Anarchist Reportback On NC Latin Kings Pre-Trial Hearing

  • Posted on: 11 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">ALKQN Support</a>

Tuesday, October 9th we had the pleasure of seeing our dear friends and co-defendants of the struggle. The motions hearing went as well as could be expected with small victories hear and there. There seems to have been some shake ups and confusions regarding law, being a lawyer, and doing “go work” on both sides of the bench.

At the beginning of the hearing one co-defendant was severed from the case due to his lawyers’ inability of being a proficient lawyer. This attorney admitted to having never visited her client, she did not even attempt to contact her client or comprehend the seriousness of working on such a case, and was finally allowed off the case, thus severing one co-defendant. The situation now is that we have seven co-defendants going into trial.</td><td><img title="GJ at hacking -the system-" src=""></td></tr><...
As the hearing continued on several motions were heard and discussed back and forth. One motion, challenging claims made by: US Attorneys, FBI, Guilford County Sheriffs, Greensboro Police Department, and Informant(s) of the existence of audio on conversations in December of 2009 was heard after a 15 minute recess due to the prosecution having to go find the material needed to back up their claim to audio evidence. Turns out that police and federal agents are having a hard time knowing the specifics of the conversation, when the conversation took place, and seem confused about whether said conversation was recorded or the evidence just being some written statement by someone…

For having several government agencies spying on our dear friends over the years, the prosecution does not seem to know the specifics of several alleged “overt acts” and when challenged to produce evidence the prosecution began to wave around pieces of paper, in a manner to convince themselves more so than the rest of us, claiming to have evidence.

Parts of other motions were allowed, some denied, and other parts would be raised when relevant.

Jury selection begins next week.

Trial starts Monday October 22, 2012.

Thank you all who showed your support and having the strength to stand up against power!

All co-defendants have been transferred to Forsyth County Detention Center in Winston Salem.

<strong>Jorge Peter Cornell</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Russell Lloyd Kilfoil</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Randolph Leif Kilfoil</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Samuel Isaac Velasquez</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Irvin Vasquez</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Carlos Coleman</strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

<strong>Ernesto Wilson </strong>

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101


What is the relationship between Anarchists and the Latin Kings ? I just read about the Latin Kings and most articles talked about the Latin Kings being a very hierarchical organization.

"The Latin Kings have a hierarchical organizational structure: they have numerous "chapters" or "tribes" across the country,[9] which adhere to a regional, state, and a national system. Officers (Inca, Casique and Enforcer) are supported by a "Crown Council" of seven members which set rules and regulations and holds disciplinary hearings. The hierarchy leads to regional officers and ultimately to the Supreme Inca ruler based in Chicago. The head (or heads) of the entire criminal organization are known as "Coronas" (crowns in English). One retired detective said "When you compare them to other street gangs like the Bloods and the Crips, none compare to the organization of the Latin Kings.""

Also, there is a separate group of Latin Queens. All this racial and gender separatist ideas sounds very unusual for an Anarchist like myself.

So this comment is written from someone who has worked directly with some of these men facing charges. This is a relationship between the Latin Kings in NC and some anarchists in NC. The Latin Kings here have done work with trying to get peace treaties between street organizations and anti-police activism, including getting the gang unit disbanded in Greensboro. Anarchists have also protested with Latin Kings against solitary confinement in NC. Read about that here:
So there is a lot of common cause with some Latin Kings around struggles against police, prisons and organizing street organizations. You can see a great example of that in the life of King Blaze:
I'm not trying to universalize the Latin Kings, but the ones here are solid, and have been taken down on a federal level, because they have succeeded in combating local Greensboro PD for a long ass time. Check out this 26 minute video about jorge cornell from 2009 that will contextualize the efforts of the NC Latin Kings if you want a bit more info. Thank You for expressing interest in their case and for this opportunity to clarify why anarchists in NC and Latin Kings in NC work together and have each others backs.

who knew partnering with violent hispanic street gang that is deeply patriarchal and sexist was such a good* idea

*horrible what the fuck are you thinking

^^^^Troll!I'm sorry, when did anarchists become pacifists? So these guys are patriarchal AND sexist? Cool story bro.

