"Anarchist Militia" Within US Army Plotted to "Kill Obama, Overthrow Government"

  • Posted on: 27 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/prosecutor-ga-murder-case-uncovers... Daily News</a> - By RUSS BYNUM (AP)

LUDOWICI, Ga. — Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former comrade and his girlfriend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted a range of anti-government attacks, prosecutors told a judge Monday.
Prosecutors in rural Long County, near the sprawling Army post Fort Stewart, said the militia group composed of active duty and former U.S. military members spent at least $87,000 buying guns and bomb components and was serious enough to kill two people — former soldier Michael Roark and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Tiffany York — by shooting them in the woods last December in order to keep its plans secret.

"This domestic terrorist organization did not simply plan and talk," prosecutor Isabel Pauley told a Superior Court judge. "Prior to the murders in this case, the group took action. Evidence shows the group possessed the knowledge, means and motive to carry out their plans."</td><td><img title="Activists!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2010/monksuitgun.jpg"></td></tr>...

One of the Fort Stewart soldiers charged in the case, Army Pfc. Michael Burnett, also gave testimony that backed up many of the assertions made by prosecutors. The 26-year-old soldier pleaded guilty Monday to manslaughter, illegal gang activity and other charges. He made a deal to cooperate with prosecutors in their case against the three other soldiers.

Prosecutors said the group called itself F.E.A.R., short for Forever Enduring Always Ready. Pauley said authorities don't know how many members the militia had.

Burnett, 26, said he knew the group's leaders from serving with them at Fort Stewart. He agreed to testify against fellow soldiers Pvt. Isaac Aguigui, identified by prosecutors as the militia's founder and leader, Sgt. Anthony Peden and Pvt. Christopher Salmon.

All are charged by state authorities with malice murder, felony murder, criminal gang activity, aggravated assault and using a firearm while committing a felony. A hearing for the three soldiers was scheduled Thursday.

Prosecutors say Roark, 19, served with the four defendants in the 4th Brigade Combat Team of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and became involved with the militia. Pauley said the group believed it had been betrayed by Roark, who left the Army two days before he was killed, and decided the ex-soldier and his girlfriend needed to be silenced.

Burnett testified that on the night of Dec. 4, he and the three other soldiers lured Roark and York to some woods a short distance from the Army post under the guise that they were going target shooting. He said Peden shot Roark's girlfriend in the head while she was trying to get out of her car. Salmon, he said, made Roark get on his knees and shot him twice in the head. Burnett said Aguigui ordered the killings.

"A loose end is the way Isaac put it," Burnett said.

Aguigui's attorney, Daveniya Fisher, did not immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press. Attorneys for Peden and Salmon both declined to comment Monday.

Also charged in the killings is Salmon's wife, Heather Salmon. Her attorney, Charles Nester, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Pauley said Aguigui funded the militia using $500,000 in insurance and benefit payments from the death of his pregnant wife a year ago. Aguigui was not charged in his wife's death, but Pauley told the judge her death was "highly suspicious."

She said Aguigui used the money to buy $87,000 worth of semiautomatic assault rifles, other guns and bomb components that were recovered from the accused soldiers' homes and from a storage locker. He also used the insurance payments to buy land for his militia group in Washington state, Pauley said.

In a videotaped interview with military investigators, Pauley said, Aguigui called himself "the nicest cold-blooded murderer you will ever meet." He used the Army to recruit militia members, who wore distinctive tattoos that resemble an anarchy symbol, she said. Prosecutors say they have no idea how many members belong to the group.

"All members of the group were on active-duty or were former members of the military," Pauley said. "He targeted soldiers who were in trouble or disillusioned."

The prosecutor said the militia group had big plans. It plotted to take over Fort Stewart by seizing its ammunition control point and talked of bombing the Forsyth Park fountain in nearby Savannah, she said. In Washington state, she added, the group plotted to bomb a dam and poison the state's apple crop. Ultimately, prosecutors said, the militia's goal was to overthrow the government and assassinate the president.

The Army brought charges against the four accused soldiers in connection with the slayings of Roark and York in March, but has yet to act on them. Fort Stewart spokesman Kevin Larson said he could not comment immediately on the militia accusations that emerged in civilian court Monday.

District Attorney Tom Durden said his office has been sharing information with federal authorities, but no charges have been filed in federal court. Jim Durham, an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, would not comment on whether a case is pending.


