Anarchists march in Poznan in defense of Rozbrat arrest By ANA

from a infos

"Whoever attacks Rozbrat, get ready for war!", "Rozbrat is here to stay!" chanted the nearly 1,000 participants of the demonstration held on Saturday, September 14, in central Poznan, in defense of the historic anarchist occupation. Rozbrat

Shouts against the state, capitalism, gentrification, and the police were also heard on the streets of the Polish city. Many protesters carried anarchist banners and banners. There were no incidents or arrests, despite the strong security scheme set up by the authorities. ---- Also, on Friday and Saturday, Rozbrat organized a festival celebrating the 25th anniversary of the okupação. " Twenty-five years ago Rozbrat appeared on Poznan's map, filling the city with political, social, and cultural content. During this period, thousands of activities, debates, shows, vernissages, sporting events, workshops, and other forms of mutual education took place," said one Rozbrat member.

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