Anarchy Bang: Episode 19 - Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair

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This week let's discuss the condition of the anarchist bookfair. Maybe it's just me and the projects I've been involved in but it seems that in the past few years there has been a major contraction in anarchist book events. Maybe this is a good thing because we've eschewed the need for books and do full time praxis. Or maybe this is sad. Either way this week we'll be come at you live from the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair. Hopefully we'll be talking to organizers and participants, tablers, and presenters.

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nice try, fbi

a little confused here, i always thought it would be a superficial edge-lordy event, i mean what does it mean to be dangerous when the people running the event are trying real hard to control food selection and drug usage possibilities?

i hope nobody showed up and they just ended up attacking some local industrial center...

hardcore bros gonna make sure youre xveganx, but if you get harrased or someone is being a dick hole they dont care to have your back.

Considering the problematic parties involved (starting with Zhachev and his cronies, the "chickpeas" crowd) and the apparently isolated location of the event, it's *within the realm of possibilities* of being a honey pot that is hostile to those coming over authentic assumptions of meeting other green anarchists. I'll just wait for the report-backs... if they're any, and command those who'll attend to make sure some people have their backs, to a minimum. The crazy thing is how the current context promotes to be bringing weapons for self-defense, so it might easily be an actual dangerous event.

send in drones to scout instead of meat self beep boop

everyone will be required to lather their naked bodies in vegan butter and wrestle for the prime tabling location near the zapatista coffee table. nobody worry about zhachev. he has no cronies and will instead be at home crying over a plate of vegan tendies because this is not a fucking game.

I am here now. There are about 30 train hoppers here, some tables set up, a bonfire in the back and workshops on things I am not at liberty to say here. They are only happening between small crews of people tho. SO FAR this event is pretty fun. The hosts are pretty much letting everything contribute to the event in their own ways. We will see how things go tomorrow. Btw anyone coming bring a tent! Big backyard to camp out in.

Pics of GTFO

The reason why anarchist bookfairs are on the decrease is because anarchy has never recovered from Occupy.

Okay. Well explain that oddball causal theory, plz. You got all the space you need for argumentation, here.

Implying that Occupy was remotely anarchistic... when you had other so-called anarchists blocking property from being destroyed and yelling for peace, and all it was was a bunch of general assemblies and the socials, reds, and liberals controlling the black bloc, it was nothing but liberals sitting around pretending to be radical, and american anarchist once again piggybacking off of the liberals as Revolutionaries while not doing anything

more like anarchy has never recovered from the americanisation of it and the morality infected authoritarianism

Totally agree, occupy was a joke. How any self respecting @ could bring up occupy like it was actually it's actually noteworthy is cringy as hell

Especially when the BBQs came out and then the beer, O.N.L.Y. in H.U.H?M.E.R.I.K.A. the affluent society does a MASS WHINE like the YELLOW JACKETS in FR{OMG}ANCE and like how the Occupy activists started erecting fences to keep the homeless people from gatecrashing their "free occupy bbq" , WOW, their insular smug affluent values just can't be erased overnight I guess? So funny neo-colonialist and predictable, LAND OCCUPATION IS A COLONIAL EMPIRES METHODOLOGY.

Occupy was started by social-democrats in the first place. Namely the Adbusters crowd, fronted by that problematic Kalle Lasn. I'm not a fan of the @ bookfairs, but if there's something that did not recover from Occupy it's Adbusters, not the bookfairs.

Not sure why this turned in to an occupy thread for you jokers but uh … generally assemblies and occupations have existed basically forever. The only interesting part about "occupy" is how miserably inept at it people in the north american context seemed to be in 2011.

Very little understanding of combative self defence, ditto for supporting an occupation and/or articulating hostile negotiations with power and capitalism. Couldn't assemble, couldn't attack, couldn't even defend or maintain, barely showed up, dazed and confused, got bored before the cops even attacked and then went home, back to sleep. The 99%!

"miserably inept at it people in the north american context seemed to be in 2011"

I hate to say that, but it definitely was this new zoomer cohort under the command of social media. It's the first time I ever saw such god-awful totalitarian rituals predominating over assemblies, full uncritical acceptance of putting everything on social media, as well as collaborating openly with the cops.

I took part in similar tent city actions a few years before and even taking into account all the problems of the activist crowd, it wasn't nearly as bad.