LOL @ poisoning the state's apple crop!

those dudes are about as anarchist as a toxic waste spill. they find these wingnuts and brand them as "anarchists" to make us look dumb and it works.

no, you are dumb, sorry. couldn't think your way out of a paper bag.

really? because I just got out of this paper bag ALL BY MYSELF.

Anarcho-Scare of 2012. Just in time for the elections. De-legitimize the Black Panthers and their current supporters. De-legitimize the increasingly militant ex-GI's like Scott Olsen who are sick and tired to the U.S. military's lies. De-legitimize insurrectionary anarchists planning to demonstrate at both conventions.


Well, that's what this whole "New Black Panther" thing was all about... to de-legitimize the true Black Panther.

Actually, it's meant to delegitimize "us," groups like this pretty much delegitimize themselves. You know most of us, not the bat shit here, but most people see these guys in most the same light as the general public, right? You know that. Please tell me you know that.

I doubt these groups adhere to any sort of Anarchist theory whatsoever. Poisoning the food supply, is a pretty good indicator that they're just bat shit, and so are probably their supporters.

Just saying.

Whites gonna whitey.

Monkeys gonna gun.

Retards gonna re re.

Well! This is the time for all you partisans of Black Blocs, smashy-smashy and a thousand other acts of petty crime, property destruction and vandalism to make things clear. Do you or don't you want to overthrow the State by truly effective (truly violent means)? These people apparently did. Do you or don't you approve of armed revolution? These people apparently did. Are you going to come out in support of them or not? Are you going to critique what they did right and what they did wrong?

Well, we're waiting. . . .

regardless, the only evidence they may identify as "anarchists" (at least the only evidence mentioned in this article) is that they "wore distinctive tattoos that resemble an anarchy symbol".

i mean, nationalist-"anarchist" proto-fascists try to co-opt circle-a lookin' symbols all the time. until we learn more, i for one will be cautious supporting these folks, even if i do support armed insurrection and generalized, open revolt.

ya dude its totally a good idea to look for allies in the US military. im sooooo sure that they are conscience working class and are against all authority


didnt some republican guy get pulled over and say he was an "anarchist" to the cop

Changing the subject, obvious tactic. These guys are not being charged with a traffic offense! They are serious, and you are a clown.

Serious about what? Forming a weird, elitist, hierarchical armed group? Who gives a shit?
Wanting to overthrow the government isn't the defining point of anarchist politics.

Bullshit. Anarchism is about nothing other than overthrowing and dissolving State power. And if you think that the State is going to overthrown and dissolved with armed struggle, you are just plain wrong wrong wrong.

the point -- herr assclown/cop -- is that there are all kinds of groups that want to overthrow the government and yet have aims (white supremacy, fascist state, islamic republic statist socialism/communism, whatever) -- that are entirely incompatible with anarchist positions. just wanted to make this clear. this is burningly obvious for anyone who isn't really stupid, k?

there might be some anarchists who espouse the position that the enemy of my enemy is, etc, and just want to see shit burn, regardless of who does it. but they are stupid.

Wow, you're wrong on both points. Anarchy is about a hellava lot more than that, and the State will never be overthrown and disolved without at least some armed struggle (not saying it's all that is required).

Piggy piggy piggyyyyyy

Look at this fucking troll.

Signed, a US army combat veteran, who does support the overthrow of the state, but also knows what anarchy is.

Look at ^this^ fucking troll. You know what anarchy is but you don't say anything else about it? Some fucking bullshit.

^ obvious who trolls. ^

why u need so bad for someone to say anarchism is only and only ever about overthrowing the state?

obviously you are wrong.


anarchissts would be in the news, some how, some way, even if nobody not even cindy sheehan showed up the RNC... they need a trophy.

^ oblivious ^ for whom the troll trolls

Anarchism is any person working towards personal autonomy whether in relation to the state, capitlism, personal relationships or group dynamics. Anarchism is free will and personal responsibility. Anarchism can be applied to relationships and group dynamics within the Anarchist community if peoples bullshit starts to pile up high enough. And it's not always about armed struggle like you think it is. One of the reason why a revolution happened in Catalonia, if not the main reason, at least in certain instances, was because Anarchists (though armed), convinced the invading fascist brigades to hand over their weapons and defect. Not to say that that's a reality, but you never know what the future may hold. The worlds going downt he shitter and who knows how or who the states going to buy off to protect their interestes. One reason why there's always some very idealistic 20 something trying to dialogue with police evoking those words and trying to evoke that spirit.

