Anarchists killed in the Suruç bombing in Turkey

  • Posted on: 20 July 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

(Originally from Anarchists in Support of Rojava-Kurdistan)

Two anarchists dead and one seriously injured today from an ISIS suicide bombing in ‪Suruc,‬ Turkey. Alper Sapan and Evrim Deniz Erol were killed, while Caner Delisu is in critical condition.

It has been confirmed the killing of Two of our ""Anarchist Comrades"" in this catastrophe. With Huge Huge Pain and Solidarity !!

با که بگوییم این اندوه بیکران را ؟؟ با چه کسی ؟؟
دو نفر از رفقای آنارشیست ما که خبر کشته شدنشان تائید شده است....

Confirmed: two anarchists have been killed in the attack from suruc in turkey. Way to travel kobani to help in the reconstruction of the city and to carry essential goods. Alper Sapan (19 years) is one of the two young anarchists killed today in the terrorist attack #suruc. The other anarchist killed also is 19 years old and is called evrim deniz erol. Both are militants of organizations anarchists, the third young anarchist wounded in one leg is called caner and already is in stable condition at the hospital. In Total, 30 people have been killed, 100 heridxs.

Text from Alper Sapan: '' Hi, I am alper sapan. I am an anarchist of 19 years. I am against the injustice, exploitation and the tyranny of the state. I condemn the people killing each other, the violence and the state. I hear the inner voice of my conscience for freedom and I refuse to serve in the army for a world without war, nations or borders, where no one can be a soldier, where no one can kill each other. If militarism kill us, we should kill the militarism.''


What A Shock !! Three sisters who got killed after this photo....

دوستان عزیز، برای دیدن توضیح فارسی لطفا ""همیشه"" روی "سی‌ مور و یا کا نتینو ریدینگ " کلیک کنید!

Please read carefully:

Islam / ISIS and other Islamists are a direct threat to the Left in the immediate in much of the Muslim World.

We need a massive Left wing reaction against Islamists and to stand up for all those under threat from it across the world! The Imperialists can not defeat fundamentalist Islamism, they help it grow. We, of the Left, Anarchists, other progressives, those who believe in fundamental human rights, must defeat Islamists, by hearts and minds, but by force where it is needed !
Anarchists slogan is: NO GOD, NO MASTER !! It means we are against religion and state !! For Middle East the most dangerous enemies at the moment are islam and zionism. We also know that all corrupt Western governments has helped the rise of brutal islamists. Below you can see some links !!!

We Middle Eastern Anarchists are from Muslim background, but we do NOT believe anymore in religion. We know there are 100s of million of Muslims in Middle East who traditionally are Muslim. We Love them and we are NOT against Muslims BUT we strongly are against ISLAM !!

We Anarchists believe only under a progressive system people can become aware of nonsense of religions and this will definitely happen by the time, so that in the end society become a fully non religious one. A society without hate, racism, blind nationalism, etc.

Anarchists also believe at the same time people of the world should rise up against right wings fascists / racist anti immigrants, they also should fight against the brutal islamists / islam.

In Unity and for the victory of ""Rojava Revolution"" !!

Below are some facts:

islamic regime came to power with the help of CIA....

How Israel and the United States Helped to Bolster Islamic Fundamentalism Hamas:

Brutal Hamas members marry innocent little girls / children who are mainly orphans:…/08/massenpaedophilenhochzeit-in-g…/

Sexual torture of women political prisoners in the Islamic Republic of Iran:…/violence-en_sexual-torture-of-women-…/…/violence-fa_sexual-torture-of-women-…/

Raping Before Execution :

Cutting Arms:

Acid Attack and Murder:

Here are issues regarding ISIS:

ISIS being trained by islamic regime of Iran:

Hillary Clinton is saying about their dirty game of creating islamists in Middle East + Obama:…/

Clinton admits they created "Al Ghaedah":…/

ISIS leader has been taught by zionism / USA:…/

Important, IMPORTANT !! These links regarding ISIS has a message for Us. It means that all these criminals are working together even if there are fighting verbally against each other !!

United We Will Win !

