Anarchy Radio 01-22-2019


Whiteaker Tales event: most of the hour's 6 calls were about issues raised there e.g. snitch culture. Mary Oliver, eco lowlights of the week. Greenland and Asia's glaciers melting fast. Bighorn sheep going under, global insect collapse. Ad of the week: Aspiration credit card. BAGR (now Wild Resistance) #6; #7 will be decolonization themed.

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John seemed relaxed, reflective, and ore open this show than usual. Also enjoy the music breaks . He has some new articles coming out.

Even during the apocalypse there will still be fun things to do and alot of ways to improve ones relationships with the surviving animals and humans, its not all gloom and doom, but rather a good opportunity to test ones mettle and improve some of the jokes and humorous atmosphere during the forced marches and desperate cravings for food and water. Chin up and don't drag those feet!

So you went through the apocalypse to share your experience? Nice... who wins the big eschatological brawl? Hollywood ending?

so, did john's mom really call in to tell his friends to go home if they couldn't get along?

this tim lewis guy seems like a real piece of shit. jz needs to stop ridin' fences on this stuff. how can he dismiss fellow anarchists over ideas, while he makes space for snitch-loving liberals???

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