And if they turn out to be antisemites I'm going to laugh at your cracker ass.

I smell an anarcho-capitalist!!!!

i smell my own farts.

If those are the ideals that you associate with anarcho-capitalism while supporting militias of people who think that by poisoning the food supply you're going to inspire anarchy, you're mentally ill. I mean that in all seriousness.

Nobody here is supporting them ... seriously, the fuck are you smoking?
Somebody really needs some validation here.

The idea that I associated with anarcho-capitalism was that overthrowing the state was the only thing that matters to an anarchist. And I don't support these idiots.

They are serious clowns, and you are a clown... serious!

"Grrrr! Think ur tuff? Big macho brawls are gonna get you a rrreeauuul revolution!!!

It's like the RAF on steroids, and no chicks!

UUhhhrhr!!! This is Spartaaaa!"

This guy says "i do support armed insurrection and generalized, open revolt" FROM THE SAFETY OF HIS ARMCHAIR.

Cautious, how about you don't. Their plans were to overthrow the government by poisoning the apple crop. Are you demented?

in the 1997 essay "He Means It — Do You?," Zerzan wrote:

"Enter the Unabomber and a new line is being drawn. This time the bohemian schiz-fluxers, Green yuppies, hobbyist anarcho-journalists, condescending organizers of the poor, hip nihilo-aesthetes and all the other "anarchists" who thought their pretentious pastimes would go on unchallenged indefinitely — well, it's time to pick which side you're on. It may be that here also is a Rubicon from which there will be no turning back."

Exactly! So the question remains: which side are you on, people?

If your idea of sides is "for or against anybody who allegedly was trying to overthrow a specific government," you may not be an anarchist at all.

Hahaha. . . no. All governments should be overthrown. OK, now, once again: which side are you on?

But what sides are you framing? "Autonomous Nationalists," National "Anarchists," etc. want to overthrow governments. We're not on their side.

OK, so how to do YOU as non-nationalist or anti-nationalist anarchist propose to overthrow the government? With smashed windows?

the cops on this article are a. may. zing. LLLOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!

dude for real. im so sick of this place. maybe the whole point of anarchistnewsdotorg is to make real anarchists so sick of the internet that they will go cold turkey and get active IRL lol.

it really doesnt take too much reading to know enough about the broadness of "our" side but also know where it definitively stops. ive never met an ancap in real life anyways and i see/meet new anarchists all over in chicago every month; never had i had the need to say "oh, ur not a real anarchist"

that's nice for you. ancaps do tend to be more likely/common online.
but congratulations on avoiding them. they tend to be very irritating.

yep, cop cop cop cop cop.

how's that paranoia workin' out for ya? gives ya sense of self-importance, doesn't it? NOT A COP.

because non-cops aren't capable of criticizing property destruction? get over yourself.

We need to stop focusing on the symptom(windows) and focus on the problem, window factories. We must start smashing the window factories if we want to make real revolution.

"He neglects to mention the historic animosity between Cossack and Jew in the Russian Pale of Settlement, nor does he bring up the Cossacks who welcomed the Nazi invaders in 1941 as "liberators" from their communist overlords."

What side are you on? Lol.

which side are we on? if it's between these guys and they US government I'm going to side with the gov't...and that's pretty sad on account of how I believe in anarchism. but then again, people all over the world are often put in the position of having to choose between two gangs of armed thugs. Gangstas and the Oakland PD (sorry Lawless), jihadists and US army, IRA and the black and tans. MS-13 or los federales. One thing promising about anarchism is the idea that we could escape this crap. I think that anyone who is excited about these guys just because they have guns and the media brands them anarchists is obviously crazy, or perhaps just trying to scare the fuck out of their parents

It's not between these guys and the US govt. The world is not black and white. This whole binary question "which side are you on" is a scam typical to yellow press.

For example let's take the question "Which side are you on? The police or organized crime? The State or the Mafia?". Both organizations have basically the same functions, they represent the logic of property, defend the interests of propertied classes, divide proletarians against each other, protect those that submit and persecute those that don't and so forth. The whole choice is just as mindless as here.

