Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Blamed for Sabotage Campaign

  • Posted on: 14 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Swain</a>

In September 2012, copies of a "resistance manual" and flyers promoting "a joyous class war" and sabotage within the prison appeared within Mansfield Correctional Institution (ManCI). According to a conduct report filed against alleged leaders, these materials "instruct inmates to bring the prison system to the brink" by engaging in a wide range of activities. The flyers were distributed by a group calling themselves the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, a reference to a 1990's science fiction film.

The flyers promote three types of activities. First, wasting resources: "run electrical appliance and flush sink water all day" and "demand all food, clothes and medical/dental you are entitled to". Second, damaging prison property: "break machines in the kitchen and OPI... pour salt water in staff computers... cut phone and computer lines... put gum, paperclips, and staples in door locks". Third, broader organizing calls: "gang members to unite against our common enemy" and "steal, sabotage, organize, strike, resist".</td><td><img title="waste. damage. unite." src=""></td></tr><...

On September 19, three inmates were searched as suspected leaders of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Searching Leslie Dillion and James Dzelajiljia's cells allegedly uncovered original documents used to make copies and drafts of further writings. The prison authorities also took a copy of "Errico Malatesta, His Life & Ideas" into evidence from Dzelajiljia's cell. In Sean Swain's cell, they did not find anything related to the 12 Monkeys. Instead, they took a copy of a recent article Swain wrote opposing the ODRC's privatization of inmate accounts into evidence. Swain had sent the article to outside supporters for posting on This essay does not mention prison sabotage or the "army of the twelve monkeys" but was taken into evidence because, according to the conduct report, it has "wording and ideologies that matched the 12 Monkey resistance movement". Swain also has a tattoo inspired by the science fiction movie that inspired the logo for the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

While held in segregation under investigation, the prison administrators opened the prisoners' outgoing mail to seek further evidence. They allegedly found Dillion and Dzelajiljia sending letters written under pseudonyms of the 12 Monkeys, but no such letters by Sean Swain. Instead they mis-characterized an intercepted article for posting that merely described the situation and activities of the Army of the 12 Monkeys as a confession.

Dillion and Dzelajiljia are still awaiting a rules infraction board hearing, but Sean Swain has been found guilty. Swain was not allowed to question the investigator at the hearing. He denies having any connection or ideological affinity with the Army of the 12 Monkeys. He describes himself as an anarchist and a "neolithic indiginist" and the 12 Monkeys as a Maoist organization, who never use the word "anarchy". Swain insists he has actually been targeted because of his opposition to JPay. In the article Swain described how the ODRC released private information of all prisoner visitors, and created additional fees when they hired JPay to administer inmate funds accounts. He characterizes this deal as a "get-rich scheme" to benefit ODRC Director Gary Mohr's "Florida golf buddies".

From September 19th - 21st Sean Swain was held in a suicide cell, with no pen, heat, shower, toothbrush or bed. From the 25th until the present he has been in administrative control while under investigation. His incoming mail has been delayed, monitored and withheld. His, Dillon and Dzelajiljia's outgoing mail has been opened and tampered with. They have been denied access to basic commissary, reading and writing materials, and other necessities they are entitled to while in segregation. During Swain, Dillon and Dzelajiljia's time in segregation, 12 Monkeys activities continued among the general population.

The Rules Infraction Board's conduct report admits that they have no evidence of Swain participating in, promoting, or writing for the Army of the 12 Monkeys. They have found him guilty based exclusively on an alleged "ideological affinity". They have found him guilty of being a neolithic indiginist, a religious belief system that has been approved by the ODRC who granted Swain a religious practice exemption. Swain is appealing the decision on the basis that it does not meet the Rules Infraction Board's very low "some evidence" standard. He is looking for a new lawyer, as the counsel he had hired only met with him once and offered no real assistance during the investigation. Descriptions of this experience in Swain's own words can be found online at


Mad love brother

The State started the war. Sean Swain intends to finish it.

interesting stuff.

i know this is serious but "Army of the 12 Monkeys" versus "the Rules Infraction Board...." i mean, how can anyone not be an anarchist?!

And that's why sending us to prison won't do shit, we're just as effective there as here.

no argument there...

Yea man sounds like you have some real experience with being incarcerated...

maybe they meant "just as INeffective"?

Prisons are small fascist societies existing among our own.

Counting the days it will take to build an army of the 12 monkeys: a band of rebels, drop-outs and junkies. Better get seal team six to try and stop me.

i;m sry but i could have sworn you just said you're forming an army out of junkies? is everyone on this thread insane?

