Anarchists Fighting ISIS in Rojava Announce New Formation

  • Posted on: 31 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

From It's Going Down

Today we announce the formation of the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces, an explicitly anarchist, militant group in Rojava seeking to defend the Revolution and advance the cause of anarchism.

The Role of the IRPGF

The International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF) is a militant armed self-organized and horizontal collective working to defend social revolutions around the world, to directly confront capital and the state, and advance the cause of anarchism. We recognize and affirm that principled action necessitates principled politics. We are not a political party or platform but rather an armed collective comprised of comrades with different anarchist positions. The IRPGF’s collective unity manifests itself in the praxis of militant action which we consider a prerequisite for achieving liberation. Our role is twofold; to be an armed force capable of defending liberatory social revolutions around the world while simultaneously being a force capable of insurrection and struggle against all kyriarchal forms of power wherever they exist.

We do not enter conflict zones with intent to command but rather, while retaining our autonomy as a collective, to fight alongside other armed groups in solidarity with those who are oppressed, exploited and facing annihilation. The IRPGF believes collective action, solidarity and unity are necessary for struggle. International solidarity is the most powerful weapon of the oppressed. At the same time we maintain the need for criticism when and where appropriate. (Self)Criticism is not something to be feared. It is to be embraced as the constant source of energy that drives individuals, communities and revolutionary movements towards realizing liberation.

Rocket hits (ph).png

The Need for Armed Struggle

Within movements for liberation an enormous chasm exists between those who deploy peaceful means to confront the enemy and those who defend both their communities and themselves through armed struggle. These dichotomous positions contain within them an inter-sectional network of social positions and identities that reveal their location, context and content. For the IRPGF, peaceful methods are unable to confront and destroy the state, capitalism and all forms of kyriarchal power. In fact, they do the reverse. They protect, embolden and strengthen the enemy, enhancing the forms of oppression against increasingly isolated individuals and divided societies. We believe that our liberation springs forth from the barrel of a gun.

Armed insurrections and rebellions around the world will be carried out to the end. We fight in defense of life and we struggle for total liberation. The nation-state, authority, capital and social hierarchy are the enemies of a liberated world and therefore enemies of us all. While we struggle through self-criticism and collective criticism of our personal and collective internalizations of these oppressive behaviors, attitudes and practices, the external enemies; the bosses, along with their armies and police, must be confronted with bullets, bombs and dynamite. The fires of justice and freedom are cleansing and all consuming. For us, there is no stepping back and no way to achieve liberation except through struggle. Our communities will only be liberated when we destroy those few whose wealth and power depend on the suffering and exploitation of many.

The master does not give the slave freedom simply out of an ethical act of pity, selflessness and love. The slave must achieve their liberation through insurrection, resistance and revolution, using every tool of the master to destroy both the master and their mechanisms and apparatuses of domination and oppression. The yoke of tyranny and its chains of repression cannot withstand the insurrection of the oppressed. We long for the day when swords will be turned into ploughshares, but until that day arrives, if it ever does, we will hold on to our weapons. The IRPGF’s existence is predicated on the necessity of armed struggle. The moment this is no longer necessary, the IRPGF will cease to exist. Our position is against the notion of “standing armies” or ossified revolutionary groups that become insular states unto themselves.

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The IRPGF’s International Position

We believe that the third world war has already started and that the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and in other parts of the world are only the beginning. The capitalist system, nearing its end and having plundered the world and stripped it of its resources, faces its most acute crisis yet. With no surplus labor population to put in its dungeons and assembly lines, the antagonisms and contradictions of the system in crisis are unfolding. With imperialist powers fighting for the last scraps to safeguard their livelihoods and with fascism on the rise, a common struggle is developing against both the domination of capital and the state. The IRPGF will stand with all peoples looking to secure their futures free from ALL forms of oppression, domination and exploitation. We are cognizant and recognize the intersection of unique identities and the particularities that exist within individuals, in communities and between individuals and communities. We support and seek to fully realize the polymorphic nature of human identity and struggle. To this end we join with peoples around the world in their uniqueness, and in ours, to realize our collective liberation.






Damn Paul, what happened to the photogenic you know what? Don't tell me the Bookchinists have done with the propaganda stage of their rev and are now getting to the nitty-gritty power shuffling recuperative stage which usually follows any leftist victories?

That's what I'm thinking of right now.

These are the Judean People's Front, not the People's Front of Judea.

All that's missing is the hammer and sickle.

Filling potholes around the world!

But more seriously, it's great that y'all are taking the fight to the biggest assholes in the world. It's just tough to wrap my head around the idea of a modern-day semi-Makhnovist outfit that's getting training and materiel from imperialists...

I would describe it as an aggressive form of neo-Bookchinism. Its ironic that Ocalan resembles a petite Stalin in appearance, not very photogenic, thus the 'you know what' they used for their big propaganda move over a year ago..

You gotta be joking this is teh net WTF is in all the destructive photos above, and blowing relationships up is not worse than "trolling" This is the militant left I'm talking about, and I'm labelled a fascist for having an opinion. I've followed this war and know all the petty power plays going on in that region for the last 100 years, since the Armenian holocaust duhhhhh

You say the capitalist system is nearing its end - yet extraordinary assertions require extraordinary evidence.

Capitalism loves wars when the unemployment level rises, its a known fact. Also the 500yr life span of complex systems is approaching capitalisms twilight time of occupancy.

What's next?

But capitalism can no longer afford war, in the "nations against nations" sense, in a global system that's so technologically advanced. Wallerstein said the obvious... neither superpower will do this as they know it'll blow up everything, including the systems that give them wealth and stability. There's still enough nuclear weapons to wipe out most of the planet's surface. Russia have closed this world peace deal recently with the RS-28 Sarmat, the über-ICBM nuke. No matter how corrupt (capitalist) the establishments of these countries are, they're not crazy enough to use them.

They might keep doing regional wars but that'll keep the nuclear threat to be tickling closer to "0". So that's why you got medium powers like Turkey and North Korea playing with fire on purpose, undermining world peace by design, just for gaining more power, yet without severing their political ties.

The only global war that can happen... it's been happening already, and it's in perfectly parallel nature to transnational capitalism. That's the asymmetric warfare. The War on Terror, and beyond. The thing that's the most important to get is how anarchists can play a prominent role in this one... authentically as an anarchist force, and not, like in the past, as part-time anarchists working for authoritarian power (like during WW2).

Just to update everyone the guy reading the text in this video is a piece of shit. Not only did he steal money from the IWW he all so fathered a child in Boston and then abandoned the mother and child. He is all so no anarchist. He is a Stalin loving shit bag.

Let's denounce him to the FBI's anti-fraud service as well as the local CPS before he turns US anarchists into Rojava!

"he all so fathered a child in Boston and then abandoned the mother and child"

He's simply choosing to not perpetuate the patriarchy.

He's a leftist and knows the feminine comrades at home will nurture his responsibilities on an exchange basis no problemo

Next time add some soundtrack from Rambo movie... will make it 2.5x cooler.

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