"[The media] is the mediator and processor of democratic opinion. It devours the complexities of life and social interaction, of international relations and insurgency, of cultural breakdown and economic necessity... the totality of reality in the present, and mashes them to mush between its teeth, then digests them and shits out...turds. All of the complexities, all of the vitality, all connection to real life has been leeched out, and we are left to decide whether these nearly identical brown lumps stink or not. The reality from which from which these turds were produced is so distant that we 'know' that we can't effect it directly, so instead we buy the binary logic of the democratic state, argue at the pub over the stinkiness of turds and vote for those politicians whose bullshit exudes the sweetest aroma. To be for or against this war, that law, whatever candidate, policy or program is no threat whatsoever to power. The purpose of the media is precisely to promote the predigested thinking that keeps us passive in the face of a distant reality, always ready to choose between the options offered by the democratic state, options that all end up subjecting the chooser to the power of the state and capital."


follow the $mell to the ppl who manufactured and enforce these false dichotomies- tanks

I'm on the side that gets the insecticides and hormones out of my apples. If I hate Monsantos, I'm probably not going to be too thrilled about these fucking losers.

Turns out crazy existed long before the Unabomber and exploiting political ideologies to feel young and cool while presenting constant double standards and manipulation of language existed long before John Zerzan. Or I'm sorry...the Zerz

So if you can take that quote specifically referencing the unabomber and make it about any militia nitwit/guy who kills people around does that make Zerzan a supporter of Tim McVeigh and Anders Brevik? I can copy and paste Zerzan quotes from wikipedia too y'know, it doesn't mean I have an argument

We know next to nothing about who these people really are or what their motivations were beyond the vague accusations made in this article. You're asking people to support or dismiss them with very limited and filtered information. Having tattoos which look like "anarchy symbols" doesn't automatically qualify people as anarchists. Nor does being in the military or executing a "loose end" and his girlfriend. Beyond that... you're asking for people to state their support for "armed revolution" in a traceable public forum, and it's unlikely that you'll get many serious responses to such prompting. For that matter... what people want and what might currently be practically feasible are, possibly, two different things. So you, and the friends whom you've alluded to, can just keep waiting. Anyway, as I've said, we know next to nothing about this particular group's motives, activities, or the charges against them. I know this is the first I've heard about all this. Maybe you can provide us with more details?

We know that the leader worked the 2008 GOP convention. Kind of enough for my to dismiss him.

Also, how does blowing up a dam or poisoning apples overthrow anything.

Blowing up dams totally overthrows dams. Seems obvious to me.

You got hairball in dem ears?

*rolls eyes* There's a fine line between stupid and clever and this "action" and the resulting aforementioned comment have passed the border and are having Listerine shots in Stupidia.

No, anarcho-smashies are going to throw newspaper boxes into the street instead and called it a "victory!" and then start celebrating and posting comments like "keep it up", or "take that, liberals!".

Anarcho-smashies are too chickenshit to get involved in any actually effective tactics. They aren't against government, they're against windows.

Dont believe the hype. The DA loves to spin shit to make something small like an enormous plot that was discovered and stopped, somebody is always looking to earn extra stripes, rep, and be a star on their way to becoming a 6-figure-earning judge some day. .

Are you suggesting that officials haven't just stopped the Legion of Doom from poisoning the state's apple orchards with Joker venom? Next you'll be saying that Latveria isn't a utopian worker's paradise. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latveria

"The DA loves to spin shit to make something small look like an enormous plot that was discovered and stopped."


what's with this new trend of labeling right-wing militia movements as "anarchists"?

it can't be good.

Something about actually opposing governments, and using nihilism/negation to do it. The left on the other hand would rather support forms of hipster-trendy capitalism like sex-work or infoshops. People are desperate. If you aren't careful, the working class will come back to anarchism, and then, chic journals riddled pastiche insurrectionist/feminist/queer theory won't mean anything.

anarchists are against both the state and capitalism. your trolling is fucking boring.

They are against capitalism unless it involves buying cool things or selling sexual services, in which case, most anarchists, these days are pro-capitalism. And it's not trolling if it's real. Look, whether you like these people or not, they have decided to put themselves on the line. It might the biggest dudefest or whatever, but if there's absolutely anything we've learned over the past few years it's that identity means nothing. We are all proles or whatever. This isn't sexy anarchism. It's not the kind that will lead to coke-binges and orgies, with trustfundies releasing their band's cassette tape or hack-job critical theories, it's exactly what most "anarchists" are afraid of: sacrifice. There's nothing "cool" about a gang of people in the military trying to overthrow Fort Stewart and assassinate the president.

