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Anti-psychiatry is the topic of three of these seven episodes: "Fucked Off, Not Fucked Up," "It's Time for 'Mad Anarchism,'" and "Descending Into Madness: An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry." We learn ways to anticipate and recognize trauma and to build resiliency into our affinity groups, in "Mutual Aid, Trauma, & Resiliency," based on the experiences of the Jane Addams Collective in New York City. "To Care is to Struggle" has quickly become an Immediatism favorite on opening up our radical spaces to more diversity by showing care for one another's daily life struggles such as child and elder care, disability, and recognizing that women continue to shoulder more household responsibilities -- all factors which can make it difficult to find time and energy to be active in anarchist spaces -- and which, by this analysis, partly explain the lack of diversity in the milieu.

Fucked Off Not Fucked Up, by V.Q.
It's Time for "Mad Anarchism," by Vikky Storm
Mutual Aid, Trauma, & Resiliency (in 2 parts), by The Jane Addams Collective
Descending Into Madness: An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry, by Flower Bomb
To Care is to Struggle (in 2 parts), by Kevin Van Meter

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i just got through the part of how she used cheesy stories to get out, yeh, good stuff! The way i got the psychiatrist to authorize my release is i told him i had credit card bills to pay. I loved the fact that this boring tid-bit of adultism made his arms shake...he let me out of the therapy session, and he started making a phone call to somewhere else in the hospital to assure that my precious finances were in order. Thanks for the laugh flower bomb...

I was so annoyed by the results of my attempted suicide, i was trying to figure out how to escape the next morning, those drugs they put in my arm were really fucking wierd even though it eventually knocked me out. I did enjoy talking to the inmates for the most part, it was overall a pretty cushy situation, it ended up being an accidental short vacation into institutional hell in some ways. Any type of a social skill is useful in this society, even if the white walls consider it "evil".

I overtime have adopted more of an anti-mental health nihilism...i have taken advantage of the mental health, but in the end they just send you in a humiliating loop and tell you that your depressed when that doesn't come close to describe what your feeling at the time. It's creepy that all these lady nurses are managing a structurally misogynist ideology.

I love what Cory's been doing and to me she's a legit anarchist that I can relate to. Tho as someone with ADHD myself I find Immediatism to be sometimes very challenging to follow, and always skip back like a dozen times in the same episode as my thoughts wander somewhere else. Of course I can just hit the pause button, duh, but since there are no preset cue points, it's pretty hard to pause at the right places.

I'm not gonna suggest to slow down the pace as the pace is part of one's expressive style (and I guess the cognitive/communicative approach of someone too), tho making more pauses, or longer ones would do a great benefit. Other podcasts use a soundtrack to fill the gap and allow for the listeners to "breathe". Just like 20 extra seconds total on top of 20 minutes does a difference. It's okay to go without a soundtrack, just play with *tacet* a little more, like in a song.

So like I don't want this to be taken as negative whining, Cory does the way she wants to... I'm only suggesting what I see as a nice improvement.

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