Anarchists attack a riot police checkpoint in Exarcheia

During the night of 1 September 2019, at about 23:40, anarchists attacked the greek riot police checkpoint into the area of Exarcheia, at the corner of Tositsa and Trikoupi street.

During the night of 1 September 2019, at about 23:40, anarchists attacked the greek riot police checkpoint into the area of Exarcheia, at the corner of Tositsa and Trikoupi street. The attack followed the events of a massive police raid against 4 squats (mainly housing refugees) on Monday 26 August and the consequent arrest of 143 migrants and 3 others. Following the police raid, the neighbourhood of Exarchia has been turned into a “militarized” zone with constant riot police attacks against people in the area and social centers.


To get an idea of the situation in Exarcheia following the riot police operation, on Thursday 29 of August 2019, during a live gig organized by bookshops and book publishing companies, scores of riot policemen suddenly attacked more than a thousand attendees with asphyxiating gas, flash bang grenades, and baton attacks, whilst in the chaos that followed, they attacked “Vox” social center (located on Exarchia Square), smashing its window screen and throwing an asphyxiating gas canister inside its closed spaces, an action that could have had resulted to death. Many people inside and outside were also treated with serious head wounds. Then, on Saturday 31 August, following the afternoon demo seen in the video, riot cops attacked again the concert on its 3d day, led by a riot policeman that had drawn his gun aiming at people while charging, according to witnesses of the events. But that was not the last of it. On Sunday 1 September the Vox social center was attacked by the greek riot police for a third time in just four days.

A big protest against the greek State's terror at the Exarcheia neighbourhood of Athens has been announced for the 14th of September.

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fuckin brave af
damn, they could've been shot

fukin brave as shite, could have been run over by car!
More people die from crossing the road than are shot by police!

Freakin brave as crap, could have fallen off ladder!
More people die from falling off ladders than are killed by police bullets!

Holy crap jesus freakin christ sooo damn brave, more gentle folk die excruciatingly from self-induced colon cancer from the cheap take-away deep fried diet they have eaten their whole lives.
Similar examples of bathos welcome!

That is so freaking bathetic scumlord masterpiece. More people die from malaria in underdeveloped countries than from the entire number of people killed by bullets or explosions in the entire world. Get your priorities in order dood!

more people die from bullets daily than those who can understand and use logic, statistics, and probability properly

Probability is not fact, its a prediction based on odds. So acting on odds is the same as placing a bet on a horse race. The bank always wins, gamblers always lose. It is the bank system that must be abolished, and throwing molotovs does not achieve that goal.

So what you're saying is :---
Holy freakin shit, more people die from throwing molotovs at police than those shot by police who are having molotovs thrown at them. Therefore, losers throw molotovs?

NO! I'm confirming anon 15:16 who started this whole ridiculous thread as being correct when he said -----
"fuckin brave af
damn, they could've been shot"

Everyone knows the actual Le Way their log in back when a news lost all that data.

Those riot cops at the checkpoint should thank their lucky stars they never served in Iraq. Checkpoint attacks during the Iraq War could get really destructive and deadly. A VBIED (car or truck bomb) was often used by a suicide bomber who would simply stop at the checkpoint and detonate, followed by other insurgents who would instantly open fire. Jersey walls used as blast walls only went so far.

The whole insurgency there started up in summer 2003 after a US helicopter accidently blew a flag off a minaret. US occupation troops opened fire on the resulting protest, and it was ON. The insurgency started off with at least some groups working together but quickly evolved into a hornet's nest of competing factions and led ultimately to civil war, the effective defeat of the US occupation, the rise of Daesh, and the desperate war to overthrow Daesh (ISIS) that followed. That fight too involved checkpoints, now in a reversed role with essentially the same tactics except that local people defending themselves were less likely to shit on everyone stopped at a checkpoint. Dealing with Daesh and their VBIED's became a matter of trying to predetonate them before they could get into effective range.

I seriously hope those cops in Greece and their idiot masters don't consider the US occupation of Iraq a viable model for their assault on Exarchia. The people of Greece do NOT need the nightmare the people of Iraq have had to live with ever since 2003.

I don't think the overall context in Athens is intense enough for anything near suicide bombers or even direct bombing attacks. It went close to this around 2010, but what did happen next? Syntagma Square pre-Occupy'ed (pun intended), then masses and masses of liberal Leftists crying about the bailouts in marches. This... as the most fierce radicals were thrown into huge prison sentences, and some others fleeing to safer places. In other words, a momentum has been lost, and let's hope they won't lose this one.

The forces of social pacification are stronger than social destabilization in democracies (Syria, btw, is nowhere near a fucking democracy, but a fascist proto-monarchy). History has yet to show me an example of otherwise.

I'd agree to a point, I think those liberal democratic forces are eroding quickly. After 2007 it was set for a slow fade unless capitalist markets could evolve, they couldn't and then monetary bailouts. Are those forces still strong?

Maybe a neighborhood under occupation is the actual example needed to signify this change. Among others.

The overriding question is what conditions are required for these forces of pacification. Even brits are saying that "they've never seen people so at odds with each other" politically and socially.

I'm not saying it's gonna get better but the definition of worse might be changing. And quickly with the incoming recession/depression

Maybe a neighborhood under occupation is the actual example needed to signify this change. Among others. "

Yes, that'd be great if that happens, but there are more or less small business interests in there that some anarchists didn't seem to wanna challenge. Large-scale occupations the size of a neighborhood can get problematic as you'll likely end up with contradictory elements (like not just the capitalists there are in Exarkhia, but also the Left fascists). So since you can't kick out everyone you don't agree with from that area, what's to be done? This is why the best option, if you want more than just occupied buildings, is an autonomous village. The funny part is that Greece is filled with partly empty villages, especially in the islands, that could be occupied and reorganized in a way as to be sustainable.

The "forces of pacification" I'm referring to are mostly economic, more than what we commonly understand as the "reformists" or whatever. I've seen many anarchos over the last few years who carried on through trendy small businesses. By now I suppose their ideas got all dissolved into a kind of liberalism, and to have major riots happening here again would be either some hypocrite shit (like protesters going after the old infamous rich neighborhoods), or some interesting mess where anarchos attack their own jobs, or even businesses. Both are unlikely and not too relevant to think of really... as riots have proven to not be a primary course of action anarchists should invest serious stakes into. A lasting, sustainable long-term opposition to capital (sorry for sounding like a marxian, but that's what it is, under the curtain). Quit that game of Power, and instead build your individual and collective strength. This is a society of lazy cowards.... cunning, yet weak. Being "SSSHHHTRONK" is what scares power, and what makes you live better and longer.

...but in the last comment above I wasn't referring to Athens in that third paragraph, but to a Western rich city.

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