Anarchist squats spread in Exarchia

  • Posted on: 28 October 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Ekathimerini

The drastic rise in the number of anarchist squats in abandoned homes in the Exarchia district of Athens is fueling concern among local residents who say police appear unwilling or unable to intervene.

“[Police] told us that they have been informed about the issue and that they are giving time to owners to state, in written form, whether they are for or against the squat, before they intervene,” one local told Kathimerini Thursday.

Residents say the youngsters, who describe themselves as anarchists, are using the squats to spread their anti-establishment rhetoric and that they usually target buildings or homes whose owners have died and there are no claims by beneficiaries, as was the case with a property on Kallidromiou Street last week, which became the latest addition to the growing list of squats.

The house was taken over by a group – which goes by the name of Anarchist Collective for the Reconstruction of the Proletariat – which raised a black flag and a banner that urged “class solidarity and a proletarian counterattack against the state.”

The group distributed flyers Thursday which called local residents to a meeting today. The flyers also explained that they chose Exarchia for their squat because, they said, it was the stage of important political moments in Greek history like the Polytechnic uprising in 1973 and various anti-establishment movements.

Local residents, however, say they are alarmed by the fact that they do not what goes on in the occupied properties, saying that the windows are always shut and the buildings bolted with iron bars.



the problem of putting logical constructs before direct experience.

a world of snitch as control freaks with god complexes.

the complaining parties could squat too. maybe they'd rather have one cop babysitter per household. oh,'s okay if whatever the fuck goes on behind CERTAIN bolted doors and closed windows. goes to show what an incomplete view logical constructs provide.

one gets tired of an endless refrain of we want something different but don't YOU dare try anything new.

*snitch ass

one gets tired of an endless refrain of we want something different but don't YOU dare try anything new.

Yes, like same organized autonomous squatting made in US/Canada, as a breakaway from the endless refrain of anarchist posing and petty vandalism as substitute for any lived experience.

This is a neighborhood of politics, resistance and communal spirit. The first recorded student riot took place here more than a century ago. It was here that students started occupying universities protesting the 1967 dictatorship, and it was here that on November 17, 1973, a tank sent by the military junta to evict the occupation, broke down the gates of the Polytechnic University, crushing students. This was where the military regime signed its own death warrant.

After the restoration of democracy in 1974, Exarchia became home to the emerging left-wing movements, anarchist collectives, intellectuals, activists and, notoriously, urban guerrilla terrorist groups like "November 17", which came straight out of the Exarchia far-left.

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