All Out for August!

  • Posted on: 31 July 2018
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc.

Fight Fascism, but Keep the Pressure on the State

August is shaping up to be a busy month in the United States, with a convergence of struggles against fascist organizing, the prison-industrial complex, and the violence of the border as exemplified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With our comrades at Submedia and It’s Going Down, we’ve prepared a short video addressing the situation. Below, we follow it with a few remarks about the situation.

All out this August!

Shut Down Fascism

We’re seeing a new wave of activity from the fascist movement that was so soundly beaten in the streets a year ago. On July 28, the Nazis of Patriot Front carried out a cowardly surprise attack on Occupy ICE in San Antonio. This August, the same fascist groups that terrorized and murdered people last year are preparing to rally around the US again—everywhere from Providence and Washington, DC to Portland and Berkeley.

Fascists are the street wing of the Trump agenda. We have to shut them down wherever they organize. But above all, we can’t let them stop us from standing up to the state, the chief source of authoritarian violence.

“These goons are of great use to the authorities. They can carry out attacks that the state is not yet able to, intimidating those who might otherwise rebel. They distract from the institutionalized violence of the state, which is still the cause of most of the oppression that takes place in our society. Above all, they enable the authorities to portray themselves as neutral keepers of the peace.”

-“Why the Alt-Right Are So Weak

All out for Portland!

And Keep the Pressure on ICE

For years, people concerned about the violence of the border sought a point of intervention to take action against it. At the beginning of the Trump era, we proposed that people build on the example of the airport blockades by shutting down ICE offices. This summer, the Occupy ICE model finally took off, with occupations all around the United States.

The movement has managed to accomplish a lot with a relatively small amount of people. Unlike astroturf movements like the March for Our Lives that rapidly became promotional events for the Democratic Party, Occupy ICE has offered agency to the exploited and excluded and achieved a direct impact. This has included direct aid and solidarity for the struggles of immigrants, halting specific deportations, and delaying deportations on a larger scale. Occupy ICE has blocked the Trump administration’s policy of breaking up families and forced Trump to try to distance himself from his own policy.

In short, direct action gets the goods: we don’t need political parties to make change, we can take action ourselves to force the state to stop what it is doing.

Unlike the top-down decision involving the FBI and DHS to clear the Occupy encampments in coordinated attacks, the Trump administration has thus far permitted cities to handle the encampments on their own, presumably for fear that centralized repression would backfire. In response, fascists and others on the far right have taken on the task attacking the encampments themselves, following in the footsteps of DHS agents. The fascists aspire to act as an auxiliary force of repression to do what the forces of the state cannot currently do.

However, this strategy can backfire for reactionaries who hold state power. The failure of the “Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville a year ago cost the Trump regime dearly. Likewise, the decision to rely on evidence provided by far-right surveillance vigilantes Project Veritas cost prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff the entire J20 case. When fascists and other grassroots reactionaries overextend themselves, their failures can undermine the legitimacy of the reigning party they hope to support. We have to see fascist attacks as an opportunity to seize the initiative in our struggle against the state.

Above all, fascists would like us to narrow the scope of our efforts to countering their organizing; they aim to trap us in a private grudge match while the state continues to mass-incarcerate and deport people. We beat them by organizing movements that can take on the chief source of oppression, the state itself.

The organizers of a looming nationwide prison strike have expressed solidarity with Occupy ICE, linking the fight against prison slavery to the call to abolish ICE. This has come in the form of statements from prison strike leaders in support of Occupy ICE and also recent hunger strikes in solidarity with hunger-striking migrant detainees. When prisoners unite across racial lines against prison slavery, it’s up to us to do the same on the outside.

So in solidarity with #AllOutAugust, we encourage people to continue to organize blockades against ICE facilities; to continue to defend Occupy ICE camps and reenergize them with events, music, films, and discussions; and to mobilize solidarity around the prison strike, as well. It is easy to draw links between resistance to prison slavery and the fight to abolish ICE and the borders it violently enforces. Continuing to support the Occupy ICE camps and anti-ICE blockades is one of many ways to act in solidarity with the prison strike.

Entering into open conflict with fascists is often terrifying. Yet we hope that the movement for a world without oppression can come out of the trying events of August stronger—and that as the summer comes to a close, the struggles against borders, fascists, and police violence will converge in new ways and gain new momentum.

Good luck out there, dear comrades.



Not everybody has the free time and extra money necessary to travel across the country to get into fights with strangers in the streets and risk expensive legal and/or medical bills. But if you have that kind of disposable income, time and health, by all means go knock yourself out!

Are you a troll or just someone who wants to concern troll without knowing what its like to be broke?

I make ~18k in food service and can afford to swap shifts with coworkers and go to this. I've also faced charges and been to the ER. Public defender. fake name at the hospital or a payment plan for the deductible if you're insured.

you are going to feel so vindicated and good when you win in august! be sure to come back and post all about the winning!

Some of us aren't even *from* the United States and wouldn't set foot in that wingnutty country for all the cheese in Wisconsin.

