Anarchists Respond to Trump’s Inauguration, by Any Means Necessary

  • Posted on: 3 February 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


The videotaped sucker punch that staggered the white nationalist Richard Spencer on Inauguration Day quickly inspired mockery on social media. But it echoed loudly in an escalating confrontation between extreme ends of the political spectrum.

With far-right groups edging into the mainstream with the rise of President Trump, self-described anti-fascists and anarchists are vowing to confront them at every turn, and by any means necessary — including violence.

In Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday night, masked protesters set fires, smashed windows and stormed buildings on the campus of the University of California to shut down a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, an inflammatory Breitbart News editor and a right-wing provocateur already barred from Twitter. Five people were injured, administrators canceled the event, and the university police locked down the campus for hours.

That followed a bloody melee in Seattle on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, when black-clad demonstrators — their faces concealed to minimize the risk of arrest — tried to prevent a speech by Mr. Yiannopoulos at the University of Washington, and a 34-year-old anti-fascist was shot and seriously wounded by a supporter of Mr. Yiannopoulos.

The outbreaks of destruction and violence since Mr. Trump’s inauguration have earned contempt from Republicans — including Trump supporters who say it is exactly why they voted for his promises of law and order — and condemnation from Democrats like Berkeley’s mayor, Jesse Arreguín. He called Wednesday’s display “contrary to progressive values” and said it “provided the ultranationalist far right exactly the images they want” to try to discredit peaceful protesters of Mr. Trump’s policies.

But anarchists and anti-fascists, who often make up a small but disproportionately attention-getting portion of protesters, defend the mayhem they create as a necessary response to an emergency.

“Yes, what the black bloc did last night was destructive to property,” Eric Laursen, a writer in Massachusetts who has helped publicize anarchist protests, said, using another name for the black-clad demonstrators. “But do you just let someone like Milo go wherever he wants and spread his hate? That kind of argument can devolve into ‘just sit on your hands and wait for it to pass.’ And it doesn’t.”

Anarchists also say their recent efforts have been wildly successful, both by focusing attention on their most urgent argument — that Mr. Trump poses a fascist threat — and by enticing others to join their movement.

“The number of people who have been showing up to meetings, the number of meetings, and the number of already-evolving plans for future actions is through the roof,” Legba Carrefour, who helped organize the so-called Disrupt J20 protests on Inauguration Day in Washington, said in an interview.

“Gained 1,000 followers in the last week,” trumpeted @NYCAntifa, an anti-fascist Twitter account in New York, on Jan. 24. “Pretty crazy for us as we’ve been active for many years with minimal attention. SMASH FASCISM!”

The movement even claims to be finding adherents far afield of major population centers. A participant in CrimethInc, a decades-old anarchist network, pointed to rising attendance at its meetings and activity cropping up in new places like Omaha.

“The Left ignores us. The Right demonizes us,” the anarchist website It’s Going Down boasted on Twitter. “Everyday we grow stronger.”

Little known to practitioners of mainstream American politics, militant anti-fascists make up a secretive culture closely associated with anarchists. Both reject social hierarchies as undemocratic and eschew the political parties as hopelessly corrupt, according to interviews with a dozen anarchists around the country. While some anarchists espouse nonviolence, others view property damage and even physical attacks on the far right as important tactics.



I do have to say it's hilarious to watch these Berkley lib/leftards completely transform from the late 60s free speech advocates they used to be to these shock troopers of Marcusean repressive(and regressive) tolerance. I don't actually believe in free speech being Stirnerian and all that, but I do have a preference for what spook that I would rather humans believe in and practice. Tolerance simply should not be an anarchist, and especially an anarch, problem. Milo really is just another another ideologue speaking at a uni to me.

That being Thaddeus Russell tweeted in regards to these events, at least burn down those last 3 schools. I won't hold out hope considering these are all a bunch of educated domesticated faux radical retards.

Stop foot soldiering for liberals.

Stop foot soldering for the alt-right

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing :rolleyes:

This is not the entire article btw.

will drive more people toward far right wing political influences. Perhaps this is their plan, subconsciously or otherwise. Existing in a dedicated conflict marriage with a purported enemy helps to ensure the manifesting of said enemy. antifa exist to oppose nazis & fascists, and thus, need them in order to survive. this is their identity, their pride, their joy.

On one hand, this makes it seem like a psy-op. Manufactured. Directed. Same goes for some of the absurd, seemingly satirical, alt-right/nazi/fascist websites. They say good satire is indistiguishable from reality. Perhaps the three letter agencies realized this long ago and were instrumental in the founding of the 21st century era-of-absurdity, via the internet.

I often wonder if governance in this day and age is actually advanced to the point of invisibility. We're all just armchair amateurs trying to understand organizations which have thousands of years of institutional of knowledge on their side.

It seems tempting to blame it on some institutional power holding advantage but really I see this as the pernicious effects of language as whole. The binary behavior of the warfare continuum is what creates this. I do agree that the 3 letter orgs are to some degree taking advantage of modern but also timeless binary based behavior.

You're spot on about antifa needing their enemies. As I've said the growth of fascism over the last 15+ years beyond Bill White's basement pretty much falsifies their precautionary principle and should essentially be grounds for dissolving this ridiculous liberal humanist born(not anarchist) ideology. Their real purpose as far as I'm concerned is to simply enforce the practices of Marcusean repressive tolerance. That they are essentially the secular equivalent of Christian protesters of Satanic metal is completely lost on them.

Good comparison, the X-tian protesters vs the inverted crucifix of Satanic metal.

Ever consider that this whole Berkeley riot was actually a pysyops to sell tinfoil hats to people like you?

I make my own tinfoil hats. Even smelted the ore in my cob blast furnace. I don't need their capitalist modes of production.

So many obfuscations of the simple facts, so much energy spent twisting logic in to knots … the incredibly asinine use of the word "bullying" outing you as a confused child won't be clouded with a lot of $10 words.

Occam's razor apparently doesn't apply to what happens when internet trolls try to create a political presence in the physical world? After decades of developing a method that relies on the impossibility of being physically attacked, back to the drawing board when you step in to reality. It's a thing of great beauty, watching spoiled children finally getting a reality check, long overdue.

Lampposts & windowpanes, beware.

Good luck with your organizing endeavors. I hope you find much loyalty & participation. If your ideas catch on, millions of people will be on your side. With any luck, you might even become a nation, someday.

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