Not op but I think its a lyric from a song. And I think the actual lyric is "flunkies" not junkies.

The lawyer thing: Yeah, they suck.

Everyone's heard the old adage, a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Naturally, attorneys are very fond of this saying. A little know statistic, however, belies this old sop. It also raises more questions than it answers. But, statistically, those who represent themselves have a higher rate of prevailing than those represented by attorneys.

The numbers aren't broken down into civil vs. criminal or felony vs. misdemeanor or anything like that. Nor are they broken down into court appointed vs. private counsel. Still, what this says is having an attorney is, essentially, WORSE THAN HAVING NO ATTORNEY AT ALL! Attorneys are part of the system, officers of the court. There is always an inherent conflict of interest between an attorney and a client. The old Spanish proverb is: It's better to be a mouse in a cat's mouth than a client in the hands of an attorney.

That's not to say any ruling before the kangaroo court of a prison hearing board isn't preordained. It is. Clarence Darrow couldn't get any justice before such a panel. Justice isn't their mission. Terror and control is their mission. Do NOT feed the lawyers, no matter how cute they may be.

Imagine going to a doctor because something's ailing you. After a series of tests, the doctor has some bad news. You have cancer--a very pernicious type often fatal. But, the doc goes on, the good news is the clinic sells a pill which may cure you--a very expensive pill, naturally. Your mama didn't raise any fools. You do your homework. You discover testing has revealed those who take the pill have a LOWER survival rate than those who don't. Now...would you buy the pill?

There's all kinds of hype promoted by the bar about how lawyers will save you. Don't buy it. You're feeding the system when you do. They're an illusion intended to snooker victims into believing they have a shot at justice. YOU are intimately familiar with the facts of your case. Attorneys are too greedy and lazy to take the time to learn that. They have other clients. Like a dentist with 6 patients sitting in a chairs in separate rooms, the lawyer can't/won't spend the time with you to properly get the job done. Irremedial malpractice is virtually certain, malpractice for which the bar and courts will not compensate you. Lawyers are scavengers who feed off the dying bodies of their clients. And, they're worse than worthless. Read excerpts from Patty Hearst's story of her pricey defense attorney when money was no object, F. Lee Bailey. Represent yourself.

"Like a dentist with 6 patients sitting in a chairs in separate rooms, the lawyer can't/won't spend the time with you to properly get the job done."

A line like this makes me question if the commenter has ever even been to the dentist.

This is basically the worst advice I've ever read online. I'm sure those who don't have lawyers are able to file pitchess motions to get cop records, demurs to get complaints amended, quash warrants and they definitely know the laws surrounding their case backwards and forwards.

Everything about this post screams that you have never been up on charges. Do lawyers suck? Yeah, in general they do, especially public defenders, but if you're facing real jail/prison time, get a lawyer.

It depends on whether you're in jail or not during the trial. If you're in jail you definitely need a lawyer. If you're out, maybe you could do it all without depending on what kind of person you are (that's the hidden part of the "statistic" the original poster gave).

In either case, insist (repeatedly) on having a copy of your discovery packet and definitely speak up for yourself in court. Having a lawyer, doesn't mean that all you can do in court is answer questions. At any point, you can ask to speak on your own behalf.

So much fucking cooler than a V mask....

Sean Swain+Fidel Castro would have made a great Gov/Lt Gov of Ohio campaign

Anarchists and other anti-state peoples who are looking for the support of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, should look no further than Sean Swain, Zapatista Party candidate for Governor of Ohio.

Sean Swain "supports arming the homeless."

I've thought about buying abunch of guns for the homeless in my city. This one homeless guy I know gets really drunk/huffs paint and goes off on the Illuminati bankers ( I think he's talking about jewish people) and their black helicopters that control his mind with Bill Cosby, Jello pudding pops, and evil homosexuals. Imagine if I gave that guy an AK-47 machine gun and he took out all his enemies.

ok, not ALL the homeless, just trusted people - same as anyone else

yeah, because all homeless people are raving schizophrenic caricatures, none of them are unemployed or displaced workers and their families living in their cars or squatting in foreclosed homes or anything like that. igtt 0

Look, I understand that Sean's politics have been found lacking. His "anarchism" is dubious. But let's draw a clear line between political criticism and trolling. Y'all are trolling.

If you have a criticism of Sean's anarchism, write him a letter, struggle with him, send him an article or a book. If you don't do that but instead post a comment about it on a-news, then fuck you.

Write to Sean:
Sean Swain 243-205
P.O. Box 788
Mansfield, OH 44901

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