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Hello world. It can get lonely out there. As anarchists who solely interact with one another only wearing black bloc fashion tips for the dangerous, we here at ANEWS understand it’s hard to get to know someone on a deeper level. Everything is so fleeting, like that window – GOODBYE (in AOL voice). But really, what do windows want anyways? It’s time you started thinking about yourself and self-care, treat yo self! Anarchist dating app.

We’ve designed a cutting edge Drupal Forum using PHP from the late 90s to create the first and only strictly anarchist dating app. How it works: Load up Microsoft Edge browser and then close it and throw your computer out the window for even thinking we would make an app for that silly browser. Step two, load up Firefox Tor over 9 VPNS bounced off of a couple of boxes and virtual machines and navigate via TAILS to There click on the forums and enter, your real name, real age, location down to five miles, and what kind of furry swoff ball you are.

Step three, wait.

Step four… fall in love, have kids, get married, move to city/country, leave anarchism.

Post-script: Brief Reportback from event for ever international Anarchist Dating App meetup-
Worlds largest cuddle puddle record set

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this already how i’ve always browsed on anews, and still no results :’(

waiting hear back more from that reportback, i want to vicariously enjoy those cuddles ; )

Subcultural stinker romance: you can apply for S.S.I. together, and then not take a bath together.

Does that mean anarchists are people who yet didn't get laid!? *looks at mirror* Oh shit....

you expect them to do the castration for you?! tsk tsk tsk...that’s emotional labor, you have to castrate yourself.

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