Anarchy Bong Episode 6: Anarchism

Welcome to Anarchy Bong, a semi-irregular podcast where we smoke weed, pet Gary's cats, and say stupid shit... about anarchism. This is a show about living, laughing, and not holding tightly to our flags or idols; rather, we're holding tightly to our bong instead.

This week we really get specific about the topics and definitions anarchists care about--anarchism. Gary doesn't want to get bogged down in a long conversation about the definition of "Holocaust Nihilist", Gary calls Gary out as an authoritarian for trying to say what anarchist projects *should* be, and Gary reveals plans to use our Patreon donations to fund a tour around North America to fight anarcho-celebrities such as BLEEEP, BLEEP, BLEEEP, and BLEEP. Zero calls.

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My software doesn't do anything when I touch twice on the red "Listen Here " It turns black, but the screen doesn't change or do anything.
Maybe Gary's stoned cat shit on the microphone?

Err excellent dude, this is known as satire, but since you're a bong person, life is one big satire, so you couldn't distinguish between reality and satire, which is OK dude, just saying.

moralist-authoritarian anarchist here, checking in for the ideological roll call. I have banned fifty rap fans from collective spaces, AMA.

Cowards booping and beeping names. I bet none of you can throw a decent jab. I’m here for the BLOOD.

This selling stuff portion reminded me of the time I shoplifted a bunch of copies of Anarchy mag and Green Anarchy from Barnes and Noble and tried to get the infoshop to sell them so they didn't have to beg liberals for rent. Needless to say, this was blocked. Consensus!

bleeping or no.
if this is satire, then i weep for the world...

wee p weep

So it doesn't work, so I'm not missing anything, back to the bong and a satirical existence. :D

i’d listen to it if it made me feel like i had friends, but it’s only going to make me wish i had friends cuz they’ll probably sound like they’re having a good time having a laughing fit at each other’s lame jokes. that’s the best.

There wasn't anything very intellectually stimulating in here other than the usual nerdy edgelordism, but okay it was a fun listen.

Pick it, pack it,
Fire it up, Come along,
And take an anarchy bong,
Put the blunt down just for a second,
Don't get me wrong it's not a new method,
Inhale, Exhale,
Just got a ounce in the mail,
I like a blunt or a big fat cone,
But my anarchy bong is gettin' me stoned,
I'm skill it, There's water inside don't spill it,
It smells like shit on the carpet,
Still it, goes down smooth when I get a clean hit,
Of the skunky funky smelly green shit,
Sing my song, puff all night long,
As I take Hits from the anarchy bong...

yes, you're hired.

when can you start?

are you quick with a bleep-button? we're going to have to Bleep A LOT next episode

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