Anarchy Radio 01-19-2016

  • Posted on: 19 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Kathan co-hosts. More on Malheur occupation: govt. bows to white racist scumbags. 62 own as much as 3 billion others. Massive gas leak in San Fernando Valley? Air as bad in rest of LA!
Nightclubs fading out in Europe. Japanese addicted to cutesy mascots, retreat to tiny VR spaces. Tesla creates full-body VR: no unpleasant outside reality. Why journal? An app can do that. Scary health news. Action briefs, two calls.



"We should support the fire chief" because we are crypto-statists.

That lady was just some wackadoodle wingnut!
I really wish i could get this show as a podcast on itunes.

It was clearly kathan who said that, not the caller. And just download it from archive and import it to itunes...

That's who i was talking about. Whoever that lady on the show with JZ was. She was an ill informed person and a wingnut.

You are the uninformed one.

And regardless, no challenge from JZ.

which is weird because he has challenged her before when she said something goofy.

I think JZ is likely to be interested in this:
Also is a show called Me. Robot which is sort of a cheezy fight club/hacker type show.

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