The Anarchist Library, torrent + updates, January 2016

  • Posted on: 23 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From the depths of January 2016 comes a new torrent of all 8 languages (including Swedish and German libraries for the first time) currently on The Anarchist Library. This torrent includes all of the various formats including plain PDF, A4 imposed PDF, letter imposed PDF, ePUB, HTML, XeLaTeX, plain text source, and source files with attachments that make reading texts from the library easily digestible on various mediums.

You can find the torrent file here:

And the magnet link here.

This is a snapshot of the anarchist libraries as seen on January 18, 2016. If you are unfamiliar with torrents or don't have a favourite client, two options are qBittorrent and Transmission among the many.

Each archive is packaged as an ISO image. If you don't know exactly what to do with an ISO image, please visit:
The library torrent for our how-to guide. You can mount the files on your computer to keep a copy of the library permanently (forever!), extract the files to another location, put them on your e-reader, or burn the ISO image to a set of discs that one could use to start a distro for example.

If you encounter any problem with this distribution or have other
questions and comments about the library, please feel free to join the
IRC channel #anarchistlibrary on Freenode servers or via web browser

In other library news, the book builder feature has seen a huge update and is now more powerful than ever. These include:

  • running headers

  • cropmarks (this allows those of you who want to trim booklet the ability to do so with precision. It's also another step along the way for giving users the ability to start their own distro of wonderful anarchist literature.)

  • custom paper size (and B series)

  • new imposition schemas

And finally, thanks to Let's encrypt, all eight of the libraries now have valid SSL certificates, which means warning free https among other things.



Don't mean to be an ass, but you should move to using Magnets, as they're much less trackable than Torrents. Also for the paranoid, there are much more privacy-focused Magnet/Torrent clients than those above, like Deluge (for Linux) or Flud (Android).

(you can remove my first comment as a strange technical glitch made me post two times)

The magnet link needs to be edited in order to work correctly. Delete the beginning from "http" until the "?xt=urn" part. Then add a "magnet:" before "?xt=urn" make sure to include that colon after magnet. Then it will work.

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