Anarchism and Political Modernity, by Nathan Jun

  • Posted on: 12 February 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" and Continuum</a>

<strong>Continuum 'Contemporary Anarchist Studies'</strong>

We are delighted to announce the first title in the new peer-reviewed book series 'Contemporary Anarchist Studies', published by Continuum Books.

Anarchism and Political Modernity by Nathan Jun is the first offering in the series. This original work looks at the place of “classical anarchism” in postmodern political discourse, claiming that anarchism presents a vision of political postmodernity. The book seeks to foster a better understanding of why and how anarchism is growing in the present. To do so, it first looks at its origins and history, offering a different view from the two traditions that characterize modern political theory: socialism and liberalism. Such an examination leads to a better understanding of how anarchism connects with newer political trends and why it is a powerful force in contemporary social and political movements. </td><td><img title="Because it is fucking awesome. Send me your $25." src=""></td></tr></ta...

This first volume in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series offers a novel philosophical engagement with anarchism and contests a number of positions established in postanarchist theory. Its new approach makes a valuable contribution to an established debate about anarchism and political theory. It offers a new perspective on the emerging area of anarchist studies that will be of interest to activists, students and theorists.

20% discount flyers for this title are attached (in GBP, Euros and USD).

Over the coming years, the 'Contemporary Anarchist Studies' will be publishing the best new scholarship on anarchist politics and history, bridging theory and practice, academia and activism. Each title will be published under the 'Creative Commons' licence, and will also be distributed by AK Press.

Further titles slated for publication in the series include:

John Rapp, Daoism and Anarchism in Ancient and Modern China
Laura Portwood-Stacer, Everyday Politics: Lifestyle as Radical Activism
Magda Egoumenides, Critical Philosophical Anarchism
Jason Lindsey, The Concealment of the State
Kristian Williams, The Anarchist Philosophy of Oscar Wilde
Peter Ryley, Making Another World Possible: Anarchism, Anti-capitalism and Ecology in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Britain.

If you have an idea for a title, please feel free to contact the series editors (listed below) with a completed Author Submission Form (available from the Continuum website).

Advance Praise for Anarchism and Political Modernity, by Nathan Jun.

"This book stands out among works of the emerging new generation of anarchist theorists. Unlike much of the trendy “post-anarchism,” it is firmly grounded in political philosophy and the history of anarchist thought. Jun shows that ideas often seen as bold new “post-modern” innovations — above all, the critique of representation — are in fact deeply rooted in the anarchist tradition. He debunks the equation of classical anarchist theory with the weakest aspects of modernism and shows anarchism to be a powerful radical tradition that goes beyond the limits of conventional liberalism and socialism. Jun presents strong evidence that anarchism is now becoming most the promising theoretical alternative within the dissident academy."

– John P. Clark, Gregory Curtin Distinguished Professor of Humane Studies and the Professions and Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University

"Nathan Jun argues the concerns we identify as "post-modern" have already been theorized and integrated into an- archist thought, indeed, that anarchism's project has always been to escape the limitations of modernity through radical political action. This is a provocative book, sure to spark debate."

– Allan Antliff, Canada Research Chair, University of Victoria

"Feisty, opinionated and well-argued this is both a powerful defense and explanation of the complexity and excitement of anarchist thought and practice. Jun offers a rich examination of how ideas have developed and in doing so provides a compelling history of oppositional thinking that frames those moments in time when another world seemed possible."

– Barry Pateman, Associate Editor, The Emma Goldman Papers, University of California at Berkeley

Series editors:
Laurence Davis, Uri Gordon, Nathan Jun, Alex Prichard





-not op

JHH Represent!

Oh no you didn't.

What's even worse than a dozen bitter anarchists sitting around getting shit-faced and wishing they lived in greece?


what the fuck are you talking about?

get that bitch in line. academic commercialism 4-ever

oh right. i forgot. it's a book and it's for sale so it's bad.

it's not just "a book" that is "for sale" - penny for your thoughts tho

well this whole series is also available for free so what the hell are you complaining about?


all you fux ever do is complain, which is why you're irrelevant - every bit as irrelevant, if not more so, than the academics.

ppl who say the word "irrelevant" over and over again are irrelevant

I suppose I'm talking about the ivory tower dissecting the human condition and how it bores me to tears.
It's occurred to you that academia in general meets with some hostility among the lumpenproles, right?

so what the fuck do you? make total destroy for a living?

Cheerfully lumpenprole, child of my age. Work wage-slave gigs when I can, hustle for "non-taxable income" a lot.
Do a lot of work that isn't paid, community service and activisty type shit.
Under-employed small-time petty criminal! Also, I'm a firefighter and I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach and rainy days.
...and I'm not anti-intellectual exactly, just been active in the streets long enough to resent the tourists from the ivory tower.

- and I'm an arrogant dick too but that's obvious.

hey! i make total destroy for a living and like moonlit rainy days too! wink wink wink wink

Dude! We should totally have a skill-share workshop potluck and then blow each other!

do you seriously think that every academic is a tourist? that's really fuckin naive. have you ever been to palestine? might want to ask uri gordon about that, dude.

Not ALL of them and NO I ain't been to fuckin palestine.

You know a lot of jet-setting lumpenproles, do ya?

okay. so what the fuck? do you know something about the author of this book, or the other authors in this series, or the other editors of the series, that justifies the bullshit trash-talk? because otherwise you're just stirring shit up for no reason, and that's seriously fucking lame. i don't understand WHY ppl in the anarchist scene feel the need to do this shit all the goddamn fucking time. it's fucking ridiculous.