دوستان عزیزان, این سه خواهر نازنین توسط اسلامی های جنایتکار جان خویش را از دست دادند و این عکس تنها لحظه ای پیش از این فاجعه گرفته شده است.
لازم به یاد آوریست تمامی عزیزانی که در این فاجعه جان خود را از دست دادند, همگی آنان به سازمان ها و گروه های چپ رادیکال و پیشرو تعلق داشتند.
مرکز فرهنگی آمارا، در شهر سوروچ در جنوب شرقی ترکیه در نزدیکی مرز سوریه مورد حملە یک عملیات انتحاری قرار گرفت که ده ها کشته و صدها زخمی بر جای گذاشت. بر اساس گزارشها خودرویی بمبگذاری شده در نزدیکی این مرکز فرهنگی دلیل این انفجار بوده است.
بسیاری از جوانان ترک و کرد در این مرکز جمع شده بودند تا برای سفری چند روزه به کوبانی برای بازسازی این شهر شرکت کنند.
بهترین عزیزان این آب و خاک در یک لحظه توسط جنایت کاران اسلام از دست میروند. این دردی عمیق بر دل تک تک هر آزادی خواهی است که به آسانی فراموش نمی شود. با که بگوییم این اندوه بیکران را ؟؟
با چه کسی ؟؟



Now see worker. This is what I am talking about. You know Bay Area Antifada just read this and immediately watched Black Panther Chants from the 60's on Youtube to cleanse themselves. If it was posted anywhere it would be drowned out by OMG OMG OMG. The oppressors talking about the oppressed religions of the world!

Here we can say that we are anarchists and we fight with anarchists who understand that is some bull fucking shit. This suicide bombing of young anarchists is done by the reactionary class who seeks privileges granted to them from their religion. That religion happens to be Islam. LOL. Who just got mad? Anyhow, it's the same as the KKK who kill people in the USA. They are losing their own privileges granted to them by white supremacy and religion. Which is why surprise surprise, white racists have always attacked black churches. Weird how that works! They know where their own power comes from.

Strange that we can be nuanced and figure all this out. That the internet provides us a place at our fingertips to read what other anti-authoritarians who are being you know...bombed say about this stuff. We dont have to go to leftism 101 at Dr. Kevorkians social studies class for a small sum of $60000. Anyhow, who you gonna support?

Meanwhile, back in the USA: the "groundworkforpraxis" crew are screaming at people about their dreadlocks and not giving them enough money for giving workshops on the things they studied in college and not being up to date on the new pc lingo of the year. Perspective...

Those people are like if the catalyst project had borderline personality disorder.


This is awful. The video of the explosion is disturbing to say the least. These acts of inhumanity by this sect are appalling. My thoughts are with the loved ones of the deceased.

The problem is that the person who wrote the article lives in Sydney, Australia and is not even based in the Middle East and the 'network' they supposedly speak for is just this one person.

This person also claims to speak on behalf of the Rojava Revolution but seems to miss the fact that the vast majority of participants in said revolution including the vast majority of those fighting in the YPG / YPJ are in fact Sunni Muslims.

There are also some very questionable links included at the end - 'Brutal Hamas members marry innocent little girls / children who are mainly orphans' for example, which comes from this website: which promotes the PEGIDA movement.

A good chunk of the left in the Middle East are actually Muslims and they are not struggling against Islam as the original post exclaims in shrill, hysterical tones, they are struggling against fundamentalist Islam (among other things).

People on the ground in the region affected by the bombing don't seem to be portraying what happened as some kind of warning to the left that they are under attack from Islam - in fact an article posted elsewhere on this site ( by an organization that had members at the meeting mentions nothing of the sort.

The statement from the HDP (People's Democratic Party) who lost several of their members in the atrocity mentions nothing about Islam either ( nor does the statement from the MLKP ( or the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) (statement in same link as the MLKP statement) and the YPG / YPJ have yet to release a statement condemning the whole of Islam and are very unlikely to do so.

It's disappointing to see the original post reprinted here as it is basically just a Facebook post cobbled together from other articles that is being used by it's compiler to push a thinly-veiled PEGIDA style message across.

How do you know the people who run that page aren't impacted by this? That statement is ridiculous. You have no idea.

The organizations you just mentioned are not anarchist organizations. Why would they take a stand against religious authoritarianism? They wouldn't it doesn't make sense for them. Anarchists are against the structures the perpetuate domination. Islam in the middle east does this. Dictatorship in the middle east does this. They are facing it head on and when we fight we struggle for everyone but we listen to anarchists on the ground not social democrats.

This is why we are not liberals.

The person who runs the page is an Iranian who lives in Australia - they are not Kurdish.

The meeting that was suicide bombed in Suruc was being held by a Socialist youth group and members of all of the groups mentioned had members in attendance - there were some anarchists in attendance, however the vast majority of the dead and injured are communist / socialist youth - many of them would have been Muslims too - it happened in Turkey near the border of Syria / West Kurdistan / Rojava remember.

