn't.

Anybody who defends a bank window should get the same treatment as said window.

You can take your corporate property defending and shove it up your ass for all I care, sweetie.

I suspect you're a cop or troll or anarchist hater, but taking what you're saying at face value who the fuck cares if there are some working class people willing to beat up anarchists for breaking ATMS? I work a manual labor job currently, believe in what some call class war and definitely sympathize with workers over their bosses but my opinions are not based on what "the working class" or any other social category supposedly thinks of something. My allegiance is with the rebels and the enraged who come from all artificial social categories. Now I don't know anything about Albany, maybe the cops there have a "for every ATM destroyed we must kill one working class person" policy, in which case I can understand the comment, but otherwise I DGAF about your manipulative shit.

The 9-5 world of the US is the reason the world is in the state of fucking decay its in. Its the reason millions of indigenous people were and are displaced/murdered. Its the reason our homes are being stolen for fossil fuel extraction. Its the reason the Gulf is a graveyard. Its the reason Bank of America is evicting the poor. Its the reason racism, anti-immigration and xenophobia exist. Its for your fucking 9-5 'good citizens' to continue with their worthless existence. So FUCK YOU. And the 9-5.

Fuck classes & class divides. So in a riot or insurrection it's only children (or you generic term 'kids') that break things?

Some of us work, some of us have kids, some of us have college degrees. Some of us are over 70.

Generalizing us is both vague and redundant.

well dont you just know everything about everyone.

Blah blah blah blah

Translation: "Get a job and take a shower you dirty anarchists and leave my society alone!"

"They provoke police and complain when they get beat up by them."

I think you are talking about liberals - the few who are willing to passively get beat up, not the ones who tell others they should passively get beat up.

I love this, all you oogle slinging trolls on here have hijacked not anarchist, but hobo slang that is utilized to ridicule kids who think its cool to go on the bum for spring break or who are just generally stupid. Yet, you are probably too fucking stupid to realize where it came from or that the word probably applies to you.
as for this comment...
"They run off before any real working people kick their asses for wrecking their town." Now that's funny, because you "working people" are usually the first to drop principal and call the pigs. fucking pointless fest however many years ago, case in point.

Anyways, seeing that your such a proud worker, you can now shine my fucking shoes and make my shit before I squat your home and shit in your washing machine. Cuz as long as your content with being a capitalist tool, I might as well treat you like one.

"Brainless spineless and useless kids who skim enough books to try and justify their destruction for cheap thrills idiocy."

Before this comment it didn't sound like quite so much FUN.

But IGTT 5/10.

your class allegiance is showing! I'll give you a hint: It's not with the proles

Class allegiance? The marxists say that anarchists are petite bourgeois, that it's a shop keepers' and small merchants
' ideology. The marxists say that THEIR position is the only true prole class allegiance and it musts have its dictatorship.

Why is @ism "proletarian"? Does it exclusively lie with the factory worker? Is it not also a peasants and lumpenprole ideology and the ideology of the dispossessed of any class?

If you ally with (or "represent"?) the proletarian then why do anarchists smashy without building prole support? Why do you reserve the right to extreme individualism (i.e. small group and individual action)?

I'd say anarchists are NOT class representatives or even ideologically class oriented. I've yet to see ANY class oriented positions represented here. And maybe that's a GOOD thing[tm].

Filling locks is an old favorite of mine. I used it on the houses and offices where several assaultive Gorilla Grotto types lived or worked. I used liquid steel, but this expanding foam stuff sounds easier to use and probably doesn't leave telltale traces on your hands. I am pleased to learn that there are more anarchists here in Albany than I was aware of. -- Bob Black

if u r ever interested make your self be known -some Albany Anarchists

Sometimes I'm too modest. I should have said that I also called the cops on Hogshire, helped put Ivan Stang in jail, alerted the INS to Ramsay Kanaan, tried to set fire to the offices of Processed World, and kicked Ward Churchill when he was down.

-- Bob Black

Much love to all upstate anoks

I'm working class and don't give a shit about some broken cameras and ATMs. Just so long as they aren't credit union ATMs (we own that). Actually I think the city is nicer without them. I don't get this fool's logic. I would kick your ass if I saw you defending corporate property.

Than get your working class brethren involved. Or even fuck shit up around them. It won't happen, you the lone anarchist among them would get fucked up. As would any other anarchist coming around to do such a thing. You talk a tough game but still neither you or anyone else does the vandalism without cover of darkness or masks.

so basically u are saying commit crime in broad daylight with no masks so cops and cameras see us, so we get arrested?

There are better things than stupid crimes to do. e is a whole world of activity that takes brains, guts, and work. But why do that when you can claim that breaking shit is activism?

you're right, anon, you're definitely a superior person

it takes brains, guts and work to develop your analysis beyond "crime is stupid" and activism is the only way to influence society.

Just shut the fuck up you obnoxious dishonest pile of steaming shit.

oh schizophrenic anon, you so crazy

Sure everyone who knows you're a fake obnoxious pile of steaming shit is schizo.

Jokes on you! That wasn't the same anon! HA
How do I know? Because I'm the original dishonest pile of shit.

So .. yeah, you're barking up random trees dog.

If you're playing a senile game of "gotcha" then I definitely have the right anon.

Hey, I might be obnoxious and dishonest and reek of fresh steamers... but uhm ... have we met?!

Yeah, this isn't real. I live in Albany and this didn't happen. I took a quick bike ride around downtown and all the ATMs are working, there is no graffiti, and surveillance cameras are intact. Sorry.

i did the same, and i saw some stuff they said, either u r lying or didnt ride around in the right spots...

Yeah i can tell this commenter is lying, it did happen, promise :)

If I were a really lazy cop I would probably post here trying to get people to take credit on an internet forum, just saying.

Credit for something that didn't happen?

Yup, more false bravado.

Solidarity from Hudson Valley!

Member of the Albany Press Corps

I am looking for information about the action, confidentiality assured, and a look at the anarchist message to New York lawmakers and corporate entities in general.

Please reply to this comment and we can figure out a way to get in touch.

Thank you

Look me up in the phone book under Robert C. Black. Thank you.

-- Bob Black

Da fuck?

You're forgiven for not knowing/caring about this stupid meme that's been around so long only a few jaded old anarchist hacks even get the joke anymore. Even they don't really care.

tl:dr old troll is really old

i know what u look like bob

Hi there Press Corps member! I'm the official spokesperson for property destruction in Albany.
Please reply to this comment and we can begin the process of getting in touch!

The anarchists look forward to being represented with all the objectivity and journalistic integrity you have to offer. You should also be commended for researching the subject matter by coming to this website!

Thank you

I did not write the comment above.

-- Bob Black

Whatever Bob. Die already.

You've got a lot of nerve talking to me that way, sonny boy. I've been around a lot longer than you have and in case you've had your head up your ass all that time you wouldn't know that I singlehandedly created the contemporary American anarchist scene. Where do you assholes think you'd be without me? Ever read "The Abolition of Work"? It is easily the best known English language post leftist anarchist book in the whole world! Yeah, fuckhead, when you've done as much as me and are as famous as me you can talk, but for now ZIP IT.

-- Bob Black

Elitist ^

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