Always the same bullshit, Review of a new nihilistic-primitivist pamphlet


No hope, no future: Always the same individualistic bullshit, Review of a new nihilistic-primitivist pamphlet

The Subversion publishing house came up with a translation of a new publication that looks outwardly to bring a new wind to the stagnant anarchist movement. When we read the first lines, however, we will soon realize that there is no discovery of ideas - the author hiding under the pseudonym Flower Bomb simply repeats the old well-known individualistic-nihilistic ballast. ---- The text is problematic in its introduction, when the author dedicated the book to two anarchist assassins, although propaganda by action lost its significance in the early twentieth century. What are they trying to suggest? That the current rebellious "anarchists" are not radical and should move from car-firing to murdering people?
No hope, no future brings us a message that seems to have been copied by Alfredo Bonnano - in a tangle of metaphors the reader learns that it is impossible to wait and waste time building some anti-authoritarian projects. It is much better to throw away the responsibility to the collective and, in the explosions of bourgeois individualism, plunge into orgies of violent direct action.

It is hard to say how specifically this will move us towards a solidarity, anti-capitalist and egalitarian society, but at least in the context of a subcultural identity we can confirm the label "cool rebel" who is so authentic anarchist that he despises anarchists. In its text, Flower Bomb completely ignores the historical experience of anarchist revolutions that were partly wrecked because of chaos and programmatic emptiness. When the organized social revolution was attacked by isolated "lifestyle anarchists" who were completely stolen from some anarchist communism because they wanted to experience "emancipatory destruction" right now and here. As if they had completely forgotten Bakunin's "break down, but also create."

The greatest contradiction of the text, however, is that while the pamphlet is directed into the anarchist movement in order to convince comrades of the only correct vision of anarchism, it also despises the anarchist movement and labels it with "authoritarian revolutionaries" and "collectivized misery". However, rebellious anarchism is by its irresponsibility to the rest of the movement purely authoritarian, and the question is whether to put it together with anarcho-capitalism at all as anarchist currents, because its "live here and now, do not be restricted" rather resembles right-wing advertising slogan on Coca-Cola. The essence of anarchism lies in positive freedom (freedom to participate), collectivism, solidarity and self-government. Insurgent anarchism invokes negative freedom (typical of capitalism), collectivism and solidarity refuse to speak of self-government in this context, because insurgent anarchism does not build or create anything. So it seems that he has completely retreated from the anarchist nature and now serves exclusively as a tool to repress the anti-authoritarian movement.

Flower Bomb: No hope, no future: Let the adventure begin!. Subversion, 2020. 12 pages A5. Free download.

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Seems like this is the kind of thing Flower Bomb should be responding to- some serious critique of their writing, rather than spending a whole podcast awkwardly responding to what in essence just sounded like a bit of local drama made 10000000000 times more dramatic via internet amplification!

And to expand on this- I accidentally posted this comment under the wrong article originally, and a commenter thought I was just trying to reignite the drama...hell no! When I tuned into or modern day equivalent of tuning into the last Uncivilized podcast I thought Flower Bomb and the Warzone crew were going to defend their vision of nihilism that Aragorn! was so critical of on The Brilliant, but instead all I got was a lot of awkward talk about 'the drama at the bookfair'- I thought that was already done and dusted and instead Flower Bomb / WZ crew were going to talk seriously about what nihilism means to them in both theory and praxis. I really enjoy a lot of Flower Bomb's writings and I think they ruined what was a really good opportunity to talk about their theories / ideas. I thought the main point they would be responding to from The Brilliant episode Revisiting Nihilism was going to be Aragorn!'s comment that the nihilism espoused by Warzone Distro was a nihilism that he does not recognize in any shape or form (or words to that effect). I'm still really disappointed at Flower Bomb's inability to coherently respond to this critique, so sorry if I sound a bit snarky, but I feel let down by that podcast. Please respond again but do it coherently - maybe if you are not good at speaking, then write it. And please don't rehash the bookfair drama all over again, because it's not very interesting to us folks in other parts of the world!

