Anarchist comrade Monica Caballero on Operation Pandora from Brieva prison (Spain)

  • Posted on: 3 January 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

If I were to choose a different life I would not change it for anything.

I vividly remember the intoxicating feeling that came over me when I began to question authority; I remember the many contradictions and questions. In this discovery of ideas I found many people that made their ideas into practical material in their libraries, publications, social centres, etc. … in their everyday life … they lived their lives in the here and now. It did not take long for me to want to do the same.

I remember the anxiety I felt when I heard there were comrades imprisoned for putting their ideas of freedom into practise; sisters of ideas in all corners of the world in the jaws of the panoptic beast. That distressing feeling never changed, but is accompanied by gestures of solidarity.

We are many; the anarchists on the other side of the wall, and after Tuesday December 16 our numbers have grown.

The tentacles of power dropped into anarchists´ spaces, libertarian social centres, a squatted house and homes of several anarchists in Catalonia and Madrid. The hunt captured eleven companions, of these, seven have been kept in prison, accused of belonging to an armed group of a terrorist nature. It is no coincidence that comrades arrested are part of my immediate circle; indeed, more than half of them frequently visited me in jail. The judicial hammer has punished solidarity.

I cannot keep silent before such misery, the State´s repressive revenge borders on delirium. The media (spokesmen for the rulers) talks about bosses and subordinates, I stress to them and anyone who harbours any doubts – we are anti-authoritarian, no one is above me, nor am I above anyone!

The spaces attacked in Catalonia, were not arbitrary, firstly, the Kasa de la Muntanya is an important symbol of the squatting movement, and with its 25 years distanced from capitalist logic they have made their contribution to many generations of dissidents to this system of terror. The libertarian social centres and anarchists spaces that were attacked never hid their ideals, providing fertile ground for sowing the seeds of freedom.

The costs in this struggle for the recovery of our lives are very high, nobody said it would be easy, but undoubtedly if I were to choose a different life I would not change it for anything. In this fight against domination no cages or walls can silence our voices, but without you, comrades, our voices are transformed in echoes.

If you, my recently jailed comrades, are ever able to read these words, I tell you that I’m certain you will remain incorruptible and rise to the occasion as you always have.

I remember every time I read or heard “solidarity is a necessary weapon for anarchists”. Today I hope that those memories come true … making our ideas action.

Brieva prison, December 2014.



I realize that Spain has been run by a bunch of complete fascist barbarians who throw goats from high cliffs just for fun, but that's not unrelated also with the barbarians running the police departments and prisons in the US, France, Italy, Greece, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Russia and where else. So yeah, fight these fuck everywhere, for Monica and others.

"but is accompanied by gestures of solidarity"

rofl lorenzo novatore debunked solidarity like DECADES ago you post-68 leftoid retards

If you think Novatore was a profound writer or thinker, I truly pity you.

I pity the fool

Oh hey everyone, turns out solidarity has already been "debunked". Sorry for the confusion.
Haha. What a reactionary troll.

Why don't any of you retards reed Ernst Junger ? His far-right ideas are a big influences on my overall perspective (individualist right-winger).

you are a fucking idiot who can't think!

"(T)he political meaning is not enough: we have to go back to the snakes, the dogs, the holders of power... All the political givens are ephemeral; but what is concealed behind the demonic, the titanic, the mythic remains constant and has an immutable value..." (Junger in conversation with Julien Hervier in "The Details of Time.")

"If...we cast a glance over the World's-History generally, we see a vast picture of changes and transactions; of infinitely manifold forms of peoples, states, individuals, in unresting succession... On every hand there is the motliest throng of events drawing us within the circle of its interest, and when one combination vanishes another immediately appears in its place. " ( G.W.F. Hegel, The Philosophy of History, 1820s )

"Eumeswill" represents the heights of Junger's consciousness, revealing a much misunderstood figure that has been largely written out of memory, or, consistently smeared and misrepresented as a `dangerous fascist subversive.'

