Anarchist Golfers Vow to Disrupt the G8

  • Posted on: 6 July 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Posh golf resort a fitting location for G8 summit

From July 6-8th, eight rulers plan to fortress themselves off from reality in the plush surroundings of Gleneagles. The luxurious club has long been the playground of the well-connected and privileged, and is widely viewed as an amusing and revealing location for the G8 summit.</td><td><img src="files/pictures/che48_small.jpg"></td></tr></table> People from across the world are vowing that the well-tended lawns of Gleneagles will not be a protest-free zone. The surreal bubble in which the elite have retreated will be punctured.

The PGA will be holding the Peoples' Open Golfing Tournament which culminates on July 7th, and plan to be playing golf on the sumptuous greens of Gleneagles during the G8 schmooze-fest. The tournament is open to all freedom loving individuals who reject everything the G8 stands for (except golf). The golfing event promises the opportunity to brush shoulders with influential and dapper anarchists from around the world. It goes without saying that golf skills are not required. In fact, golf skills may even be frowned upon.

The golf course can be found <a href="">here</a>

We encourage the formation of autonomous golfing blocs for participation in the PGA Gleneagles tournament. The rules of the game will be decided during the convergence, currently being organised by the Dissent Network.

If you wish participate, <a href="">join our email list at</a>.

We are also encouraging the construction of a G8 crazy golf game. If you or your group can construct a crazy golf piece, let us know. Ideas include a large sand-trap in the shape of Iraq, or a pond in the shape of Guantanamo Bay. We also need the following items:

* Plastic balls, beach balls, stuffed animals, and other stuff to hit
* Stuffing (from old furniture) to pad golf clubs
* Heads of the world leaders, or some such thing for the holes
* Golf clothes (long socks, baggy trousers, ugly shirts)
* Black gaffer tape
* golf flags and poles
* Your imagination
* high powered binoculers