Anarchism and Marxism in Dialogue with Anarchopac

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Anarchism and Marxism in Dialogue with Anarchopac

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Is this the usual "Marxism equals stupid Trotskyism" schtick?

Ancom talks to authoritariancom sounds real fun...... Why do both sides have to continue to be boring?


first, the AnCom has some questionable theory on Indigenous anarchists and hunter-gatherers

second, the Marxist or RevLeft Radio has Maoist tendencies

but in the name of Red-Black solidarity and Left Unity right comrades... pathetic

i’m sure the collective disagrees with their views as well, yet they posted this here for discussion, instead of oogling at them

I disagree with makes me feel unsafe/traumatized, and should be banned!


tl;dw cuz it was booooring. is anarchopac the british pacifist 2pac kid that kept wanting to debate stefan molyneux on youtubes?

Wow, imagine in the wild jungle of Puerto Rico, the anarchists and Marxists sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya and toasting marshmellows. Awesome!

black rose anarchist federation is not an anarchist federation but a fucking marxist traitor federation - too many marxists inside

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