Anarchist Bookfair: Madrid, 12/4-6

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Spanish State: XVIII Gathering of the Anarchist Book in Madrid

A year more, more than 18 already!!!

Once again the anarchist bookfair in Madrid is being carried out, we consider it necessary to foment spaces where we can bring the different anarchist stances closer, among ourselves as well as facing outwards… Since we find ourselves in the most interconnected society and yet this is the period with the most disconnection .

We live in times where the deepening of thought and debate have turned into phrases of 200 characters and texts that in an individualized manner are read as long as they are not too long …

Because of this and much more, we continue forging spaces where we can debate, get to know each other, and deepen the struggle.

In the face of an infantilizing culture that foments individualism and condemns us to isolation through fear and technocratic sanitary justification, now that they condemn us to social distancing is when it's most necessary to learn, spread, and put into practice libertarian culture, solidarity, mutual aid and horizontality.

The event will take place on the days 4, 5 y 6 of December
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In the face of an infantilizing culture that foments individualism...

Hey -- them's fightin' words! How dare they diss me as a U.S. anarchist subculture habitue!

Yes why not bring together inside, in person in the dead of winter those you most wish to survive the pandemic... anarchism is catching... one good super spreader event should do it... all that fascist social distancing... we will show them

Its not like Madrid ran out of vents for their patients in the last peak... i guess anarchism is just for the young and strong and arrogant...

boring comment.

the old and frail and arrogant can also participate. one can take one's own precautions.

The pandemic is so thoroughly politicized here in the states that anarchists here have a hard time seeing a gathering of anarchists in a different country, in a different context, without shaming them. Why do anarchists here tend to support state-ordered lockdowns and bans? Is it because in evoking personal and collective responsibility, you fear being aligned with the right? If you don’t trust a gathering of anarchists to be responsible, then who do you trust? We cannot just live our lives online. This is no life.

But you'll notice that trust has become a highly-valued currency over the years.

And in the current context of extreme polarization of the discourse -of which I have a hard time seeing the end of- it's almost obvious to be expecting Qanon types at a march against Covid measures, unless there's an accepted willingness to ban those people from your demo. And it's not like you got much of a choice... even if these clowns do nothing else than photo-ops, well.. that's what they're for in the first place; i.e. discrediting valid critics and helping the statist liberals single them out as "pro-Trump conspiracists".

If you wanna play you gotta play very carefully, as the game is rigged on both sides. The sides are the rig, too.

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