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Anarchy Bang is a weekly call in talk show where we sit around the digital campfire and talk about our favorite topics. This week we will try to have an anarchist conversation about technology. It is a system, it is the decisions we make every day and it about the question of whether there is any affirmative action worth making regarding the way we manipulate the world. It also has a rich anarchist history of advocates and enemies. We ask ourselves if it is also a topic about right and wrong, and what does a post-pandora worldview look like? Extra credit this week to questions that include the Luddites as (failed?) modernist experiment, the neo-Luddites as an example of taking personal responsibility for systematic problems, and like usual Christian "lack" thinking ruining everything.

Join us!

Sunday at noon (PST or -8 UTC) at Email questions ahead if you like The real time IRC is a chaotic mess (and pleasure). There are better ways to connect to IRC but it involves some reading The call in number is (646) 787-8464 You can also send in a recorded message to our email (I'd recommend using

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on your comment in that last episode.... I still can't fucking wrap around my head the idea that you never even contemplated the idea of using a bike in your (midwestern) country town, for just about 5 miles. The fact some people don't see any alternative between walking or using the system's for-profit devices is endemic to North American normie morality. And even if a bicycle is too challenging for the physical capacities of some people, technological developments have brought us 5x more means of affordable personal transport! E-bikes, scooters, e-scooters, segways (lol), skateboards, etc. It's like... quit the whining and instead EXPAND and EXPLORE possibilities, brah! I'm staggered by all those people who're still surprise to see me on a bike in the winter.

The IRC worship on here is somewhat delusional. Of course it's better than Facebook for a number of obvious reasons already discussed, but the IRC form allows for the usual "l77t" pricks to aggregate and make themselves fortresses out of a chat room really fast.

This doesn't exactly require programmers for this... just people with an ethical loophole that makes them behave like a gang of assholes. When that happens, this is often the beginning of the end for these rooms, as rando visitors grow quickly frustrated at the circle jerks. I've seen that a lot since the days IRC went small, in many more channels than those related to anarchism. This must be a social pattern related to niches or offline love/buddy relationships that fail to "deterritorialize" online. From the outside, this looks shitty and reckless.

(;__;) why these IRC anarchists no like me? i calls them l77t [sic] assholes and they still talks all smartly about things i no like and not like i want them to. they should talks only of what i wants and to me. i hates them forever!

I found these straw men at the thrift store today! They were so cheap and came without beg bugs! So as soon as I came back to the comfort of my (sic) bubble provided by capitalist slumlords, shared with annoying roommates for an absurdly high price -because that's worth it!- I instantly tried these new comfy straw men. They are so soft... they also can be used on the couch... in the bed... just like on my computer chair! Through my evening, after a hard day of bullshit jobs for the police, they make me sail through the sea of critiques with such confidence I don't even have to worry about thiking!

tl;dr: I hate you too, sweety pie. 8===W=D

The point above is more about how circle-jerking in public spaces (not private rooms) tends to make the chat rooms turn into another hermetic niche of dweebs absorbed by their cliques. In the end this makes you not any better than the usual social media pissants who just won't discuss anything and instead throw judgements at you. That goes completely in the opposite direction of your outset goal of providing an online free space for everyone to feel welcome to come and talk subjects they're into.

oh i thought the "point above" was to call people "sweetie pie" and make deformed penis emoticons after claiming that someone who saw through your thinly veiled subtext was making a "strawman" argument (the first line of defense for people who get caught showing their asses)?

all this because you are socially inept and expect others to behave as you would have them behave. own your foolish entitlement. established groups, the IRC, this forum, the world--don't exist to cater for you to feel welcome, you hoser.

Getting a connection refused and can get to other sites. Smell Russian/Chinese interference :-)

Seriously ... Why make everything complicated?

Most of the time, there's only the one channel with anyone in it, chatting about whatever. Anyone can join in, if you say dumb or hostile shit, people will respond in kind.

Simple. If you smell shit everywhere you go, check your own shoes and butthole.

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