Anarchistnews Podcast 164 – 5.22.20

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TOTW with Ariel and friends, on dying

Editorial by guest Mistral: reforming revolution

1. The Birthday Party – Sonny’s Burning
2. Naked City – Igneous Ejaculation
3. John Fahey – Dance of Death

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Such a substantial editorial, what a treat! Though I must confess that I prefer to read this writing style rather than listen to it. Maybe that's the whole idea, a tease of an upcoming written piece? I appreciate the alliterations "parliamentary parlor tricks" etc., tho uh revolution hurrah? Revolution vs Reform, actually both those things are bad? I dunno, if it gets people cutting pylons and lighting cell phone towers on fire, I guess it makes for more interesting happenings than uh policy.

On other topics, I agree Greg, the lesson is skipping anything that says destituent for me too. But if I skip it, how can I hate on it? How can we be snobbish hipsters and show off about knowing who and what an Agamben is, but just not caring for any it?

Fuck yeah to the 2nd song!

Comments on the TotW discussion:

Is civ a form of long term assisted suicide for all Earth species via short term artificial life support for humanity?

In a way death is taboo in some anarchist circles, those that avoid the nitty gritty discussion of stuff in fear of repression? Mourning expected, ordinary or normalized deaths is not taboo but the many ways you can choose to do stuff that will kill you sooner rather than later. All kinds of stuff that may "stain the reputation of (good) anarchists". "Anarchists are not bomb throwing terrorists, nor thrill seeking adventurists, nor junkies" etc. Epithets singling out these "types"of people, as if exotic beasts that are somehow overdetermined by some contra-natural death-drive, when really they're just living their life. Many others not labeled as such dabble or yearn just as them, the difference in many cases is not that great.

When an action is framed as "suicidal" usually it's said as meaning that you're making the wrong choice. But if all roads lead to death, then the dying part is not the relevant part, but what you do before it even kills you and the (in)significance, consequences and implications of those actions.

When Ariel mentions the "Mother Nature laughs last" I thought of the concept of someone or something greater than you avenging you, vicariously rooting for death or fate as if it was your team, is like a sour grapes re-framing, coping mechanism delusion, but it's the same as being attached to humanity, society, gods, norms, culture to live on for them , as the other person mentioned. The only way some can turn into monsters (at a large scale like a genocidal bureaucrat, or small scale like an ITS bog monster) is by doing such a mental maneuver.

Some need or choose to attach their life to some grand story to give it a more epic dimension, others choose or are satisfied with plainly living. Since death and plagues are part of our plain lives, those of us who are free from superstitions or delusions regarding death, realizing plagues don't necessarily kill those it "should", maybe let's not be so quick to discard pedestrian "parricide" from the things any of us may do any given fateful day. It does not take "an hero" or any vilified other to do so. Even if we're way more prone to say "you go first".

"Some need or choose to attach their life to some grand story to give it a more epic dimension, others choose or are satisfied with plainly living"

Not everyone, tho, has got the privilege to live with the cool kids and have it all. Social isolation was a thing before it became an emergency policy. You'll maybe understand, one day, why these "some" are redefining their lives accordingly to a bigger scheme when you grow out of throwing judgements at ppl and telling what they should do...

When people have given up, they turn to drink, drugs or/anarchism. Escapism basically. I don admire the elites because of their cunning. They even gave us our youth culture... from at least the 50s on. Music and art provided by CIA and MI6 and anarchists still believe punk was a bottom-up movement. Maybe even anarchism has its roots in some underground brotherhood... it wouldn't surprise me because it has archived fuck all but text, podcasts and hot air.

bro wtf are you talking about? MKULTRA is not behind "Sgt pepper & the lonely hearts club band"

The real Paul McCartney died at some point and they replaced him with a lookalike CIA Illuminati reptilian shill on payroll for the robber baron banking globalists, wake up.


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