Anarchists fail in Chicago but succeed in suburb during NATO 2012

  • Posted on: 24 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Times</a>

During the Chicago NATO 2012 weekend, most of the attention was focused on protesters and police. The city itself received a great deal of attention. Little attention was focused on the substance of the meetings.

For almost two days one story barely made the news. It is a story about freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. It is a tale of violence. It is a saga involving anarchists who came from out of state to create mayhem and violence. It is about a group of people who may be white supremacists. It involves a popular, long-established family style restaurant.

The story begins in Tinley Park, a suburb about forty miles southwest of downtown Chicago. It is far enough away from downtown to be ignored by the media, who spent the week concerned with the bathing habits of protesters and anarchists in Chicago. </td><td><img title="Because these meetings are all pro forma, as are the protests, as is the narrative. How do marginalize the beating of Nazis?" src=""></td></tr></t...

The Ashford House is a popular Irish restaurant whose clientele includes families of all generations. On Saturday afternoon, while hundreds of protesters and media were on the street where Mayor Emanuel lives, a group of about 12-15 people arrived for a luncheon meeting. They had a reservation for 20. They were members of the Illinois European Heritage Association.

Shortly after arriving, the group was violently assaulted by several masked, black-clad attackers wielding clubs and hammers. A melee ensued of a kind and on a scale never before seen in this quiet family establishment. The victims of the attack defended themselves with chairs. One of the weapons left behind was described as a railroad hammer with a 24-inch handle.

After the assault, the black-clad, masked offenders fled the scene. Police apprehended some of them shortly after the assault. Five Indiana men have been charged and police are searching for 13 more.

What could have caused this brutal attack in the normal quiet leafy suburb of Tinley Park?

The victims of the attack are alleged to be White Supremacists. The black-clad masked avengers are alleged to be from the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM). HARM is part of the Anti-racist Action Network (ARAN).

ARAN is described as a violent, anarchist, anti-racist organization. According to various sources and reports, groups in the network follow the doings of supremacist groups and show up anyplace where they meet in public to disrupt or attack them. “Where they go we go.”

The network evolved from groups of anarchist, punk rock, and anti-fascist skinhead movements. A revolutionary anarchist group, Love and Rage, helped them build a network in various states.

They have been known to use covert surveillance of various supremacist groups and individuals in order to attack them or prevent them from holding events. They also follow supremacist groups through their websites and show up at events to create havoc and mayhem.

Evidently the anti-racists do not care about the United States Constitution, which guarantees the freedoms of speech, press, expression and assembly. They also do not care that even uncomfortable, tasteless, or outrageous expression and speech are protected.

Like many left-wing movements, they believe the Constitution only applies to them, especially when they protest, confront authorities, and create havoc and mayhem.

The anti-racists are the same as the violent racists. Instead of white hoods, dressing gowns, burning crosses, guns and nooses, the anti-racists don black clothing and masks while wielding hammers and clubs.

They engage in preemptive violence.

While sporadic minor violence barely simmered between masses of people and police on the streets of Chicago, real, hardcore, violent protest was acted out in a quiet leafy suburb forty miles away.

This was a senseless violent attack on people who were doing nothing worse than meeting for lunch. Even if they were a supremacist group, they were not engaged in any expressive, oppressive or repressive activity.

This attack was violence for the sake of violence. No matter how you sugar coat it, the folks from the anti-racist network violently attacked a group of peaceful diners just because they could. They are criminals and thugs.

Violence, especially pre-emptive violence, as an expression of political speech is extremely dangerous. It is a form of terrorism.

The NATO 2012 conferees hobnobbed and noshed. The Chicago Police worked long hours under tense conditions. Protesters were plotting, planning, and trying to execute various forms of direct action. Potential political bombers, arsonists, and other violence prone individuals were arrested in Chicago. The media covered it extensively.

In a suburb forty miles away, a brutal vicious attack went almost unnoticed for a couple of days. An attack by the same kind of people who were plotting mayhem, havoc, and chaos in Chicago went off as planned.

It succeeded. Their brethren in Chicago failed. The failures got all the publicity. Go figure.

Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur. He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys. His opinions are his and his alone. Mr. Bella is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society for Professional Journalists.


Damn right we don't care about the Constitution. Why should we? Which part of being against the State did the writer miss?

The writer is a fucking pig, so no doubt that skews his already weak analysis to the point where he can't even talk sense

There's a big difference between a writer who is a fucking pig and a writer who fucks pigs, OK?

