An American Branch of the Anarchist Federation

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An American Branch of the Anarchist Federation

Does anyone know if there is an American branch of the Anarchist Federation? I feel like my political inclinations are closer to theirs than the IWW. Would there be any reason to prefer them to the IWW? I sort of like the IWW, I'm just not terribly interested in workplace organizing.

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How about something like a

How about something like a Mutual Aid Disaster Relief? You won't be part of an "organization" per se, but if shit goes down, you can help as a volunteer.

I like this idea. Where I am

I like this idea. Where I am is relatively safe from environmental hazards, though. We don't get too many floods or tornados. I should probably be somehow more active, though. I've spent way too much time on theory.

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maybe you could also try the

maybe you could also try the DSA. it’s been booming in certain places and it has Democratic right in its name, so you might like it. then after you get some mileage organizing, you could start or join a Black Rose / Rosa Negra chapter. they support direct democracy and libertarian socialism.

I've thought about that

I've thought about that before. The DSA are democratic socialists, though. I'm a libertarian Socialist who defines such a position as being Anarchist. It doesn't seem like that should matter, but, I do feel like it would matter. I do kind of like the DSA, though.

There might be a Black Rose chapter in my city. I hadn't considerd that. How of the party line do you have to be to be in Black Rose? I'm kind of particular. I don't really want to just muck things up by being myself. Their being a revolutionary organization makes me wonder if we'd get along well with my being in the organization. I will take it into consideration, though.

I feel like you're sort of fucking with me a little bit, but, that's not the worst advice that I've ever been given. Thanks, anon.

anon (not verified)
just a little bit ; )

just a little bit ; )

a few years ago, i would have been glad to join BRRN. maybe a decade ago i would have joined the DSA.
granted they don't exist where am at.

I was rambling while you

I was rambling while you responded. I feel like you probably found out what you were trying to find out. I really don't mean my critique of Black Rose too directly. I've never actually encountered them in person and from what I can tell from their website, they do seem to be pretty alright.

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I wasn't trying to find out

I wasn't trying to find out anything. These were sincere suggestions. I have no affiliation with either of these orgs and know next to nothing about them, except their stereotypes and reputations. The fucking around part is that they're not well looked upon around these parts, being leftist and all. Some say DSA=cops as the joke goes, or anecdotes which swear they're literal cops, and BRRN are platformists. But I've chatted with pleasant at least on pleasant random person from the BRRN. Platfromism seems to draw in task oriented, task minded folk, at least from this far away distance. I don't know what they're about, really.

Black Rose and the Anarchist Federation

Furthermore, is Black Rose a part of the Anarchist Federation or are they just an Anarchist Federation? They have a set of "Points of Unity". I can't help but suspect that Black Rose is just the Anarchist equivalent of a Maoist or Trotskyist cult. They're probably actually pretty alright, though. I just probably wouldn't get along with them if I was in their organization.

I just couldn't entry the Democratic Socialists of America. It wouldn't be fair to them. What would warrant such a strategy?

The only organizations that exist that seem like I could join them are the Anarchist Federation and the War Resisters' International. I doubt that either organizations will let me join them, but, I could be interested in doing so.

EDIT: I have left, but, I decided to come back here and rescind my former statement on Black Rose as I do think that it went a bit too far. I read the "Points of Unity" which seem, all in all, fairly agreeable, and, are not littered with stipulations like I expected. The one on Revolution does have a few stipulations, but, w/e. Like I said, they seem to be pretty alright. I could get along with them outside of my being in their org. It still trips me out a bit that they pretend to be a part of the Anarchist Federation, though. They probably should adopt a different strategy. Anyways, I just wanted to clear that up. I look forward to seeing all of the responses. I'll see you all in a week.

EDIT II: If anyone in the Anarchist Federation happens to be paying attention to this, that does seem to be their strategy. While there doesn't seem to be any reason why the two organizations can not work together, it does seem like they are trying to co-opt the organization in order to levy it towards their own particular revolutionary strategy rather than just simply joining the organization. It probably does make sense to be a bit wary. They do seem to be pretty alright, though. I wouldn't hold anything against them, but, I wouldn't put too much past them, either. They don't, in good faith, seem to abide by some form of Anarchism without adjectives and to be putting forth an attempt to start a branch of the Anarchist Federation, and, do seem to be attempting to levy the organization towards their own particular revolutionary strategy. I don't think that such entryist tactics are in keeping with principles of free association. They'd be more than alright by me if they just simply adopted a different strategy, though. I have only looked at the website and honestly don't know what the organization is really like. This is just speculative advice. Black Rose seems pretty alright, but, have seems to has a strategy that I don't think I would agree with. I don't really want to discourage anyone from joining them, but, I would be a little bit skeptical of their revolutionary strategy. It seems like they would have just started a branch of the Anarchist Federation had they really wanted to do so. Attempting to be absorbed by another organization so that you can levy it towards a different purpose involves a certain degree of subterfuge. From what I can tell, Black Rose just simply needs to adopt a different strategy. They do seem pretty alright, though. I'm sure that none of these things are really grave concerns.

I hope that that helps to clarify everything. I am taking off now. I'll see you all in a week.

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If they don't let you join

If they don't let you join them, it means they suck and you shouldn't want to join them in the first place. What do you want to do and what is stopping you from doing it outside of an organization? Answer in your own head, opsec ; )

Well, there's not really very

Well, there's not really very much for me to do in the WRI and I don't think that there is an American Anarchist Federation. Someone should start a branch, though. I don't want to start a branch, I just want to join a branch.

I am in the habit of talking until everything seems like it's alright. It's as functional as it is self-defeating.

Thanks for the advice, anon.

effective anarchist federations

It would be nice to have some that, while beyond affinity, would not be to crudely organizationalist. An organization exchange agnostic position is all I ask.

I agree, but, I don't really

I agree, but, I don't really know what you mean by "agnostic". Do you mean to organize along agnostic lines, or, just in terms of some sort of sentiment?

By agnostic

I mean not formally valuing either exchange logic or formal organization.

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