The group is mostly cismales, white, and poorer than average. I suspect within the next few weeks there will be moves to call the group sexist (for shooting a woman), racist (for opposing Obama), and anything else to distance themselves from this group, much in the same way people distanced themselves from Leon Czolgoz. Whatever. I think it's important for everyone to reflect on what this means. Is what we call anarchism, probably closer to leftism-a-go-go or communiste-couture.

That trustfund shit is tired. It was bullshit 15 years ago and it's bullshit now. You're a fucking troll, trying to make everybody feel insecure about their efforts so they'll do something crazy. If you're impressed with these people, don't comment about it, set up a fucking support site. Otherwise you're full of shit and you need to fuck off. All talk piece of shit.

I think you're offended, and for good reason.

The suspicious thing is that you went directly from this news report to talking shit. Seems like you have a pet project--either hating on anarchists for its own sake, or trying to guilt them into overextending. If that's not the case, why not simply ignore the art house insurrectionists you insult and talk about what you want to see? Or--much better--demonstrate it?

it's just an irl troll trying to insult sexwork art fag anarchists who are happily long gone from this particular penal colony. no matter.

It's the fucking internet. Shut up! Go outside and stop taking this so seriously.

systematic oppression. no biggie.

for realz.

P.S. anarchism is an ideology that promotes the idea of leaderlessness, thats what the word anarchy means. so, that implies that we(anarchists) are actively against all coercion: specifically institutional coercion and hierarchy(power structures, precedented coercion)

so that means anarchists are against capitalism, the state, private property, slavery, feudalism, (historical) gift and market societies, etc.

anarchist culture has always been about mutual aid, real life social group autonomy, and solidarity.

also id personally argue that anarchy implies the word communism* making all anarchists communists, but not all "communists" anarchists (*L. Blanc "Let each produce according to his aptitudes and his force; let each consume according to his need.")

"it's exactly what most "anarchists" are afraid of: sacrifice."

I don't fear sacrifice I despise it, what do you think is one of the founding practices of states and all reified societies, states will end when people stop believing in them or more situations like what Dave Graeber documents in Madagascar happen.

Action talks, bullshit walks. Speak for yourself about what you want and what you're doing. You keep saying "you" in all your statements like you're trying to get US to do or espouse something.

That makes it hard not to feel like you're just a provocateur on payroll. I'm sure it's occurred to all of us at some point that the feds must have people here trying to control the direction of our trains of thought.

I've only said you in one statement. You're mixing people up. In reference to my "you," it's probably better as "we." Anti-government movements are on the rise, and anarchist aren't even seen as anarchists anymore as much as "liberals who would like to one day see the government disappear." Most specifically because of collectivism, anti-capitalism, pamphleteering, etc. There's a really good chance, that if this keeps up, "we'll" have to find a new name. In Oklahoma, there's a sitting judging trying to get his county to raise taxes to overthrow the government. In most anarchists circles, our heads are somewhere completely different. We put less emphasis on being an-archies, as we do other projects.

worker just add this to the css p{word-wrap: break-word;}

when people do this R
the page wont break.

IGTT 1/10

apparently they all had circle-A tattoos

anarchism as a primary political identity can only get more muddled. imo we should either support the idea of a legitimizing/clarifying tendency, or abandon the word. we can't just be partisan to the word and then let every paranoid jackass who luvs 2 overthrow __ also claim it.

No, they had tattoos that "resembled" an anarchy symbol, which could have been anything. If they had actually been anarchy symbols they would have just said they were.

Also, the leader worked as a page in the 2008 GOP convention: http://gawker.com/5938288/leader-of-army-plot-to-assassinate-obama-appar...

I study right wing militias and was wondering if you thought these guys were really anarchists or run-of-the-mill right-wing types ala the Turner Diaries?

For the most part, guerilla warfare is over as a tactic in the American libertarian left. It's mostly a right-wing thing. Even the "most militant" in the anarchist movement is about selling books and fantasies. Military style groups is a big taboo.

You're speaking like a provocateur. We already went through all the military fantasies a generation ago. It's not the way forward for anarchists. Maybe you should be hanging with Maoists or something?

"We already went through all the military fantasies a generation ago."