Anarchism takes work. Its not a 1,2,3, solution to all of lifes problems. My ex was sexually assaulted by a group of Latin Kings. I hope they burn in hell but to turn your back on repentance is to just blindly say "fuck hope."

yeah, this reminds me of "anarchists" who support the Black Panther Party or the Black Riders Liberation Party...why so much energy towards these authoritarian groups like these when there are anti-authoritarians Anarchists who are being harassed by the authorities.

If I remember correctly it was the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army, who had piles of zines about the MOVE organization and the MOVE 9 out of Philadelphia. The MOVE organization had very heterosexist, misogynistic views combined with very hierarchical, cult of personality style around John Africa.

Probably the same people defending this Latin KINGS group....

See my previous comment about why some anarchists in NC work with some Latin Kings. The people defending move also defend anarchist pows as well. I pray that you also support our anarchist pows and your not using them to win a stupid argument.

That is one of the less offensive things MRPA supports.

IGTT 3/10

I have have had no formal contact with this group but can see the good in working in solidarity with them. Basically, unless you're a platformist, then solidarity means sometimes working with folks who's politics aren't quite the same as yours in order to achieve a significantly worthy enough goal. If the relationship is a good one then autonomy is maintained, but there is room for both "parties" (so to speak) to learn from one another. Believe it or not there are things that non-anarchists know how to do better than anarchists (and vice-versa).

I do however find it interesting that this article got posted, while an article about social and political organizations in mexico (including anarchist ones) deciding to organize for a no-time-limit national strike until the president is ousted did not....

There are definitely things that non-Anarchists know how to do better than anarchists...they're way better at fostering cults of personality and hierarchical structures (Latin Kings, Black Panther Party, Black Riders Liberation Party (special guests of 2012 Anarchist gathering in Los Angeles), Deep Green Resistance, and the MOVE organization.

Derrick Jensen for President of a Directly Democratic United States of America !

Lierre Keith for Field General, of course.

Oh yeah, I forgot, we're the best at everything good. The anarchist community is spotless; and in fact we've already won as a result. We sure as shit have beat the EZLN when it comes to taking and holding territory and building a vast non-electoral political network, for example. And we've totally done waaaay more to improve the quality of life for black folks, Latin@s and Chican@s, Native Americans etc. etc. than their own "national liberation movements" have, in spades.

Yup, pretty much we've bested everyone on everything, and not at all ever been hierarchical or oppressive while doing it. Let's just kick up our feet and pat ourselves on the back for our mind-blowingly awesome good work.

... Seriously though, I actually do love us and we've done some really good shit. I think our analysis has some crucial insights that are legitimately bad-ass, even indispensable. But if we think that as a result of this we somehow tower over other movements which have actually had a much greater impact on more peoples lives, then we'll just be laughed at for being the arrogant self-centered kids that we sometimes act like. Humility in politics is sometimes necessary. We can offer serious critiques of organizational structures that we take issue with and hold our ground on important issues, but we have to do this within the context of recognizing our honestly still marginal position, and our serious short-comings.


This is interesting. How many Anarchists are there actually in the world ? If I took your comment at face value, I would assume hundreds of millions of Anarchists. If that were true, then your statement would have much truth to it.

But there are not hundreds of millions of Anarchists around the world. There's not that many Anarchists in the world period. Overall, most people who identify as Anarchist are usually just punk rockers and outsider types who don't even know what to call themselves.

Poke a self-identified "Anarchist" often enough and you'll get a Green Party, Democrat, Libertarian Republican/Ron Paul worshiper, Deep Ecologist, troskyist, maoist, passive nihilist (not active nihilist), satanist, libertarian municipalist, angry liberal/progressive after their candidate for governor has lost, confused hipster, libertarian marxist, or lierre keith fan club/deep green resistance.

