Anarchist Women Demonstrate Outside Bakırköy Women’s Prison

Anarchist Women Demonstrate Outside Bakırköy Women’s Prison

From Anarchists Worldwide, Istanbul, Turkey

22.11.19: The organization Anarşist Kadınlar / Anarchist Women carried out an action outside the Bakırköy Closed Women’s Prison. They stated that all institutions that protect masculinity should be closed down and that prisons should be shut down, not women.

The anarchist women chanted slogans in front of the prison and released black and purple balloons over the prison wall to announce their presence and to show support to the women held hostage by the patriarchal state on the other side of the wall.

The anarchist women stated that even in prison, the most concrete of places where the male-dominated system holds women captive, women cannot be silenced. The action ended after a statement was read out.

(via Meydan Anarchist Newspaper)


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I saw the movie “Mustang” on netflix and have taken peeks at the turkish soap operas my grandma watches.
i have noticed that the mainstream culture contains many antiquated conservative and regressive patriarchal customs and traditions that are oppressive to women. so while this demo does not appear as rowdy as the recent one in Mexico, they’re certainly very brave, and their statement is just as important in their context.

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