I think I said that. Please stop trying to silence people with this "provocateur" snitch-jacketing bullshit.

naw dawg, you were like "even the most militant only sell books and fantasies." It's clear where you're at. You want people to feel uncool for not being in secret conspiracies.

No. It's real statement. We're all very aware who puts out most of the literature on nihilist anarchism or ultraviolence or whatever other label we give it. I'm not asking anyone to "up the ante" or anything, I'm pointing out that guerilla warfare is a "corpse in people's mouths," and that the "most militant" really are just book sellers. And, how in the hell could I make anonymous people feel bad? Only you can make yourself feel bad.

You're right, you're not succeeding in making anyone feel bad. But what are you trying to do, then? And why do you have so much energy for it in this particular venue?

Right now, I'm responding to a troll. Initially, I just posted a contrarian statement, which you trolled. And I don't believe for a moment you actually want a real debate about this, unless it turns into circle-jerk about how anyone who disagrees with you is a monster. You probably want to know that you are absolutely solid and correct in your beliefs and that most of your peers support you.

I'm perfectly happy to debate the details of whether/how to support these people. We should also be thinking about how to engage with the likelihood that there are going to be more and more such groups--many of which will have almost nothing in common with us, while others may share some of our critique and be sketchy at the same time.

At the same time, we're in a situation in which the feds want to push us to isolate ourselves in dead-end projects like the one these people were arrested for. To wild out about how "anarchists do nothing" in that context is just plain fucking stupid. Put in the work to see what you want to see. Don't create an environment in which people feel that they're not "real" enough until they're in armed struggle groups. Especially not on the fucking internet. Seriously, nothing good can come of that.

How about this: it's not cool to kill people to tie up loose ends. As for soldiers taking over a fort? Why not? Do I have the same knee-jerk reaction that they are Turner Diary people? Yes. Is that classist, omigosh, yes. Is there a fetish of militancy in a lot of anarchist propaganda? Yes. It's also really condescending to say "why are they calling the right-wing anarchists?" Probably, we don't own the trademark to the term. And, whether most of us like it or not, we are looked at my many people as fucking around. I don't believe that we are "fucking around" au contraire, anarchists are probably the hardest working of all activists. I do think a lot of projects are considered silly, alienating, and contradictory in most people's minds. Finally, if these people aren't nationalists, and we don't support them, that might be weird.

Finally, if these people aren't nationalists, and we don't support them, we are hypocrites.

That all makes sense.

Are you the same person who a minute ago was accusing us all of being rich kid art fag capitalists? If so, I'm glad you dropped that line, although I hope you understand now why it struck me as so dangerous. If not, sorry to mix you up.

you. are. a. monster!!!

It's true. I am the cookie monster.

that video just single handily raised me out of a deep sadness, good things do happen on this website.

I'm not that person, but Maoists only support armed struggle in the third world from the safety of their first-world arm-chairs... and they lack the critique of hierarchy and other shit that anarchists do.

Put to your post, it's not the appropriate strategy in most countries today, but there's no reason to rule it out in the distant future... in which case we need significant parts of the military to either defect or at least stand aside.

the most militant in the anarchist movement definitely arent just selling books and fantasies. ever heard of the G20 or WTO or basically any protest that anarchists have been in???

your obviously full of calling libertarian left, libertarian is right wing anti government

DGR or die?

Leather Underground!

Did a pile of searching on these guys, and didn't turn out much, other than that their leader had been a page at a Republican convention. Take from that what you will...

So what's their program after Obama is overthrown? Universal self-determination? Social equality, mutual aid and support? Don't make me laugh.

It's no doubt more of the same, torture, lack of the rule of law, intensification of the dictatorship of capitalismo. More power for those who already have too much.

And I'll bet $6,000,000 that all these domestic terrerists are white boys with small johnson issues.

Never fear Comrades; I've organized a Deleuze Reading Group, so that we can attack everyone with our armchairs!

jesus, you're slime.

oh yes, becoming slimier all the time.

bet the person who entrapped those Cleveland kids made similar comments

or maybe i'm someone just like you- who enjoys theory and reading groups. can i crack a joke in this place?

No, this is a atmosphere of terror and fear created for specific purposes.

this group had a leader. probably not anarchist.

My guess is that the alleged anarchist connection is an invention of the authorities because they were too inept to get any real anarchists to agree to an entrapment plot for the RNC. Georgia was the closest connection they could make to Tampa? Coincidence that this story came out on the same day as the beginning of the convention? While there's no direct tie alleged, readers are encouraged to draw their own lines.