"[...]the historical experience of anarchist revolutions that were partly wrecked because of chaos and programmatic emptiness. When the organized social revolution was attacked by isolated "lifestyle anarchists" who were completely stolen from some anarchist communism because they wanted to experience "emancipatory destruction" right now and here."

can anybody provide me an example of this? haven't read much ~revolutionary history~ over the last five or so years; my memory might be failing me. but i can't think of a single example of a revolution being sidelined / ruined by individualist anarchists. usually it's authoritarians of one stripe or another, no?

oh no! the mummies of the red church have awoken! maybe they will reference the sacred texts to tell us all how insurrectionists, nihilists, and individualist anarchists just want to dump motor oil into rivers and undermine Thee Revolution with our wicked diSorGAnIzAtIoNs?

why out of all languages did they choose Czech in order to spread bookchinian crypto-stalinist propaganda? Being a nihilist sage gets stranger by the day!

Oh definitely the individualist-nihilists have, will, shall destroy revolutionary fervour because they know it wiĺl be recuperated immediately and they are tired of this, they know the left os the same as the right, communißm is the same as fascism, the whole human civilized world is toxic war and enslavement of creative individualists creative potentiality. Long live amor fati, VIVA AMOR FATI !!!!!

"the author hiding under the pseudonym Flower Bomb"

Flower Bomb isnt hiding under a psuedonym. Theyre like a person you can meet if youre around places not some scary secret nihilist

only slightly witty/funny part was the picture, and that’s not in the original, but added by a dear in-house memer

It's not anarcho-individualists that take their lines from Coca-Cola, it's the reverse! Coca-Cola's marketing agencies have been WILD at recuperating everything edgy/cool for sooo many decades, that you bet they somewhere made ads with molotovs made out of Coke bottles.

Killian Fritsch, the owner of an advertising agency, came up with "sous les pavés, la plage" (beneath the paving stones, the beach) in 1968. After everyone went back to work, he threw himself under a train.

or just usual bullshitting?

There's a film called In the Intense Now that came out a couple years ago that shares the anecdote. I uploaded the clip of that part here Of course, as LaoTzu noted, it may just be bullshit.

"Several of the slogans have taken on a life of their own in the years since May 1968, and this is true of no other slogan than the infamous,“Sous les pavés, la plage.” 27 This slogan is singularly interesting, because it was created specifically for the movement and is more associated with “mai68” than any other slogan.This slogan was invented by Bernard Cousin and his compatriot Bernard Fritsch, an advertiser also known as Killian."

idk, the situationists have always seemed like strange crypto-marxist revolutionaries to me! Those damn life stylists!

"while the pamphlet is directed into the anarchist movement in order to convince comrades of the only correct vision of anarchism"

Haha no. That is the job of revolutionaries like yourself. Shouldn't you be focusing time and energy organizing the masses? They are far more important than my writing. Sorry to offend *your* correct vision of anarchism by failing your (history) aptitude test.

As far nihilism, anarchy, Aragorn! and podcasts. I mean ok sure, I can be serious. Let's get serious! (Seriously)

I, Flower Bomb, find debates on podcasts entertaining. And I believe they should be. Because whether I am out "in the streets", or hangin' with friends, tabling zines at events or debating on podcasts, - I personally prioritize having fun.

It seems the topic of nihilism comes up recently as if it requires re-defining or re-iterating it's meaning. But the fact is, nihilism means alot of different things to different people. To Aragorn! maybe it means academically recognizing it as a powerful concept loaded with rich history. I gotta be honest, I never much cared for academia. Or reading volumes. And that doesn't mean I respect Aragorn less for seeming to care about these things more. I personally just don't find a need for it. "Nihilism" for me refers to the daily activity of negating internalized social conditioning, domestication, and authoritarianism. I honestly don't care who coined the term, what it meant to people hundreds of years ago or how other people want to define it today. For me it is a practical application for interacting with the world around me.

Leftism (communism, socialism and all other forms of ideological group think) disallowed the full-growth and development of my personal revolt. I personally believe that if my anarchy doesn't *start* from reclaiming myself as an individual - expropriated from the social conditioning and constructions assigned to me at birth - it remains domesticated by an inferiority complex that encourages my subordination to group-think. This inferiority complex is something I think many leftists (including the revolutionary who wrote this critique of my writing) conceal their defeatism to group-think by shaming those who refuse to join their submissive misery.

