Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 23 - Second Wave Anarchy

  • Posted on: 7 June 2019
  • By: anarchybang

From Anarchy Bang

In this episode we will discuss the ways that anarchy has changed in the past 50 years. How our desire for a different world expresses itself in counter-culture, in protest the size of a city, a neighborhood, and a crew rather than the world, and in self-identity rather than mass. This episode will begin a specific framing for this project (Anarchy Bang) to test the limits of what is and is not Second Wave Anarchy.

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“This episode will begin a specific framing for this project (Anarchy Bang) to test the limits of what is and is not Second Wave Anarchy.”


Periodization is pointless. This wave shit is just trendy lingo. Also, fuck feminism

it has “period” right in the word!

Could you please explain how anarchy could be achieved without being a political activist as well? You appear to have deduced that being political, being an an activist and being an anarchist are mutually exclusive and that having a job, paying taxes, obeying 'the law' is somehow compatible with being an anarchist: that anarchism can be achieved this way? If this is second wave anarchism, then there won't be anymore waves because there will fuck all for the wave to be built on.

That's not the worst of it. Anarchists are working on the same side as the US, doing the job of Balkanizing Syria on their behalf.

It's a national-socialist product of the pan-arab movement in the mid-20th century, and the involvement of Nazis in the building of the Assad regime is well-documented. It's even more blatant than Palestine and Saddam's Iraq.

That's plain bollocks. Palestine was under British mandate until it was consumed by jewish settler colonialists. Since then it's become a more extreme apartheid regime than South Africa ever was.

Anon 15:52 is not only a bad actor, but the reply proves my point.
The US had close ties to both Iraq and Syria. There was regular intelligence sharing with Syria through most of Assad's domination of Syria, not forgetting the US extraordinary rendition of people who were handed over to Assad for torture, or to be disappeared.
No mention of the bona fide nazi sympathising Shah of Iran who was installed as ruler after a US coup in 1953 either.
*That's* who the so-called anarchists are siding with when they do Trump/Obama's bidding.

The coup of '41 in Baghdad was entirely backed by the Nazis, and their support to the Ba'ath parties (the both Syrian and Iraqi) went for long after WW2. Nazis trained their troops and set up their military against the liberal democratic West, and of course the Jews.

Palestinian nationalism was their front, and this culminated in the '67 war against Israel.

You fucking neonazi slimebags can't help regurgitating old lies that fit your broken ideology.

Neonazi slimebags...jfc. Your transference is showing itself.
The 67 war would never have occurred if white European settler colonialists kept the fuck out of the Middle East..

And don't start with a Jewish homeland nonsense either. There were a small percentage of Jews in Palestine who had lived there for centuries. What's more, they got on well with their neighbours of other faiths. It was a homeland to them plus the other people living there but to those left millenia ago then *literally claiming a divine right over everyone who lived there is hubris in the extreme. What makes it even more ridiculous as most of their leaders were atheists of Ashenazi heritage.
Its akin to Christendom claiming Palestine as their own because their religion started there.

Nasser's "White Jews" amirite? But not all White people are bad tho! When it's German Aryans share your brutally antisemite views of an all-Arab world united with them, it's all good.

Just for the clarificiation, the '67 war happen nearly 20 years after the '48 war. But yeah right... same old justification for a 3-State military aggression against a people that have won an uphill battle, outnumbered, against nationalist fanatics determined to eradicate them on purely ethnic basis (as per the Mufti of Jerusalem's official statements).

Structural antisemitism needs that other side of the coin after all. Nationalist fanatic meet nationalist fanatic.

anews comment section is rife with suspicious intruders

It isn't German nazis committing ethnic cleansing in Palestine but ashkenazi Jews with the full backing of US Christian zionists.

Pappé's a bullshitting historical revisionist who turned the Israeli war of independence into the Holocaust, basically, and denies that the Ashkenazi Jewish refugees their Holocaust refugee status. Fuck off, you leftie worshippers of all things Arab keep giving lip service to an antisemitism that neonazis are still surfing on these days. Ever heard of the MAGA Bomber? That was just last November.

Pappé isn’t really a revisionist. He’s a run of the mill non-zionist Marxist-Leninist (longtime member of “Hadash”) who advocates for a single-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as promoting BDS, especially as it pertains to academics since the revanchist backlash against the post-zionist discourse. From an internationalist anarchist perspective, there’s little to be gained from his output, especially since he invokes deliberately emotionally provocative analogies to describe Israeli SOPs — as if Israeli SOPs weren’t horrendous enough on their own terms...

Particle wave-form of polycules techno-trombulate the pernoctarium. I was a punk when I was younger, my uplink was still small and I used to surf a lot.