Woah. Good call.

I agree.


We don't know anything about these dudes. Remember when people were saying Ariel worked for the Democrats so blah blah blah?

Reserve judgement fools.

This is it! The media/government public disinformation and internal COINTELPROx1000 campaign has destroyed our movement!
If we stay in our armchairs in our secret bunkers and write analysis we're just weak pussy art fags and o dfjkdl!!!sdjk sdl

there's no more time to waste, comrades! Just come with me to this shed over here...yes, now take these backpacks, go to that radio tower and text "aokitotaldestroy" to 1800notfbi0. It's the only way!!!!!!! Unless you want to be a latte drinking trust funder and no one will think you're cool!

no, but seriously, fuck this panopticon. i'm out!

I already get laid with my anarchism without being "martyred" by FBI handlers?

Well hey look at it like this, it's either rise up and fight back now or lay down and forever be slaves...which one do you choose?

just stop.

Just shut up and go back to watching CNN and MSNBC...I'm sure you enjoy you're Mickey D's as well while watching it.

Fucking moron hahahahahaha...get out of here.

My guess is that you are either a troll coming from the Rush Limbaugh fan site or a Cop. You are not welcomed.

My guess is that you are 14. Fuck you for making me feel old.

Hakim Bey?

Well you're guess is wayyyyyyyyy off so look at you making yourself look even more dumber. Go back to sleep pal and head to the voting booths, I'm sure Obama is waiting for you to vote for him there like you probally did in the last election, bet you even feel real proud like you done something thinking change is going to come now from it hahahahahahaha, you are probally some 37 year old Occupussie loser coming on here to bash us all, thinking you are accomplishing something from it all. You fucking weak, simple minded dumb ass hahahahahahahahaha...You got scrambled eggs for brains. hahahahahahaha...

scrambled eggs? oooohhhhhh!!!!! those are fighting words. You got grapes for eyes!

Some of the questions this article can pose are; how much of this "anarchist" plot is used to ferret out ani-autoritarians, inserectionists, and anarchists among the military? Were any informants involved? If there is this particular group F.E.A.R. among current and former military, are there then, possibly also others in the military with similar thoughts? How then could there be "anarchists" from within the mlilitary or from the streets of the cities, or the jails and detention centers, or of the woods and the deserts, find some kind of form of solidarity, a language of critique, and many dreams of a discordant harmony?


Why is everyone who is not with you're shit a provacatues?
smh...maybe you are just some Occupussie dumb ass who loves and protects these corporations and government thinking change is going to come from holding up signs and chanting...

YOU ARE A DUMB FUCKING LOSER PAL! hahahahahahahaha...

Here is you're successful outcome from what you guys are doing hahahaha, check out these wonderful pictures...you guys are good in the sense of tactics and taking back for you're freedoms, bet its working out A-O-KAY... *SARCASM*



This website had a dedicated group of loyal trolls and bitter old circlejerking curmudgeons long before that occupy crap came along ...

Because the FBI is clearly stepping up repression against anarchists, and one key aspect of that strategy is the use of undercovers to entrap people, as happened in Cleveland. If the dumbasses arguing that people should start using the tactics the FBI promotes aren't actually getting paid by the FBI, they should be.

another tactic is badjacketing.


White boys, small johnsons.

The leader wasn't white. For some reason his mug shot makes him look super white though.

what ethnicity is he of then?

military morons, alex jones idiots, fox news terrified racists, whatever you want to call them, they are dumbasses who killed 2 random people and are pretty much scumbags.

not anarchists at all.

It wasn't two "random" people they killed, they were members of the group who, it was feared, were going to leave and expose the group.

I'm not saying I'm down with these guys, there's just too little information at this point. But it does kinda bring up an important aspect of militant group tactics which we should probably talk about if we're even thinking of considering such tactics.

Fuck you you fucking cop there is no "we" here. You fucking pig rot in hell.

You fucking douches are spending your time and people's tax dollars always making up that kind of completely dumb theories. Like with the whole "Pedobear" threat that some Police department took seriously.

You are the scum of the Earth and the only reason you're doing this is because you are State parasites, backed, paid, and covered-up by Daddy/Mommy the Government. YOU are a stupid dog, nothing else than that.

