Anarchist place (Steki) of self-organized collectives of anarchist immigrants

From Act for Freedom! (Athens, Greece)

Today 17 July 19, we the self-organized collective of anarchist immigrants together with other self-organized collectives and individuals in solidarity occupied an abandoned shop at the corner of Tsamadou/Tositsa streets, Exarchia.

Our goals to use this steki as the self-organized collective of anarchist immigrants are:
1- a centre of struggle for anarchist immigrants
2- self-organizing immigrants for common struggle and building relations between the immigrant communities and the movement
3- a collective cafeteria in solidarity with political prisoners
4- education activity

Our opinions on the identity of squat:

A- the squat is not the goal of struggle but is the tool of struggle, which means: the struggle should happen in the street and the squat is a help to organize the social struggles which should happen in the street.

B- the squat should be a social open space, creating open activity for society. For example: open education classes etc…

C- the steki of self-organized anarchist immigrants will not be a housing project. In our opinion: it is not a project to occupy a space for housing. Housing by squatting a place is only a project when the squat is a social political space and is active for struggle in the neighbourhood and other areas.

D- in the squat decisions should be taken in the collective way and the assemblies should be with no authority or hierarchical situation.
In reference to our opinion on squatting, we are struggling to SQUAT THE WORLD.

Since the puppet of the greek regime “NEO DEMOCRATIA” have said: they will clean up Exarchia, so our steki as the first occupation since the existence of the new government is a big political slap in the face for them. With reference to the opinion of our injured comrade: even if you massacre all of us, you can’t destroy resistance and this is not a personal point but is our collective point of view.
self-organized collective of anarchist immigrants 17 July 2019


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