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and Grade A dialectician)

No, no, you completely miss the point: the writer is a "fucking pig" as opposed to a celibate or castrated or dis-spirited pig who can no longer function without blue pills. Get it? He's a fucking poor writer too, but tat is completely beside the point.

On my farm, a "fucking pig" is a pig that is good for fucking. Which means all of 'em: theys all good for fucking!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and Master Debater)

"Violence, especially pre-emptive violence, as an expression of political speech is extremely dangerous. It is a form of terrorism."

Does this not make every State that engages in "violence, especially pre-emptive violence" a terrorist state?

My other personal favorite: "Like many left-wing movements, they believe the Constitution only applies to them." This is just fucking funny!

And this nearly conflates attacking white supremacists with terrorism whom themselves could be taken as such. Ohe the irony! Does that make the allied forces in WWII terrorists then? What planet is this pig from?

"Police apprehended some of them shortly after the assault. Five Indiana men have been charged and police are searching for 13 more."

So, getting caught qualifies as success?

Hospitalizing 3 nazis qualifies the success. 2 nazis arrested on felony charges is a large cherry. Getting arrested happens sometimes, but arrest doesn't always equal failure.

Arrest may not always equal failure, but the Chicago ARA ALWAYS gets arrested when they do shit like this. I would qualify repeatedly getting arrested while attempting to do the same thing as failure.

Now tell me, where are the arrestees from again?

dude, the arrestees werent ARA or from Chicago, they were from Indiana and they were from HARM. And actually, most of them were from Bloomington, Indiana which is a good fucking distance from Chicago in southern indiana.

Does it matter where they are from? Any attack on fascists in the Chicagoland area has always resulted in multiple arrests. Engage in your Sisyphean labor if you must, but I just dont think getting arrested every time you want to do something qualifies as success.

On that note, can someone explain what exactly the logic is behind beating up fascists? Seriously not trolling, I just fail to see how beating up Nazis really does anything. I'd rather beat the shit out of bankers or scientists or people that are actually fucking me over, rather than their lower-class counterparts.

Most of the antifa people I know are just pissed off that nazis kicked their ass while they were in prison, and tend to overhype just how important antifa is because of this. Most of the antifa stuff I read barely contains any sort of real critique of the system beyond the usual "capitalism is bad because it exploits us" rhetoric. Let me know when antifa moves past beating up random nazis and setting up punk shows.

i can think of at least 6 instances of fash being smashed in chicago area in past 2 years without ANY arrests. and i live across the country. just because no one cares to tell your loser ass about it doesn't mean it didn't happen moron. the most successful actions

you probably don't know any antifa or anyone who's been in prison.

you can't "move past" something you've never done, you little bitch. go out and beat up a random nazi before talking shit.

if you don't understand why people smash nazis, crack a fucking book or watch an indiana jones movie or something. for crissake.

i can't stand cowards who talk out the side of their mouth because they'd never have what it takes to be antifa.


That critique would be all we needed if we had solidarity and guts. Everything else is masturbation.

I'm not in the anti-fascist scene, but I definitely support what they do, especially when they do it in "leafy suburbs."

Beating up random nazis and organizing punk shows is a great way to mint the radical left some ACTUAL fighters so that when we try to toe the line we don't just get the shit kicked out of us like the hippy liberals. Simple pearls of wisdom that seem to escape the folks who only talk ... stuff like, to be any good in a fight, you have to train and fight on a semi-reg basis. CRAZY notion, I know.

Why not wet your beak on some nazis?

Antifa aren't always anarchist.

I ... didn't say they were? I said the "radical left"

The biggest plus for the antifa movement is that they are, in America at least, one of the only facets of the anarcho world to actually take its goals seriously and honestly, succeed pretty regularly. When Nazis have to hide all their organizing and outrage from public view, the movement has a much worse chance of taking off and expanding. And the fact that some anarchists are winning (not triumphing, but winning) is cool. Yes, if 100 million people became Nazis overnight, the antifa would be very unprepared, but that's part of why they're there. And on the relevance front, it's impossible to know how relevant that work will become. Look at how Nazis and cops have teamed up in Greece against the @s.
The biggest minus is all the anarchist fights to go at 100%, that one is probably one of the least relevant in most people's lives, and certainly less challenging to the powers in place. Unfortunately, I think the cops and politicians of the (mainly firmly Democrat) areas that antifascists are most active either see all the fighting as gang warfare, or maybe two sets of enemies hurting each other with some winding up in jail. That's not a reason to stop, by any means, but it is worth considering. Then again, I'm glad this shit happens, and maybe the antifa should be taken as a message to those of us that find ther affinities, be they creation or attack: there are people out there that want to succeed in their battle. Do you?