Yay, let's hold hands with Liberal organisations and parade in the "streets" (with marshalls and organisation leaders and rules because we are "ungovernable" and we organised a union to create special trump signs and tired recycled chants to yell at some people and run at the sign of "violence"

Is there any actual anti-capitalist, class-against-class perspective in the efforts of Crimethinc? If so, where? Please explain.

At first glance it is exciting and encouraging to see anarchists and people close to anarchism use mass collective violence against organized racists, anti-immigrant scum, misogynists and homophobes. The contemporary antifa phenomena is not strictly speaking an expression of the anarchist subculture, but the two overlap, and antifa is the most visible public expression of something close to the anarchist subculture in today’s United States. In this the antifa phenomena also parades the worst aspects of today’s anarchist scene. As an extreme left fringe culture fixated on an equal marginal extreme right fringe culture, antifa cannot contribute to the rise of anything more enduring and substantive than an endless series of public brawls with extreme right-wing creeps. As is so often the case, a significant unspoken motivation here is that these actions don’t tax short attention spans and allow scenesters to earn street cred with fellow scenesters. People who catch a buzz off this aren’t subsequently going to engage in ongoing commitment-intensive, non-buzz-inducing activity.

As the UK libertarian socialist group ‘Solidarity’ put it in their statement, As We See It in the 1960’s:

“Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification.
Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others -- even by those allegedly acting on their behalf.”

On these terms antifa fails. We live in a time that is more conducive to the rise of an anti-capitalist mass movement than any other period in American history. Brawls with racist and fascist scumbags may paradoxically sometimes be necessary but they are for the most part an entertaining distraction from more important efforts that are going completely neglected. Antifa stuff feels good. This is its main appeal. The most that can result from antifa actions in the world outside of sporadic confrontations is enthusiastic spectatorship or passive approval on the part of working and poor people who will themselves never get into public fistfights with Nazis and College Republicans.

Regardless of all claims to the contrary the antifa phenomena is not anti-capitalist. A perspective for the abolition of wage labor and market relations is not integral to this kind of politics. Antifa is not geared toward ongoing social struggles in the larger society around us. A long-term movement for revolutionary transformation can only grow from conflicts between exploited people and the larger commodity society that we reproduce and confront in our daily lives. A revolutionary movement won’t grow out of a fixation with capitalist America’s most clownish and toxic fringe aspects. Collective direct action in everyday life lacks the high drama of violent protest ghetto events -- and this is how it should be.

The terrain of the mundane is the only terrain that matters.

"Antifa cannot contribute to the rise of anything more enduring and substantive than an endless series of public brawls with extreme right-wing creeps"

I feel like most people engaged in anti-fascism get this and do not intend to do anything more by it. For a lot people, the bigoted things they say make the idea of a mass brawl against them appealing and worthwhile in its own right. I feel its an especially good way to reject the identity victim trap. Luckily, antifascists are able to be involved in other projects as well so theres no need for anti-fascism to be anything more

"Is there any actual anti-capitalist, class-against-class perspective in the efforts of Crimethinc? If so, where? Please explain."

Are you serious?

a lot of posters here take issue with antifa for being too take issue with it not being mass-based enough, by quoting 60s leftists

real talk: are you keating?

"People who catch a buzz off this aren’t subsequently going to engage in ongoing commitment-intensive, non-buzz-inducing activity."

Does the more than 20 years that CrimethInc. has been active count as "ongoing commitment"?

Where in these 20 years of efforts are there involvements in stuff other than short-lived spiky entertainment guy stuff? Stuff that mainstream wage earners who don't hang out at demos and don't give a shit about anarchism, Marxism or the left will see as speaking to them and being about their everyday life struggles?

Nobody's demanding you prove that you've written more books than CrimethInc. on the very topic you're ranting about. Nobody's demanding you prove how fucking prole you are. Nobody's demanding you declare in public all the kickass actions you've done for all the NORMAL EVERYDAY people. Shut the fuck up.

Im sure you can find more if you actually looked. Crimethinc is more than Rolling Thunder and Evasion

Can you show me some very specific pattern of sustained action against some specific employer/employers, some landlord/s, corporation/s -- something along these lines?

Fuck off with this "show me" shit. Are you a fucking cop? This is an anonymous group we're talking about. You have no fucking idea what any of those anonymous people do in their daily lives, and it's none of your fucking business.

fucking seriously. I hate this whole "(insert project) doesnt do anything more than (insert what that project does)". Crimethinc is made up of a bunch of people who do all sorts of stuff that isnt crimethinc. Should they label everything they do as Crimethinc like its some sort of political party?

I rest my case. Your shit is self-indulgent as hell -- in lockstep harmony with the all-entertainment, all-of-the time ethos of capitalist America. There's nothing in it for functional adults in the real world -- specifically wage earners and enlisted people in the Armed Forces -- just stuff to keep slumming children of privilege entertained. If you weren't an a-political asshole you'd have the cognitive chops to engage with the question in the spirit in which it is unmistakably being asked -- and which the larger world around us in a fast-declinging United States demands.

The last post was intended to follow 18:42 -- "Fuck off with this show me shit."


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