Sure, Occupy was never anarchist, but it nonetheless came to be understood as anarchist. Or more specifically, anarchism is widely understood to be simply consensus decision-making, general assemblies, and spokescouncils by many observers and participants. This seems to be a factor in the increase in various communist currents over the last few years. That and the aforementioned Americanized strain of anarchism which isn't really distinct from communism anyway.

Anyway, hope the bookfair is fun and edifying. It seems weird that bookfairs have become internet events. I don't mean it's a bad thing, or that there's really any way to prevent that from happening anyway, just a weird thing about the world today.

The food is free but not all of it is vegan. Theres about 9 cats and 4 dogs. Packs of feral oogles are everywhere. One of the tablers is giving out crowbars, matches and super glue. Another tabler is giving out firecrackers. Fun time so far.


The "Dangerous Space Policy" was such a bad idea afterall. Bring back Safe Spaces.

just realized that the book fair is on mother’s day. that’s some villanous ish right there. XD

How else? Just continue that incel lyfe and you'll be set. You can also circle around the LARPing shame when all the tough guy death threats and posturing vanish when folks show up.

zhachev has joined.
1. make a big stink about my threats
2. get a bunch of people together with affinities with anews
3. green scare = anews book fair
i just wanted to give a talk without any you assholes trying to show up and get involved
zhachev has left.

Oh please do go on about your totally non-theoretical, fully lived experience of building "Permanent Resistance Zones." Please do teach us all. We are totally here to start DOING SOMETHING and take our noses out of books and all this super lame DOING NOTHING theory to learn these totally lived secrets.

According to logs from the IRC, this "quote" has nothing to do with Z, you've just inserted their name and edited the rest

yes because nobody can see through Z's super duper disguise screen names.

anybody could have written these genius things. it's perfectly normal and not at all the drive-by REEEEing of the same fool that's been saying the exact same things for over a year.

what in the fuck are yall doing?
not even anarchists

totally not Z. totally doesn't have mom's vegan tendies grease on angry little keyboard fingers.

I will go soooo beserker if there isn't any free food at the bookfair!!

--- Li'l Stirner gal.

all the food here is $1 suggested donation but most people are just helping themselves. which is fine.

Can anyone tell us directions by boat to the GSABF? Having, a bit of a tough time getting there.

Our speedboat, the hurricane, is powered by revolutionary enthusiasm and the blood of cowardly anti-war anarchists. One way or another we will make it to GSABF, fear us.

We are prepared to give workshops on anarchist warmaking. 40 pushups without stopping and 2 mile run in 12 minutes required to qualify for attendance. Either you are serious about changing the world or don't talk to us. You will hear from our weapons of w@r instead.

Over and out,
The Niger Delta Mother Fuckers Street Team

Heading 45 degrees starboard off the bay point light, then full steam ahead till you ground it.
We are rowing our anarch war canoe with 40 beserkers full of ale and soma!! We have massive biceps wielding disdain and cosmic rage with steely stares!!

--gang of Li'l Stirner Gals --

So far the Book Fair is really fun, and also incredibly accepting of people who are neither straightedge or vegan despite what some of these comments would like to tell you.

Everyone here has been very nice, and frankly it's a much more supportive and personable environment then was at Seattle Anarchist bookfair last year, despite that being populated largely by so-called social anarchists.

People here are fun, and also concerned with making sure that all their guests have what they need. Including a place to stay.

People got their undies in a bunch without even being here or knowing the people here. There’s no authority, no drama, no trouble. Good people, music, everyone is eating, everyone is helping clean up dishes, people are being respectful, having fun and enjoying what they want to do. It’s amazing how there are so many folks who had problems with the fair without even talking to people about it or whatever cuz damn, I love anarchy but if you want a judgey cliquey eggshell dancing fest or some shit what’s the point?

Stop giving so much a damn and smash stuff! Anarchy is alive not rotting on the shelves of academia and echo chambers of social media. Sincerely: currently here and not wanting to leave. Never once felt in danger, only felt love and freedom here. And yeah cat piss smell in the basement but stop being so damned uppity, LIFE SMELLS!

Left about an,hour ago. Aragorn was a dick to everybody, especially the train kids. A lot of awesome informal workshops and discussions were had. Felt more like a convergence and had an excellent time. Would absolutely come again

Seconded, didn’t even know the guy or his deal among others but he gave me unfriendly vibes


Do you expect everyone to always give you "friendly vibes"?