You should start to read about anarchy and anarchist movement before barfing such idiotic comments.

Pacific Islander. There's a pic of him working at the GOP convention in 2008 where he looks a lot darker. http://gawker.com/5938288/leader-of-army-plot-to-assassinate-obama-appar...

Pacific islander my ass. That dudes a fucking Italian.

what's wrong with Italians?

the fact that he worked as a page boy at the 2008 RNC gives more evidence that these goofs are right-wing militia and not anarchists.

If they can take out a warrior like Qaddafi, they can take our your Bumblefuck County peashooter militia. But I guess that's no reason not to try. ;)

^^now THAT'S a cop^^

Seriously ... all these losers actually did was murder two of their own people in cold blood and then there's a truckload of allegations and conjecture about what they *planned* to do, which is always the case with the groups of halfwits that get trotted out by the feds as justification for their bloated counter-terrorism budgets. Hey pigs? Kill yourselves?

how is this not the logical outcome of all the
"how do we find each other?" / affinity group organizing - "identity polx" + "snithces-get-stithces" machism
equation pushed facelessly by online insurrecto nutzos?

this is it. this is what it looks like. the ideas that some anarchists have been pushing anonymously are wrong -- we can't get angry when people fail to put them through the IRL-anarchist-milieux decoder ring matrix and realize that it's not *actually* about plotting to take over forts and shooting your friends when they want to bail. because that's what some of the crazy posturing shit does come across as.

now hopefully more facts come out and we get to disown these dorks, but sooner or later some moron on the more random end of the a-news commenter spectrum is gonna arm his desire and make total destroy of a bunch of sheeple in a movie screening

sorry but the tired lines about rejecting both pacifism and guerillism, preparing to use defensive violence but not allowing it to shape or change us, were the result of like 150 yrs of hard lessons and shouldn't be thrown out based on frustration and novelty fetish. and yes we can "attack" before we have become mass but we have to put some thought into what that "attack" is at that stage & in a core social control zone, not just unimaginatively mimic action movie scenarios where if we can just pew-pew-pew at the thermal exhaust the whole death star'll bloom.

> how is this not the logical outcome of all the "how do we find each other?" / affinity group organizing - "identity polx" + "snithces-get-stithces" machism equation pushed facelessly by online insurrecto nutzos?

Well, for starters, most insurrectionists I know of are aware of that little tenet where the tactics you use should be easily reproducible by society, which is why insurrectionists are not Maoist urban guerrilla cadres or whatever. In fact I'm pretty sure I've read insurrectionist writings that explicitly reject shit like underground armed struggle groups (Weather Underground, Red Army Faction, etc) as revolutionary praxis.

So, I agree with your sentiment (posturing is dangerous, taking ideas to logical extremes without regard for the context in which they happen is dangerous, anarchists should learn lessons from the grand DOs & DON'Ts list of history), but I don't agree with your math.

Wow, all the Maoists I know only want third world struggle of the peasants, not urban first worlders. Good post but I still have no problem with snitches get stitches.

I think this would be the "logical outcome" if you arrived at the conclusions of insurrectionism based on a steady diet of action movies and related spectacle but were otherwise totally ignorant of the history of militant radicalism over the last 50-75 years.

I like to eat Apple Jacks. Let's hope they put some Marshmallow's in the new Apple Jacks coming out. :) Yeah!

This whole article sounds like FBI troll bait.


Anarchists are NOT for Coup d'État and shooting a POTUS, no matter how shitty he'll be, fer mom's sake! Anarchists are anti-authoritarian and against the State ALTOGETHER.

Even if they would have shot Obama, in 1 out a 1 000 000 000 000 chances, what the fuck would it have accomplished for anarchy???

They'll just get another guy in the Oval Office, and call out for a fucking official Martial Law, and put the entire anarchist movement in theses FEMA camps, damnit!

Fucking cryoto-fascist anarcho-bozos. THere was the bridge-bombing plot, then this. What's next, anarcho-nukes found in Manhattan's subway?

Fuck you, FBI. You're a bunch of cowardly douchebag that make a profession out of self-hatred.

AGREE! Nice post comrade...

Wow.... So you argue over who's more of an anarchist? A term of such ambiguity that it
bends to shape the tongue of it's user. Shoot
me , now!

Wow, i was always skeptical that their were a shit ton of cops trolling anews until i saw all this mess.

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