The groups mentioned and the Socialist youth group (SGDF) all oppose fundamentalist Islam however none of them have issued blanket condemnations of the whole of Islam of the PEGIDA variety such as the one in the original post - in fact all groups affected by this tragedy - including anarchist groups who lost members and had members injured are actually condemning the ruling AKP party of Turkey for being complicit in the bombing and using ISIL as a proxy.

Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but these are the facts - whether you think these groups are liberal or not - they are the ones on the ground over there risking their lives to provide solidarity to the Rojava revolution and many anarchists are quite happy to help them.

If you bothered to actually read anything about the Rojava Revolution there is no anti-Islam component involved in either their theory or their praxis. They are fighting against deranged Islamic fundamentalist extremists yes, but they are also fighting for a society that is inclusive of all genders, ethnic groups and religions. And once again, the main fighting forces of the YPG / YPJ are predominantly Sunni Muslim and once again many anarchists are fighting alongside them and or providing solidarity / mutual aid.

You may want to have a proper look at the links provided at the end of the original post.

This link: ISIS leader has been taught by zionism / USA:…/

Comes from this fascist website: where you can find more 'great' articles such as LIEBE LANDSLEUTE: DEN HOLOCAUST GAB ES NICHT! (Compatriots - There was no holocaust!)
and Holocaust Bestreitung ist keine Straftat (Holocaust denial is not a criminal offence)

The article also linked at the end of the original post 'Brutal Hamas members marry innocent little girls / children who are mainly orphans' comes from another fascist website: that is packed with all kids of 'great' content - articles against immigrants, immigration, Muslims etc as well as lots of promotion for the PEGIDA movement.

And then there is the problem of taking the photo of 3 of the young women who were killed in the bombing and super-imposing the text 'No To Islam & islamists! Free Kurdistan, Victory For 'Rojava Revolution'! Anarchy is Love!' ...I don't know where to start - well if the Rojava Revolution does achieve victory, Islam will be a part of it because the Rojava Revolution is based on a model called Democratic Confederalism, a system that is inclusive of all genders, ethnic groups and religions - including Islam. The Rojava Revolution is also not about 'FREE KURDISTAN', it's about the autonomous region of Rojava inside Syria.

Definitely something highly suspicious about the person who runs the page, their links to fascist websites and their appropriation of the recently deceased in order to push PEGIDA type nonsense under the guise of 'anarchism.'

Not seeing that first link on the original post. They state in their post its people impacted. And you state the other organizations are also against radical Islam. Not sure what your beef is. Cause they included a link of widely available information from a dumb website?

What makes any of what they said not true. Islamic fundentalism is what it is whether you like it or not. Whether it has a place in Kurdistand or not. We are talking about a statement purported to be from people impacted. And you would rather us believe an anonymous commenter on anarchistnews who claims to know who the moderators of that page are.

How in the hell could you possibly know that? Sounds like much shadier business than including a link from a right wing site.

What is 'Kurdistand'?



Anarchists throughout history have attacked Christianity pretty hard. My question now is: why not do the same for Islam?

It's called "historical context". Only since post-Enlightement, Industrial Revolution did anarchists have attacked Christianity and Judaism. Of course Islam is just as bad, and it should be removed from its anti-imperial Third-wordist aura as soon as possible, as that TOO, including the related " anti-zionism" is playing in the hands of the actual true Neonazis.

Everyone should understand that the only coherent crux within the rhetoric and posture of PEGIDA and co is their xenophobia, racism, authoritarianism and thinly-veiled reality of being the same old shitty bone/meatheads. Aside from the most important, being Third-positionnists. You can easily get lost if you stay at their face value.

The neofascists are alive and well, and are now working hard at recuperating those who are their biggest contradiction: anarchists.

Christianity has been attacking anarchists and anarchistic people for over a thousand years. Why aren't you attacking Christianity as much as Islam, Mr. Pegida?

Institutionalized Buddhism should also be criticized for its hierarchical shamanic value system and its karmic interpretation of class and suffering. Zens ok though.

You hear that, dot?

regretting their somewhat off-hand short-cut term for focus and attention?
i think someone might be...

but it's always a relief when one's shorthand gets the not-thumbs-down from an anonymous homie. so thanks for pointing that out!

Here is a message from the Valley Anarchist Circle, located in Phoenix, AZ, related to this incident. This seems appropriate for this site:

"Lesson to be learned today. There are friends, maybe not personal friends but friends. People who share our passions. A world without authority, borders. Freedom for all. They are choosing to fight. They are taking the risks. They take our struggle seriously. We can also take risks. Maybe not the same risks. But risks that are uncomfortable. That cause us unnecessary stress.