I lost interest in talking to him because he’s not really enjoyable to talk to, kinda arrogant honestly and this is my first time ever knowing him or who he is. I don’t really expect people to be friendly toward me always but I mean if your job is to get people interested in alternative ideas and your books you’re selling, maybe someone more approachable would be better tabling?

I went Saturday and the event was great. I thought aragorn was super nice.

no i thought his "schtick" was publishing anarchist books that other anarchist publishers wouldn't touch because they didn't fit these other anarchist publishers' narrow vision of what anarchism must be—and also creating/supporting infrastructure for anarchists to use for anarchist projects on his own dime…

but gg to the feral kidz for doing exactly the same thing and following the same authoritarian narrative that other screeching moralist idpols laid out at bookfairs before.

i hope there are many well curated report backs that gets all the coveted likes and shares that validates unfortunate existences. perhaps even invites to sit in the big tent!

rfa what on earth are you talkin bout?

nobody kicked aragorn out or gave him shit. most people ignored him and were busy with other fun shit. jesus christ the people talkin so much shit on here weren't even there.

read it again, i believe in you. i believe in your ability to understand.

hint: wouldn't it have been more interesting if it wasn't the obvious "choice" of atassa that got snatched and caused so much fuss?

ps. i'm not talking shit, i'm laughing my ass off because the state of things is hilarious and validates my pessimism constantly

i also guess the post this was a response to got removed… so it probably makes less sense without context but we can all just pretend

lmao someone STOLE attassa books? well i was here and had no idea anything got stolen. sucks.

I stole books by HEIDEGGER and also Ezra Pound from leftie social centers (that apparantly had such a WIDE vision as to include books by all-out fascist authors). Then I proceeded to destroy these "gems" of human filth. Since then, RFA's all after me. I cannot run... I cannot hiiide!

"Since then, RFA's all after me. I cannot run... I cannot hiiide!"

you fool! RFA will certainly find you after this massive OPSEC FAIL! quick, recognize the Da of you Da-sein, realize the revealing that Care comes forth as and manifest your authentic existence as being-towards-death but whatever you do, do not, i repeat, do _not_ look at the words. you'll be kick out of the red religion entirely and then… only doom.

be seein' ya. ;)

my post got deleted because "free speech" is a thing you yell when ppl hate your book, not your post things you dont like on your website.

I was saying aragorn's schtick is to be an pompus dick and cry foul when people dont want him around. Hes been doing it for years now and its dumb. hopefully the pepper spray in his tent will get him to chill. turn this into being authoritarian if you want, but thats kinda a weak critique.

I like a lot of lbc's stuff and am glad they publish what they do, thats not what Im saying. Its just that dude needs to chill.

and pepper spray and theft are communicating what exactly? that people are too dainty to speak to him and risk cooties? did anyone tell him that they didn't want him around? like, using words?
or was it all using words on social media, because that's better than speaking to someone's face, somehow?
"dangerous" spaces should've been called "hide yo face" spaces.

Yeah … if this shit is true, whoever thinks that passive-aggressive pepperspray pranks will make people "chill" is ... bad at life?
I would definitely be more antagonistic after this cute little stunt.

yeah, if they wanted chill, why not light some incense, drink some chamomile tea, put some windchimes, a rocking chair or hammock, and meditate in the breeze

they did the opposite of chill, instigation and escalation

+100 Niger Delta points if you shrug and sleep in the pepperspray because #NOTAGAME

Does a hurricane chill? Do the commandos in the the Niger Delta chill, motherfucker? The answer is: no! There is no chill for chewing on both sides of you mouth! Just wait till Commander Z arrives at the GSABF. Prepare!

did anyone tell him that they didn't want him around? like, using words?

"hey its kinda a long way from where you live. are you sure you want to show up?

If six months of violent threats from the wise and great Zhachev weren't enough, they literally told Aragorn! there's no more tables and he should consider not coming. Aragorn! showed up to start shit, and it got reciprocated. Then Mr. Anarchist complains about there not being an authority to complain to. Such anarchies.

