Anarchist Film Archive relaunched

  • Posted on: 6 November 2018
  • By: thecollective

via void network

Christie Books just relaunched the Anarchist Film Archive, an easy to use online streaming, and has a ton of rare and hard to find films, documentaries and historical archives from early 20th century until our days. Check it out now here


In their own words:

The archive is free to access and contains a growing collection of nearly 1000 difficult-to-find feature films, documentaries, interviews, talks and short videos — all with anarchist or libertarian-oriented themes of education, justice, resistance — and liberation. Complementing the archive is a comprehensive and regularly updated database of anarchist/libertarian films compiled and maintained by Santiago-Juan Navarro. The archive is easy to use: you can scroll through the titles, search for a particular film in the ‘Search’ box or search by tag. You can also embed individual films in blogs, facebook pages etc.



really excellent news!

Do you have a good copy of "Rebellion in Patagonia"?

Here's a B&W 16mm short as well:

This is a really impressive archive. It must have been a lot of work. Thanks Christie Books!

Any plan on putting everything on a peertube instance ? Or creating one ?
It would be the best to share everything and avoid loosing it.

You can find info here :

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Is there any contact info for the archive? I looked through an old hard drive and found some relevant films that aren't included.

There is a web forum, where you could perhaps ask for further correspondence here:

There is also an email address listed on site btw, for paypal donations...

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