Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode Eight - The End of the World

  • Posted on: 21 February 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

From Anarchy Bang

This week we will try to have an conversation about the end of the world. Which end of the world? You decide. It could be that the end of the world will be due to climate change or a third world war. It could the end of insects (and therefore agriculture as we know it) or the end of arable land due to it having blown away. The world, or the human centric world, or the world meaning the petro-economy, or civilization as we know it may end. Will it be in our life time? Will it be with a whimper or a bang? What assumptions do we make, every day, that the world will be here tomorrow? Will it?

Join us!

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This is an interesting companion topic to last week. Will the end of the world be a prolonged or spontaneous crisis? Will anarchists be providing mutual aid or fending for their lives? Will the state collapse and "temporary" authorities take over? If authority centralized, decentralized, or both? Or will the situation create a stateless world? Will the news outlets be filming until the end? Should I read my Bible more to learn what will happen?

Interesting that end of the human civilization and life afterwards is popular in films and books. What if anything can we learn from them?

First time I posted before a show took place.

A companion topic is what series of events could make life continue . But society be drastically different?

"When the end comes, everyone will watch it on TV"
Andy Warhol (1966)

so basically the plot from the new video game Far Cry 5 New Dawn... full report back please. also maybe some game play vids

Id watch Aaragorn on twitch.

The end of the world has already happened.

But for real, for some people / peoples the end HAS already happened. For some species, for some ecosystems, for some ways of life, the end has come and gone and we never bothered ourselves with it. Why? What is that about?

Is the end of the world a bad thing? Why? Why are beginnings seen as positive but endings seen as negative?

Anyway, for this episode I hope (if I can use that word) the discussion centers mostly around the end of capitalism rather than the end of a livable planet because otherwise the topic is too broad. As they say "It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism."

seeing how seemless the transition from “mercantilism” to “capitalism” is, both being concepts/abstractions/arbitrary periodizations after the fact and not real “stages” or things, and how the world-economy developed since the colonization of the americas, globalization etc (not to mention previous civilizations or empires etc), it’s not inconceivable to imagine a near future that is not “capitalist” yet not foreign to us or not disconnected from what we currently know and live.

then some critiques will no longer apply, others still might, same for courses of action or whatever. capitalism is not the “source of all evil”, it might even be imagined (not saying it is, but imagine if it was) as a cosmetic detail or appearance of a larger more encompassing peoblematic, or one of many. some of this is widely discussed to be considered trite, multiple entangled axis of opression and anti-civ and whatnot.

what i want to emphasize is how interesting it is instead to imagine how you’d like to live your life in the now, how to adapt or what to change, since the changes around can be both gradual big path dependent trends, as well as sudden events and situations at different scales.
i dunno what was my point. the end? maybe the end is just an arbitrary point on an infinite line or circle.
and you are a cute fun little dot, and some dots are big and boring. uhh

something something fall of berlin wall ussr empires mayan aztec uhh imagen the end of rock and roll or punk and how postpunk and post rock is like different but not that different

If or when we are deeper into a global cybernate(my play on the roman dominate) capitalism will be thrown in the trash and replaced by some type of cyberneered corporatism. You might have a capitalism before that but it will be vastly reduced compared to what it is now. You can already hear the Jeremy Rifkin types talking about this. There will still be the structure of slavery of course but it will be mental individual colonization not ethnic geographical.

Im working, but can someone call in and talk about alien invasions and/or meteor strike?

within the past 40 years the planet has lost over half of its wildlife.
the world has already ended.
the world is always already ending.

Once in those early years he’d wakened in a barren wood and lay listening to flocks of migratory birds overhead in that bitter dark. Their half muted crankings miles above where they circled the earth as senselessly as insects trooping the rim of a bowl. He wished them godspeed till they were gone. He never heard them again.

do your lovers like it when you read poetry to them in italics?

anon 11:41: i do all my best lover readings in italics. don't you? but also, the italic passage was prose, not poetry.

anon 7:07: show me on the doll where rafa [sic] pointed out the meaninglessness in your meaningless life.

but also…

The formally existential totality of Dasein's ontological structural whole must therefore be grasped in the following structure: the Being of Dasein means ahead-of-itself-Being-already-in- (the-world) as Being-alongside (entities encountered within-the-world). This Being fills in the signification of the term "care" [Sorge], which is used in a purely ontologico-existential manner. From this signification every tendency of Being which one might have in mind ontically, such as worry or carefreeness, is ruled out.

meow, meow, meow.

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