This Is America #148

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This Is America #148: Nabisco Strike Grows into Wider Struggle; Fight to Free Sean Swain Continues

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Welcome to This Is America, August 24th, 2021.

On this episode, first we speak with someone from Symbiosis in Portland, Oregon, where we cover the Nabisco strike from the vantage point of a supporter who was on the picket lines. While the strike has now come to a close, with the workers beating back some concessions, we talk about how the pickets evolved into a large scale community struggle which expanded to other groups of workers. We discuss the importance of blockades and the pushing back of scabs and in general, the role of solidarity and rank-n-file action.

We then feature an interview with Lauren Swain, partner of long-time anarchist prisoner Sean Swain. During our discussion, we talk about how Sean has currently been denied parole, even after serving 30 years in prison for an act of self-defense. We discuss what is needed now to help Sean get out and ways that people can show solidarity. For more information on how to donate and support. go here.

Lastly we switch to our discussion, where we address the cutting off of unemployment benefits, the ending of the eviction moratorium, and the continued impact of the so-called ‘War on Terror.’

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