Anarchist Women: "Long Live Freedom, Long Live Anarchism!"

  • Posted on: 1 January 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Anarchist Women attending to the Young Women Conference, in a small village Amara which is in Urfa (Kurdistan), made a speech on the resistance in Kobane, the effect of women on this resistance and women's freedom struggle.

In the conference in which various female organizations from numerous places of Kurdistan, Merve Demir made a speech on behalf of the Anarchist Women. In her speech she pointed out on the violence of state and men on women in daily life. She also gave examples about the struggle of women to this violence. Demir, in her Kurdish speech, stated that the women of YPJ who are resisting in Kobane, are not only resisting to ISIS but also the violence of men and government who oppress women and treat them as invisible.

In her speech Merve Demir said that women can only get free in a new world that they can organize relationships without power and she concluded her speech with the phrase: "Long live freedom! Long live Anarchism!"

After the conference, Anarchist Women went to the small village which is located near the Suruc border and called Mahser and they attended to the remembrance which was organized in the memory of Roboski Massacre. In the meeting that people remembered the thirty four people who were slaughtered by the bombardment of the state, women cursed that massacre and they highly mentioned that they will go on with the struggle.

After the remembrance, Anarchist Women met their comrades who are the members of Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) and have been staying at the Village Mahser since the first days of the Kobane Resistance and they carried the packages which were sent from different places in the purpose of expanding the solidarity to the local storage.

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Solidarity from Chicago

So YPJ admit that their own men are abusive aggressive rapist morons. There you have it, they're fighting innal brutality as well as IS! And now that IS is defeated, the heroic warriors men and their patriarchy will still exist. It seems to me the gals are fighting 2 fronts.


Its nice to see these women fighting patriarchy with love and understanding and not as tools for machismo driven male leaders. Keep up the good work gals !

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