"Does it matter where they are from? Any attack on fascists in the Chicagoland area has always resulted in multiple arrests."

I blame this on the policing, not mistakes on the @s/anti-racists parts.... granted I'm sure there are reckless individuals that do get arrested from their own recklessness.... still I know I've been arrested for simply being too out of shape or just making a wrong turn... and I know other people have too.... You still can't discredit an action based on arrests... arrests are almost always made.

Who's got the BATS?

We got the BATS!

Who's got the HAMMERS?

We got the HAMMERS!

Who's got the CLUBS?

We got the CLUBS!

next NATO chant

How about the chant for the DNC Protest in Charlotte, North Carolina in September? C'mon, who here was at Chicago and is gonna meet me in Charlotte in September?

Or in Tampa for the RNC in August. Come on down.

lol nope

thats fucking stupid

one of the nazis was arrested on child pornography charges. Funny the pig doesn't mention that!

"They are criminals and thugs."

Oh you're making me blush!

My Jewish ass applauded this. And ARA in Indiana? Suprised my ass. Whoever wrote this is a fucking moron, and if theyre from Chicago probably an anti-semite. 99 reasons why I left Chicago.

So its awful when Autonomists do it but its cool for the Blues Brothers.

I was wondering how long it would take to get a Blues Brothers reference

ahhhhh, you didn't realize how appropriate the scene actually is:

not just to the article, but to the locale!!

if only they wouldve drove a car into the restaurant and chased them into a river, eh? funny thing is, I've watched this scene from the Blues Brothers a few dozen times before this occurred over the past 2 months.

If you saw any list of Anti-Racist Action chapters you'd see three for the chicago area, one for Chicago North Side, one for Chicago South Side and one for Northwest Indiana (Chicago Metro East). Also, I've been organizing antiracist stuff in indiana since 2006, but over the last year it has really been heating up and stretching further south, making a stronghold in Bloomington.

Baller. Im from that region. Northwest Indiana in particular is a vapid shithole filled to the brim with white trash void of any idealistic ends. Also horribly bigoted, hyper segregated Chicago style, and filled with pissed off Slavic folk who are either post ww2 cray cray, or post Serbian cray cray. My Aunt used to go to counter demos when boneheads used to protest in Skokie. Ive heard there was a chapter in Indiana, this gives me hope.

Theres a really creepy story out of Portland about a Nazi supposedly gathering info on leftists/Anarchists with the possible intention of running to the cops. Interesting fact; he works at a Jewish Daycare.

They also do not care that even uncomfortable, tasteless, or outrageous expression or speech are protected.

"It is about a group of people who may be white supremacists... They were members of the Illinois European Heritage Association."

So they were white supremacists. Probably much like the pig who wrote this. Nice of him to pen his name to it.

pictures or it wasn't real

For those who don't know, the Washington Times newspaper is a hotbed of neo-cons owned by the Moonies. Nothing they publish should ever be taken seriously by anyone to the left of Bill Clinton.

Impeccable pig logic right here.

Pigs are so liberal.

So much love for everyone who busted up the fash in Chicago. Dealing with Nazis right now in a small town and seeing this just made me so much less scared. Thank you.

Chicago NOT a failure, unless the sole goal of the protests was to physically stop the summit. There WERE enough people to do "another Seattle" but not the heavy equipment it would have taken. That would be a shitload of gas masks for everyone, lockboxes for civil disobediance blockades, helmets and shields for the bloc.

Since that sort of heavy equipment was not part of the equation, I conclude that the objective of the protests was to disrupt the summit, make it as expensive as possible, and by so doing create a deterrent to other cities hosting such events. There is no question protesters as a whole achieved that objective.

Since the outcome of any battle is determined by sucess or failure in achieving the objectives brought to the battle, I therefore conclude that Chicago was a victory, however expensive. Beatings and arrests are a measure of the cost, not the outcome, of this battle.

The attack on the Nazis is also clearly a victory for the folks who carried out this master stroke of a covert mission. Most certainly it was not "for the sake of violence" a description better applied to the Nazis and Klan's own philospphy. It is expensive in that the pigs managed to find five of our warriors, but that was after the fact. We won, the Nazis lost big-time. Let's hope the "Klan in Blue" can never find the other 12 heroes who took on the Klan in White!

Chicago was a defeat in the media, but when have we cared about that? Friday and Saturday were unqualified successes, with kettles dodged or smashed through all day.

Thesis on the failure of the Chicago Black Bloc

Revolutionaries need to play red rover more often to train for breaking through police lines.


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