Junger was considered to be part of the Revolutionary Conservative movement in the early part of the 20Th century, a movement that grew considerably after WW1. "Eumeswill's" 'Anarch' however, is rooted in Junger's thought decades after he rejected nationalism and did away with his fascistic ideals. Junger never felt he needed to apologise for once having been a fascist, but it is clear from his literature that he had moved far away from such concerns by the end of the Second World War, and that is proven by "On The Marble Cliffs", a barely veiled attack on the Nazi Party. Junger became fascinated by anarchism during WW2, but appears to have quickly rejected it all as inconsistent, except for Max Stirner, from whom it may be argued that he borrowed , furthered , and fully developed the idea of the 'Anarch' -- Junger fully developed these ideas in the late 1970's, and that train of his thought is devoted to solipsistic resistance and anarchistic ideas - no matter how hard his detractors love to connect the figure of the Anarch with modern day national socialists, that stage of Junger's thought, represented by "Eumeswill", is not in any way, fascist or right wing.

"Eumeswill" is free of any right wing aggressive thought -- the book is given over to Junger's exploration of the Anarch, as well as investigating ideas remarkably similar to those of Angelus Silesius and Meister Eckhardt, both of whom were medieval mystics, from the areas now known as Poland and Germany. Thomas Nevin, in "Ernst Junger and Germany: Into the Abyss" discusses Junger's interest in, and identification with mysticism, saying that Junger's "notion of hidden harmonies amid apparent chaos suggests succession to Angelus Silesius." (p 277).

By the time Junger wrote his stoic meditation "Eumeswill", he had moved far away from the violent brash prejudice and scorn of D'Annunzio's misogynist misanthropic avant garde fascism and Nietzschean apocalyptic visions of any form -- we need to look at much earlier 1930's Junger for that, and read and reflect on Walter Benjamin's urgent critique of Junger's thought of the time, as being lethal and extremely dangerous -- Walter Benjamin was right -- Junger was, at the time, encouraging aesthetic narcissistic fascism in his work, a commitment he moved far away from by the 1940's onwards -- by the 1970's and the release of "Eumeswill", Junger was far away from right wing thought of any kind.

`Eumeswill's" detached and contemplative Anarch reminds us of another similar flaw in the critique of Junger: nowadays Junger is still popularly and commonly (and erroneously) compared or packaged together with Evola. Junger had published in the same academic journals as Evola, but there is no record of any meaningful alliance between the two men. One may conjecture that Junger was not interested in Evola's obvious interest in the Nazi party and the Italian fascist party, and ultimately, there really is no comparison between Evola's obviously race based, elitist, violent visions, and Junger's later mystical, philosophical explorations.

"Eumeswill" has a strange and unique place in post war literature - the figure of the Anarch is arguably the true flowering of Max Stirner thought, fused with the consciousness of eternity that Meister Eckhardt and Angelus Silesius articulated so profoundly.

"the figure of the Anarch is arguably the true flowering of Max Stirner thought,"

It is a little bit but mostly isn't. In my blog post the only thing I take from Junger is his concept. I think it makes inherent sense in the 21st century for those who think the 'anarchism problem' that Bob Black describes also includes 'anarchist'.

As I pointed out I take Junger's concept and use Novetorean substance. For me an anarch should be a complete hermetic opposite to a monarch/hierarch/oligarch. Junger does not accomplish this because of his conservatism, latent nationalism and other issues(love of gold and all that) If you completely unadjust Stirner for the late 20th century it might make some sense but not to someone like me.

I do give him some kudos for the concept however and he certainly isn't what these leftist losers are describing as you point out.

Oh and if it isn't obvious this is the first post by the REAL Sir Einzige. Anews really should do something about same name posting imposters.

I think Junger was profoundly and mostly influenced by his association with Hofmann who discovered, manufactured and self-administered LSD, which is a dominant psychic- leveling substance which makes even the reading of Schopenhauer under its influence a profound experience. Ideologies are play things whilst under its influence, umm, maybe you should try Huxley's 'The Doors of Perception' to enlighten you to its powerful and life altering effects. It is a dangerous substance because of its hallucinatory qualities which equate to the subjective delusions which pollute the human mind. Junger was sane and lucid in the context of individualistic compatibility with the Other, thus, of course Max Stirner, like Schopenhauer still rang true under its mind- bending influence, because they were true to themselves and their own consciousness.