Here’s a song:

Ďåţ ýöů §əćøńđ fřòm ťhê ŕìģht?

this is a song:

And here's your wave:

Krokodil GØ3

that’s the definition of gnarly right there!

i don’t know why kids these days just sit around talking about “waves”. in my days we actually used to get down and put real effort to overthrow the ruling class and the state!

*flies away*

"in my days we actually used to get down and put real effort to overthrow the ruling class and the state!"

well thanks for the completely liberated world you helped create!

focus on overthrowing "the ruling class" is no different, imo, from focusing on overthrowing "male domination", or "white supremacy". when you focus on one group within a well defined set of groups (eg, ruling class, working class, lower class, middle class; or black, white, orange, blue), all you are doing is making things ripe for another group. if your goal is not to get rid of ALL such groups, i want no part of it. not that i give half a moose turd about "waves", but the mass movement, revolutionary perspective is very first wave. that wave petered out on the beach like every other one. if there is a second wave, it is destined for the same.

just fyi, i am not one of the kids you are talking about. six decades, and ever less impressed with "anarchism" and its theorists. i want anarchic relations in my life now, not some graybeard textbook idea of anarchism to be won in some mass movement revolution at some point in the future.

if i seem adversarial, i don't really intend it that way. but your condescending "in MY day..." remark definitely set a tone that i respond to.

"In my day" omg when I hear those words I see the cadaver of nostalgia creeping down the corridor, so old and out of date, mouldy history, like the D-Day commemorations, remembering the beginning of the destruction of the global environment by international capitalism, events and histories like that should be erased from the cultural archives and the participants all given a hefty pension and told to GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!!
Its like having the most gruesome details of a serial killers crimes replayed over and over again and not learning from it or changing it. Dumb in my day.

Yes, that was directed at YOU senileoldfool!!
*levitates and drifts away*

That’s what needs to be prepped for heading into the quarter century mark and continuing into the half century.

The first wave was informed by class first wave feminist dynamics, the 2nd wave was informed by moder demographic identity structure, the 3rd wave will be all about psychographics which should be good news for anarchism and anarchy because psychographic identity has much more individualistic aspects.

There will never be a 3rd wave anarchism because anarchism is dying.

Things looked pretty bad heading into WW2, but eventually there was a form that emerged that was different from what exploded in the 1880s. A similar thing will have to happen going forward from the quarter to mid 21st century. Given the cybernated soft totalizing power control schemes to come, I can see plenty of reasons for a 21st century anarchism and anarchy that is built to take on cybernated power structures and be selected by post-demographic psychographic identity structures. What do you think the cyberpunk genre hints at.

oh great. the fate of anarchism is left to Ziggy and his 56 bot followers on twitter

jeez, and thought ziggy was against "anarchism" and for anarchy. even the most pretentious eventually fall into the mold, i guess.

i am against for, and for against

ps. someone better b writin down my aphorisms up in dis b

I do see anarchism as part of the ecosystem however and it's in my interest that that ideology be successful if ideology is still going to be around which it likely will. Obviously my 2nd hand interest would be in what is called niche anarchism which is on the continuum toward the more Stirnerian stuff. Even improving baseline anarchism is in my interest so long as it is not market or organization intensive.

is the end of both anarcho-communism and anarcho-capitalism. Those two ideologies have really fucked up the baseline entry point. I go back to the need to have a new entry level libertarian/anarchism that is neither organization or exchange intensive and lets the issue of exchange be settled by association and not some fiat abolition process. The problem of course is that left anarchism substituted the exchange problem for organization. This issue has to be addressed in conceiving of a 3rd wave 21st century anarchism.

On the ancap side of things, the good thing about the alt-right is that it is actually pipelining people away from that illegitimate form of anarchism. We are seeing the end of anarcho-capitalism happen before our very eyes. Anarcho-Communism must also go away with it. I always look at Shawn Wilbur is a good example of what a recalibrated baseline anarchism should be. The guy's a smart Proudhonian who has parsimonious positions on exchange and he is also friends with, and respects, the Stirnerian and other niche zones of anarchism and anarchy.

Thanks for the shout-out Ziggy, but I'm still not going follow you back on Twitter.

I don’t exactly ask for follow backs anyway.

"psychographic" sounds like marketing jargon. just sayin...

Can I step in here and say that --mental-orientation-- suits the layman vernacular better and may be more to your understanding than psychographic, which is more to mine.

"suits the layman vernacular better and may be more to your understanding "

why assume that comment was based on misunderstanding?

more condescension from the intellectual elite of @news.

I know " marketing jargon " was not misunderstanding, it was a cheap shot that deseŕved another one back!

"it was a cheap shot that deseŕved another one back!"

fair enough.

Though it's certainly a term within market analytics. Demographics also had a marketing context in terms of how the concept and idea came about. Trust me you will be hearing more about this term as the century progresses.

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