Anarchist Communism, Music, and Religion

From Non Serviam Podcast

Matty is an anarchist from West Virginia who has written about Max Stirner, Appalachian religion and its relationship to class struggle, folk music, and Japanese egoist anarchism, and more. He is also a member of Whither Appalachia’s editorial committee, which is a journal and blog dedicated to a critical analysis and radical understanding of Appalachia and its future.

In this installment, we discuss anarchist communism, individualist anarchism, and anarchy without adjectives. We also explore the intersections of religion and politics, Max Stirner, and the process of folk music.

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I live in the Appalachians, too. The idea of the people here adopting communism is a delusion and a joke. This is the land of one-stop shop Drug and Gun stores. I've never seen so many swastika tattoos and pro-Trump paraphernalia. I saw a sticker the other day that read "Cowboys and Arabs". Sorry, Matty. We've all seen Matewan, but it ain't happening here today.

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