I think you're another self-absorbed tool who negates the most of Junger's life as a fascist and especially someone who heavily contributed, through his '30s writings and research, to the ideology of the Nazi regime. His post-war whitewash was a joke, when he was restituted in the Western culture at the same time that ex-Nazi officers were having seats in the new government of both RDA and RFA, or doing tremendous new "business" deals with the post-war German industry and banks worldwide.

Junger just wasn't as much hardcore into the Nazi party as his buddies Heidegger and Cioran, preferring perhaps to benefit from the political latitude his '30s propaganda works have created for himself among the Nazi regime, in the same way than Henry Kissinger allows himself to criticize the current US stance on Russia. Just a cunning wily bastard at the end of the day.

Oh and also, why do you and the two other tools above are defending such a bourgeois intellectual of the White supremacist German-American establishment, may I ask?

A true intellectual can never really be bourgeois, its like a fish living on land, no, the oxygen just doesn't go in through the gill mechanism does it? The USA and USSR both got their Nazi rocket professors and so the moronic masses then had to endure this dreary and boring 40yr cold war which sucked them right in. At least the Nazis gave the Russian commies a thrashing, and had monarchist Churchill shitting his pants. Everyone was surrendering, and the Axis was freeing former colonies from the yoke of their British and USA domination. Why wasn't the USA government sent to the Nuremberg trials as war criminals for the bombing of our homelands? And it was Stalin who perpetrated the holocaust.

"And it was Stalin who perpetrated the holocaust." Oh shut the fuck up. I thought you were worth an almost serious reply 'til that line.

How many times we have to remind you to go back to Shitfront? Anews isn't a tribune for historical revisionist neonazis.

Who's 'we'?

Those damn marxist antifascists, you fucktard.

LOL! All 3 of them I guess.

Yeah, who is this omnipresent 'we' you talk about? Perpetrators of clandestine cover-ups? Assange and Snowden should have been around post-WW2, late 40's, the Shitfront was really spewing out the rhetoric unchallenged in those heady days of totalitarian conquest! Get a grip on modern political history and get back to me mmkay!

It's "we", the real anarchists who oscillate between telling ziggy to die slowly in a fire and being so bored by his gibberish that we ignore him. There's certainly enough people to warrant use of the word "we". As for you, who the fuck are you? Oh wait, nobody cares. Kill yourself … in a fire.

3 to 5 then

I'm not even trying to say we have anything like significant numbers ziggy, but a handful of alienated weirdos from every big city in NA is still thousands of people that would feel that same mix of contempt and indifference for you ;)

Well anon alienated weirdos feel contempt for a lot of things in life:)

True but you're beneath that … it's more like when I step in dog shit and I'm torn between trying to scrape my shoe and just walking for awhile until it comes off, you know? Indifference battling with mild disgust while I'm mostly thinking about something else altogether?

But why should I care about what someone like you who steps on what you are cares about me anon:)

Not even trying ziggy … just trying to get your little last-post in. sad sad sad

Lol, 'real anarchists' hah! You know what an oxymoron is moron? Anarchism doesn't have labels or strata, it is a social condition which desires an effluvium of authority, nothing more or less. Wallow in your malice while I drink cold beer.

Yes, please tell us more about "true anarchism" right after having denied the Holocaust. It's very interesting...

Have you ever hitch-hiked? No, I didn't think so. Putting your being into the spatial void, then being able to stand still and have the same mindset of the hunter/gatherer. But you couldn't comprehend like fish out of water you are an inexperienced moron who lacks social skills from sitting behind a screen most of your life!.

Yeah maaan! Hitchhiking is anarchism of course! And, and like standing on the side of an highway is like old-school tribal hunter/gatherer, doood! As in "everything is nothing though the absence is presence in a socially inward/outward spatial relationship", duh!

Caught the sarcasm in the first 2 words! Good sarcasm is the delayed pause AFTER the last word moron!

Also fuck your bourgeois intellectuals.

And I fornicate upon your lazy prole illiteracy!

And I smash the windows of your condo.

And I'll charm your mother with my wit and copious amounts of wine and TUCK HER INTO BED!!