Just more anarchists being their moralists authoritarian and anti-native selves

this is expected of anarchists

Someone steals the books. Some kid who wasn't even aware of the theft gets blamed. Everyone uninvolved is idpol now.

someone was all "lbc is here, now i'm canceled" on twitter, and took a mysterious shot of the atassas at the event. if they didn't steal them then they sure as hel wernt part of not-stealing them.
i don't even care that the atassas got taken. maybe this way the anti-atassa fucks will finally read them and know what they're whining about.
but omg. people gonna be jerks on social media, then they're gonna get treated like they're not friends. shocked face

keyword "social media"

the real world anarchists milieu is toxic enough... social media goes beyond that

If you cant handle a few /leftypol/ ding dongs making fun of you maybe you should give communism a try instead you big baby.

If you steel books from the grumpy boomer bay area techie, youre an authoritarian.

Look you made a band of oogles mad for touching their stuff and paid the most harmless price.

*teleports under the LBC banner and steals atassa* pshhh nothing personal kid

Laugh now Feral Train Kidz of Oogledom but your days are numbered! The tide snaps back and one day you too will be bullied by groups of impoverished twenty somethings at public events youre not welcome at. It happened to us and itll happen to YOU!

Wait do you think this is a game? Because I can promise you that this is not a game. Do not make me unleash the hurricane at the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair. Because I will!

No Games Here

This precept is straight from Commander Chickpeas himself

Also not a game: sacrificing your body. Commander Chickpeas has sacrificed his body to us in order to nourish us and fuel our insurrectional project. Garbanzo flesh never tasted so good, especially with the fire (uncontrolled) of depraved insurrectionary delight in our eyes - focused on all enemies that stand in our way: pussies, leftist academics, publishing cartels, women, antiquated internet chat protocols.

Niger Delta Mother Fuckers Street Team

Bold of you to assume im gonna live long enough to get made fun of by 20 something year olds.

Funny how the young people espousing this are never the ones to die young. Every single time in my life i have heard this innuendo from people, like "hey im not gonna be alive to get to 30 anyway" etc etc, it hasn't happened. I have even said it myself. It wasn't until I met a friend who talked about being excited to grow old, the positive aspects that come with it, that I challeneged this idea further.

Why do so many hate the thought of growing old, disrespect elders, and on and on. The anarchist world should be the opposite. Accepting of all ages and experiences. But I guess if you aren't dead by 24, you just aren't hardcore, and you haven't pushed anarchy further along like all the fallen.

I am really grateful for the older anarchists i have gotten to be around and talk to in life. Truely invaluable. Try listening and talking to an older anarchist once in a while.

old age is all i’ll to live youthfully, have since i squandered my youth living elderly-like. so yeah, i hope i can at least milk out at least two decades of fun.

This is a reflection of the broader culture's fear of aging and worship of youth. Not young people exactly, but the concept of youthfulness. Also, I think believing one will die young is in many ways a comfort. It serves a psychological need. You can trade the pain of slowly aging, of suffering and sickness, of growing lonely as your loved ones die, for a rapturous and righteous death.

I didn't know any older anarchists for a long time, and then only a precious few for some time. I certainly didn't always agree with them, but I was always interested in what they had to say. The Western youth cult would very much prefer that we don't have robust intergenerational cultures of resistance. Radical politics is acceptable, even laudable, if it's just a youthful dalliance, a gap year project. WIthin this paradigm, someone with a lifelong commitment to anarchist principles, then, must just be some lame oldster who never grew up. We're stuck running on a treadmill with no elders and no ancestors.


"Either you die a hero (in your twenties)... or live long enough to become the clown!"

The recent influx of opinions expressed in this thread are those of the malicious trolls. They do not reflect the opinions or views of the friendly longstanding anons and pseudonymned forum members. Reader discretion is advised.

Oogles are stupid but do they really have this sort of initiative? That Twitter post seemed like a joke. Although it's pretty easy to whip them up into a spun out frenzy. Could have been others doing. Maybe they overheard a conversation or read about the horror of Atassa somewhere and believed it.

I stole iit

we've eschewed the need for books and do full time praxis..."praxis" doing what!? Fingering your nostrils and watching your wastelines expand?

the quick incidency of these low effort joke comments leads me to suspect you might be having a manic epidode.

or is there an underlying agenda of targeted nuisance?

What extremely high percentage of people drift into the anarchist subculture without any previous experience of what might credibly be called radical politics, acquire no experiences along these lines while in the subculture, and then drift out of or age out of this subculture without moving on to any other credible good faith involvement in what could be called radical activity?

the use of “white knighting” is suspect. who says that besides PUA bros and 4channers?

i know what it means, it’s just telling who chooses to use such scummy slang

who? east coast anews collective peeps....

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