Life is not easy. The battle for freedom is not easy. This isn't a plea to carry a cross or forsake the good things in life. But it's time to stop the mediocrity and nitpicking. The social bubble of anarchy in the USA has no means to support our friends fighting ISIS. And that my friends, is a shame. Time to move forward and take our struggle out into the real world."

Fuck the Valley Anarchist Circle! They aren't even trying to open an Infoshop OR appeal to the left in order to create the final movement among movements. They are probably cops OR WORSE

I think it's important to keep in mind that, indeed, lots of people involved in the Rojava Revolution, the Syrian Revolution, and other revolutions in the Islamic world are, in fact, Muslims - and, quite logically, they do not oppose Islam as such, but instead theocratic Islam (which, to be clear, is a more coherent term than "fundamentalist Islam", since every Muslim at least tries to follow the "fundamentals" of Islam, otherwise they're a pretty bad Muslim).

I think it's simply not true, though, that there is no anti-Islam (not just anti-theocratic) component to the revolutionary forces, and this should not be erased. This post, which expresses an anti-Islam position, can be critiqued for all sorts of reasons (like, maybe we don't think its critique of Islam is strategic, or tactful enough, or whatevs), but the critiques in the comments are, like, "This is not representative of the revolution. This is thinly veiled PEGIDA politics."

That's bullshit. Some people hate Islam. Some people of Muslim backgrounds who support the revolution hate Islam. Probably some of the people who are fighting Daesh with guns hate Islam. Probably some of the people killed or injured in this bombing hate Islam. Or at least OPPOSE Islam. It's a thing. Maybe a divisive thing, because - as this post expresses - lots of people are faithful Muslims, and maybe revolutionaries should not harp too much on this shit if we want, I dunno, mass support or whatever.

But opposition to Islam is a thing. And, as anarchists with a critic of religion, we should not oppose to opposition to Islam for its own sake.

Well thought out, nuanced post 10/10. The comparison to Pegida is about as moronic western politics as you can come up with. Spending just a few days with Turkish people who are not practicing or athiests you will hear this opinion immediately. Spending a couple days with Syrian refugees who might be practicing will be extremely critical as well.

So silly. Most of the people here will never encounter any of this stuff outside the university setting and it's why their ideas are so deficient.

PEGIDA came up because one of the links contained in the original post is a link to a website that endorses PEGIDA, another link is to a German neo-nazi website. Once again, the original post was made by somebody based in Sydney, Australia who is in no way connected to any of the groups (anarchists or otherwise) who lost members in the Suruc bombing and appears to be very cynically appropriating what occurred to push a PEGIDA style message that is not shared or endorsed by any group affected by the bombing in Suruc.

just stop, you aren't gonna get anarchists to love islam, it's not going to happen no matter how much you attempt to shame anyone. We are not Maoists, we don't believe in national liberation struggles and we look for anti-authoritarian currents to work with. And yes, those are almost always against religion.

Go try and convince "the masses" instead of shaming liberals.

What are their names?

....and more importantly, do they have any sisters?

I bet a Chicago x-large pizza that none of you here noticed the striking resemblance of this tragedy with the murderous plot of the failed fascist coup in Spain, circa '82. Yes... a terrorist attack on a major gathering of the regime's political enemies (the leftists) used for a full military takeover under a State of emergency. False flags have been a recurrent political tactic among fascists. And as a matter of fact that city where the bombing occurred was instantly taken under siege by the military and Rojava supporters were forbidden from entering.

Also read on the Reighstag fire, and the terrible German State-enabled pogrom in Rostok back in 1992. Yes, 1992.

Guess who's still in power over Turkey, has been facing a collapse in his political support, and was caught red-handed several times at helping ISIS fighters by allowing them to land at Turkish airports, hold gatherings in Ankara, AND cross the borders with Syria for attacking either the Kurds and/or Assad's regime?

The North American Left and anarcho-Left have been paying lip service to the real political neofascists all these years... pointing the blame at the "zionists", at Israel, or at best at some shallow monsters like "neoliberalism" or at best "capitalism" (while always failing to clearly and concretrly define what this capitalism amounts to, and how it functions). The main trunk for what's happening in the Middle-East, thw return of fascism in all flavors, is the CIA.... more broadly the whole pot-war military/industrial/police/intelligence apparatus, that could just called "Neonazi America", and most of what the actual antifascists and ARA have been doing lately was to attack the low-hanging fruits, the fringe subcultural manifestations of neonazism. While this Beast is all rooted into capitalism, it also has an agenda, ideology and worldview that goes much further than just doing big money. Big business is their government. The "finance" aspect of this supranational gang of war criminals is all political in nature. Finance and technology are the main axioms of their hegemony.

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