So you want to have the last word and, therefore, win in that childish domination game so you feel better with your pathetic life? Go ahead...

Also tell us more about how the Mein Kampf influenced your right-wing individualism... It's very interesting!


Hot!!!!When the rain falls in Spain may it wet CNT T-shirts worn by our female comrades!

Ugh. The last week or so on this website have given a clear indication to me why anonymous comments sections are a terrible idea. So many despicable comments. And this one just takes the cake. You sir, are a sexist piece of shit who has no place within any revolutionary movement.

meh … the internet is an ocean of stupidity, not much point in trying to pretend it isn't. Is polite discussion between a isolated groups of strangers really going to alter this? No. I've seen much worse in the last week than this I-like-boobs comment.

I'm egalitarian and not gender biased! I admire wet cotton briefs on our male comrades as much as on our fem rads! I am a fair person in my desires, how have I offended by expressing a natural urge. Are you familiar with Pavlov and his theories?

sigh … yes, I know who Pavlov was. Do you spend a lot of time feigning bewilderment towards the people you piss off? Are you familiar with my theories about you being an asshole?

Are you male or female for context reasons, I have to apply yin-yang analysis to reply properly? My IQ is 3 digital by the way, which means nothing really beyond the abacus hmm?

I hear many a Freudian slip 'sigh' daily, I'm not impressed by yours :(

The Internet was a pretty okay, stimulating and intelligent place before the "meh" neonazi 4chan cattle and other authoritarians spread their third wave of stupidity over that ocean, like since the Internet 2.0 era.

You people are this "ocean of stupidity", not the nets, or the rest of the people on the nets.

oh look at you all full of shit like that! Good for you! Duly impressed. Do you also look back on the 50s as a simpler time when women and coloured folk just knew their place and america was great? The internet has been a cesspool of stupidity since the mid-90s, are you deluded or just a kid?

Mkay! What about - When the rain falls in Spain, may it fall upon the cotton briefs of our brave comrades? What's actually your hang-up about repartee and the freedom to express? Oh right, its political correctness, so you've become enslaved by an ethic derived from the bourgeoisie and their obsession with obedience?

Or maybe you could perv just a little bit less? Like, during funerals and other somber occasions?

NOT even saying don't perv, would never say that, just pick your moments

Our brave male comrades in cotton briefs being rained on in the trenches of Catalonia. A truly bizarre avant-garde Dali-esque vision for sure!

anonymous comment sections aren't a bad idea, giving a shit about bullshit comments is

An anonymous @news chat room would be better.

There was one with the old site, that stopped about two years ago. Wasn't a bad idea, though it required Javasnitch so it wasn't that much anon. I suppose there could be some way to come up with a new, safer @ chat...

How about something like IRC but nameless, with untraceability measures and without stupid connect/disconnect messages?

A barebones IRC server is simple to code. Untraceability, including a secure server to run it on, is the harder part. I have no idea how to, for example, use TOR with such a program.

I have been using it with i2p's own IRC tunnel, that's very easy to set up through any IRC client, though I've been wondering if that was as anon and secure as it pretends to.

I've not really messed with i2p at all.

And obviously, the main point of this untraceability is to prevent mapping of social networks. Planning actions that require even minimal security culture, much less IA stuff, on a communication medium is of course less than genius. General political discussion about current events in real time shouldn't really need that much security. Although considering what this article is about, shouldn't and doesn't aren't necessarily the same thing.

And now that I think of it, it would probably be simpler to just grab some open-source IRC daemon and remove everything except chat, /me, and maybe whatever command to see who is on(or maybe even just how many users are on).

You don't have to put a name in IRC, and it can be made hardly-traceable through i2p or Tor. You can also use Pidgin Off-the-Record, though the setup is quite a burden...

Cypherphunk got their own IRC in there too.

Agree with the other commenters--nothing wrong with IRC.

Support exists for Tor (with caveats, eg see, OTR encryption (for private messags, not group chat), even PGP-over-IRC, and many servers allow IP cloaking ( IRC servers and channels are easy to create and well documented, compared to other protocols.

As for connect/disconnect messages, any decent IRC client allows you to hide them.

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