What about you? Why would you lurk here and take personal offence to a little anonymous e-trash talk?
... in a tiny little microcosm like @news?

My original post was supposed to be a bit of self-effacing humour.
Make fun of ourselves and take the piss out of each other a bit, etc?
Truth is some of my good friends could be considered "academics".

Wait ... are you Nathan Jun?! OMG I love your book!
It totally confirms everything I already knew about post-post-left anarchist thought!

no, i'm not. i don't know any of these ppl or their work except uri. but i am an academic and i don't appreciate the insinuation that i'm a tourist.

academics should at least acknowledge that their production of information useful to the continuation of this society is the only reason they are paid.

if you recognize that, and act like it when you are engaged in your work, you're okay by me. if on the other hand you spend your time making a career off writing about radical movements (that the fucking CIA, FBI, and RAND will have a field day with) then you are basically a traitor for a living.

they don't need spies when they have careerist academics.

This person drops the word Academics twenty times in every post. Your sockpuppets are terribly obvious.



->marcel marceau

i'm an english professor at a community college. i don't have time to do research, and if i did, it wouldn't be about radical movements. i teach ppl (mostly first generation working class students) how to write complete sentences. i am also an anarchist. i don't see the contradiction here.

anyway, i see what you're saying, but i don't think it's true. most college professors are paid to teach, not to produce research. the vast majority of academic "research" is ignored by anyone except other academics. this is especially true of abstract stuff like political theory. the idea that most (or even a lot of) anarchist academics get paid principally to do research, whether on anarchism or anything else, is empirically false. i also don't believe that the less theoretical stuff, like social movement research pursued by anarchists ABOUT anarchists, is supported by the state. the state is perfectly capable of performing its own research as has been proven time and again.

i agree with you on the difference between academics who write papers versus professors who make a living teaching.
i was referring to the former of course.
the latter has it's own set of problems, that of being a teacher, which many anarchists have written at length about (which isn't to say i'm against anarchists being teachers, i think that's great, we just have to acknowledge the role capitalism wants us to fulfill as teachers and thereby be able to subvert it).

and i do think university researchers and academics are supported by the state. colleges aren't exactly for-profit operations. also, all you have to do is look at the research in the sciences done at universities which is then transferred to the private sector: everything from atom bombs to tasers and weapons systems were developed at universities. there is no reason to think that if a university is paying an academic to do social sciences research it is not equally as useful: i.e.- you have to understand how your own system actually functions to be able to control and manage it.

i agree, but not all academics work in public universities, nor do they all work in the social sciences. what abot folks who do history, or cultural studies, or political theory, or whatever? how does any of this serve the state? i guess the state is technically supporting it, at least when the researchers work at public universities, but it's not as though any of this can be co-opted by the state in the same way that, e.g., research in the social and natural sciences could. so i guess the point is that academics are not a monolith and it's not fair to paint us with a broad brush. also, let's give anarchist academics some credit; it's not as though we're not aware of the tensions and contradictions of working within institutions which derive their support from and serve to reinforce state and capital in various ways. but then, almost any conceivable way of life under state and capital involves tensions and contradictions to greater or lesser extent. this doesn't imply that we're all a bunch of hypocrites, tourists, whatever. i say every case should be assessed on the merits, aye?

'activists, students and theorists'

seriusly can u skip the rebelliouis phase get in a stable co-dependent relationship make up with your parents n stop pretending to reject your class Its fucking bollox Its like i generally think : just cos you say your anarchist dont mean u got an anarchic bone in yer body. SCHOLARS FUCK OFF N TOP YOURSELFS YOU CUNTS lol your worthless parasites n liberal scum
[yeh i didnt go to university n no i never dun a course in 'anarchism' - but i request you call yourself 'unpopular liberals' rather than anarchists, in the future. ITS have the rite idea about 'activists students n theoriosts' - you recuporators are no different. all teachers and self-serious students can get fucked]

you're the ultimate recuperator. shut up, hypocrite.

announcing your an "anarchist" in a fashion magazine? just fucking shut up

it's okay though, everything when will be chill again when you take the cure in your think-tank aquarium at madame blavatsky's magic waters.


seriously, how the fuck can anyone understand what you ppl are talking about? you make no fucking sense at all. jeezus this place is so full of shit. what a joke.


Anarchit punx fuck off. Anarchism's not a religious cult and you're not the fuckin inquisition. *suck it*

quit acting like a fucking religious cult then

See 15:02. Motherfucker is punker than thou and needs to grow up.

fuck you a thousand fucking times fuckface

Eat shit and die.

there's none left, you already ate all of it, and besides, i'm immortal

impressive media connections!

oh and the authoritarian sadism is of no matter!

cause we be ANARCHISTS here! yeah!

pay no attention to the misogynist behind the curtain!!!

Of course not. Using homoophobic slurs, making fun of differently abled people -- all of this is perfectly acceptable to the uber-"anarchists" on @-news. But write a book or teach for a living and you totally lose all your awesome anarkist cred. What else is new?

fuck off. i didnt make the homophobic slur. and don't try to boil everything down to a cliche, even tho i know that's what you're really good at

welcome, you must be new here, rules of the internet, etc. (too exhausted to do the real thing)

you're a fucking moron if you think every commenter on anews is an anarchist.

haha, did you just crawl out from under a rock? no? oh, so you're intentionally mis-undertanding how this website works for the personal validation of your own anti-anarchist feelings? cool! have fun with that.

this website doesn't work.

i have a hard-on. thank you.

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