• Posted on: 3 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=""... Net Daily</a>

Occupy has now officially embraced violent anarchism, declaring such tactics the future of the anti-capitalist movement.

Last month, WND was first to report that Occupy had partnered with anarchy groups to engage in joint “direct action” at May Day.

Now, Adbusters magazine has declared anarchy action “a tactical innovation that suggests the future of Occupy.”

Adbusters has been behind Occupy since the movement’s onset. The radical publication is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after so-called Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.</td><td><img title="What what?" src=""></td></tr></ta...

The Adbusters website serves as one of two central hubs for Occupy’s online planning. Adbusters is funded by the George Soros-financed Tides Center.

In an article titled “Battle for the Soul of Occupy,” the activist magazine notes the “May Day General Strike was a surprising and bold success for the visceral side of the movement,” referring specifically to anarchy groups using what is known as “black bloc” tactics.

Black bloc is a tactic in which protesters wear black clothing, scarves, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding or other face-concealing items. Black bloc anarchists use the concealment to commit violent or illegal acts.

Adbusters criticized Occupy’s collaboration with unions and labor groups as too mild to make progress, while crediting anarchists with taking the Occupy movement to the next stage.

“While most of Occupy put its energy into building coalitions with ‘legacy progressive groups,’” labor unions and immigrant-rights organizations, these efforts did not yield the anticipated results. In New York, for example, despite amassing a coalition of over a hundred organizations and rallying a crowd of more than 30,000, occupiers were thwarted in their attempts to shut down banks or re-occupy Wall Street. And some Zuccottis have complained that union representatives actively blocked an attempt to lead the crowd toward direct action at the end of the night.

“Meanwhile in Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, New Orleans and elsewhere, anarchists using Black Bloc tactics stole the show.”

Abusters stated that “for many, the Black Bloc represents a tactical innovation that suggests the future of Occupy.”

Continued the Soros-funded publication: “And Black Bloc tactics are just one aspect of the overall rejuvenation of anarchism that is happening right now including the increase of infoshops (there are two near Occupy Oakland: The Holdout and The Longhaul); the creation of bottom-up solidarity networks to replace top-down unions; providing free food on the model of Food Not Bombs; offering a compelling DIY aesthetic.”

Abusters declares that “anarchist occupiers are energized and their visceral tactics are attracting members.”

“Now, the power of the Black Bloc is growing within Occupy and pushing the movement in unexpected directions,” the magazine added.

The new directions apparently include at least two thwarted terrorist plots associated with Occupy anarchists.

WND was first to report some of the suspects in a thwarted plot to bomb a bridge just outside Cleveland participated in Occupy events and that one suspect was described by news media in March as an Occupy member.

WND also reported a resident of the Chicago apartment raided by police last week in an alleged terror bust related to the city’s NATO summit is the spokeswoman for Occupy Chicago.

Zoe Sigman claimed in an interview that she was “110 percent sure” the police trumped up claims of confiscating Molotov cocktail equipment in her home as part of a planned attack on President Obama’s Chicago headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home.


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