Its hard when there's millions upon millions of Marxists, indigenous maoists, and national liberation movement folks.

Derrick Jensen for a Directly Democratic United States of America ! (no war unless a majority of Americans want that war !!!!!!!! )

Lierre Keith for Field General

Deep Green Resistance is like Earth First!, ELF, ALF but with super awesome hierarchy ! (someone needs to lead those stupid, cowardly ELF and ALF people)

YOU not real anarchist! ME real anarchist! lmfao. wow.

please explain how the imperfection of the @ community means partnering up with a violent street gang that is deeply patriarchal and sexist and does lots of fucked up shit to POCs is a good idea. at all

Agree this fucked up gang hierarchy shit escapes pseudo-anarchist perceptions.

Y'all are talking about abstractions and your preconceived notions divorced from anti-prison strategy and analysis. As well as the on the ground reality of the context in Greensboro and NC in general. Please see previous comments towards the beginning of this thread about why some anarchists in NC support these men facing life in prison for their anti-police and gang truce work.

Yes, the enemy of my enemy is always my friend.

Hey Troll, that's not what I said. Try responding to what is actually said. Did you even read any of the background information posted in this comment thread?

No, that's not what you said. It's what I said. And it remains true.

you think the enemy of your enemy is always your friend?
OK, the folks supporting the NC Latin Kings don't think that, but if you do, you can see how far it gets you.

It's called sarcasm. S-a-r-c-a-s-m. Know what that is? Apparently not. And you dare to condescend to others? See how far that gets YOU.

So what exactly are you saying then? I'm a bit confused. Care to clarify your point?

The enemy of my enemy is NOT always my friend. Just because the Latin Kings -- well known as patriarchal and homophobic to the nth degree -- are against the things anarchists are against does not mean that anarchists should work with them and pretend that the LKs are not patriarchal and homophobic. Not to mention deny that fact or make excuses for it.

I'm sorry are you talking about the men facing life in prison for their anti-police and gang truce work or are you talking about a bogey man latin king that you don't know? No one is pretending these men are perfect, but we here on the ground actually have working relationships with these men and engage them politically. It is true that the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but that has shit to do with any of the aruments made in favor of these men at the beginning of this thread. We are talking about these men who are facing life in prison, men that we have worked with for years. We will not turn our backs on them while their lives hang in the balance. This is real life not an abstract discussion of theory.

You doth protest too much. If you are so certain of your position, why do you bother discussing it here?

Because I'm dearly worried about my friends and I want to counter the a-news troll tendency that throws shit at everything, just for funsies.

i'm interested in the decision to support individuals vs members of a group. while the LK supporters haven't addressed the specific criticisms of homophobia etc, it seems like the drama comes from the reputation of a group that spans states, vs anarchists who have relationships with particular people (who might be in that group, but are not valued for that affiliation).
even if the prisoners are being targeted by cops because of their group affiliation, that doesn't mean that supporters need to take that on as the or a rallying point...

just wondering.

If this is true -- "Because I'm dearly worried about my friends and I want to counter the a-news troll tendency that throws shit at everything, just for funsies." -- then you are wasting your time.

Cool story bro! Thanks for your concern.

"Because I'm dearly worried about my friends and I want to counter the a-news troll tendency that throws shit at everything, just for funsies."

I'm guessing you "anarchists" at the Chapel Hill Books to Prisoners are not that concerned about homophobia or even transphobia, which I'm sure the Latin Kings are big surprise that many of you are such big Derrick Jensen/Lierre Keith Fan club types.

Its so embarrassing when an "anarchist" theatre group tours around with so much non-anarchist/anti-anarchist zines and material. No wonder why people are so confused about anti-authoritarian anarchist ideas...just stay in the Chapel Hill area with your "revolutionary comrades."

IGTT 2/10

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