The Anarchists Episode #6: Syrian Chemical Attack, Lenin's Equador, and Special Guest

  • Posted on: 12 April 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

In this episodes, we discuss the recent article; On Folk Politics, or, Why the Left Can't Win, but first we go through the recent chemical attack in Syria and the election of a man named Lenin in Equador. We promise we're not tankies.

We have a guest this episode...the author of "On Folk Politics" Matt Thompson!



The president elect in Ecuador has called for Julian Assange to stop meddling in the politics of Ecuador's allies. - Ecuador uses the US dollar as their currency and hosts two DEA offices there.

why is there so much discussion about electoral politics on this podcast?

also... Marx was an anarchist? hello?

Rebel here...since we are an international, and kinda spread out group, electoral politics are something that is visible to all of us. Also, since we are a newer podcast, it is something that is a bit easier to wet our feet with as we develop. I'm not a fan of electoral politics personally, and have already committed to trying to break away from them in future discussion.

"We promise we're not tankies." So was that a politician's promise, or why I'm even asking, politician?

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