My nihilism is hardly relevant to people in the past, Aragorn! or anyone else who claims it. I arrive at nihilism the same way I arrive at individualism: against all that attempts to socially control me, every single day. It isn't a fixed ideology that can be pinned down on a historical map or found as a static identity in a pool of stagnant academia. For me it is a lived experience. And as long as I am alive, I want to have fun.

Imagine the emotional weight and vulnerability investing so much into terminology that a conflicting experience causes stress. This is why I moved beyond identity politics. People become defensive with words and academia because they live life separate from them. They in a way commodify them, own them through social capital rather than direct experience. The truth is, I don't care what anyone calls me. I don't care what Aragorn! thinks of my nihilism. Because it's not important what people think of me. What's important to me is having fun. And I am having plenty of fun. I have more fun offline. Online, not so much. But someone seemed genuinely disappointed about me not taking something serious. So I figured i'd response.

was this the title of your pamphlet: "No hope, no future:"?

"Imagine the emotional weight and vulnerability investing so much into terminology that a conflicting experience causes stress. This is why I moved beyond identity politics."

Queer. Vegan. Anarchist. Nihilist. Individualist.

You seem to have a misunderstanding of identity politics. Socially *assigned* identities =/= words that describe lifestyles. The intentions behind one conflict with the other.

Thank you for the lesson on the socially acceptable meaning of terms and ideas as agreed upon by society. It is very meaningful.

Oh you are very welcome! Here is your next lesson: try placing more meaning in doing things that give you joy, and less on lessons you find on comments threads on the internet.

doing some logic chopping on the critique of your pamphlet! Thank you!

Thank you Flower Bomb. Masturbating to your desperate platitudes on the internet gives me joy! Another excellent suggestion.

Keep up the good critique of social identity constructs FB. If we were all just our " Dasein " selves, the world would be a better place . I'm an individualist-nihilist (the best sort ) and therefore my comments are often deleted.
Its ironic that I was incarcerated for physically abusing an authority figure who judged people by a social value attached to a certain identity type. Cheers
PS Your name sounds feminine, but do you have a dick, just wondeŕing, not judging ? ;)

taken from the demented concepts of a Nazi "philosopher", the world would be such a better place.

Also good to know your spent time inside for abuse, you fucking blowhard. Tell us more how it was an emancipating experience for you to rape.

I'm referring to the self-awareness and place within a social environment, not the interpretation that an authoritarian State applied to a philosophers theories. Death of the author applies here.
No, the physical abuse was a euphemism for punching cops, something you would never do, cos,,,ooOOoo, its nasty and I'll hurt my little knuckles. And whilst inside, though I'm an intellectual, I was fully respected by hardened criminal types.

lol I honestly can not tell if your comment is sarcasm or...? and...whyyouwannaknowboutmydick?! Haha

he wants to know if you have a dick cuz he's into trans, BUT NOT IDPOL TRANS!

and yes LeWay, i hath heard about your courageous abuse of cops when they attacked your IMMIGRANT FRIEND, whatever happened with that, how much time did you without a computer?!

My charm and honesty, as well as the superficial wounds to the 2 authoritarian scoundrels, hard my sentence reduced to 6 months, of which I did just over 4 months. Its a case of mind over matter.
PS You're aware that this will all be deleted aren't you?

Must have been at least like 6-7 years back, as LeWay troll has been active on a near-everyday basis for just as long. Not joking.

Just joking wit ya about the feminine and dicks. My nihilism encompasses gender nihilism also. Its satirical fun.

Oh yes yes - the infamous LeWay! Haha fair enough!

me! Shame on you with your humanist neo-colonial bullshit!

Yes, in Dasein, the dick has no power, it is just a semantically manipulated attachment/nonattachment issue. It is not a status symbol.

Aragorn brought nihlism into the anarchist scene with his writings. You probably wouldn’t even be calling yourself a nihlist if not for his pieces on nihlism or the things he’s published. Yet you’ve spent so much time trying to dunk on him lol.

This is a really bad boring review. Historically some collectivist anarchists scapegoated other anarchists who did things that were to extreme. This is a continuation of that boring bad leftist movement struggle building tendency. The ones who want to be managers of the rev that’ll never happen because they’ve set a million conditions and expectations. Don’t get me wrong warzone is incredibly wack too. None of their shit is new and it’s true it does sound like some straight up larping sometimes. I just wish anarchist on both sides could stop larping.

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