Anarchy Radio 01-30-2018

  • Posted on: 30 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Last Wed.: 50 Years of 1968 at Oregon State; next weekend: BDYHAX in Austin. Oceans strongly warming as well as rising, acidifying. Shootings point toward collapse in America. Bad coral reef, light pollution news. Millennials increasingly withdrawn, stay-at-home. VR soon to include "human" touch. Devumi: fake accounts, fake users in a fake techno world. Action news.



Another great show. Thanks John. Keep it coming. It's cool that @News recognises you are consistent in a world of fly-by-night/here today, gone tomorrow so-called thinkers: that you remain steadfast in your views and able to offer support for your consistency is a credit to your longevity.


lol ok John

Is that a native bobcat he's holding, cos introduced domestic cats have caused more species extinctions than the industrial military complex, unless the cat is kept in a controlled environment, which is a product of the whole civilized doctrine of the correctional confinement prison justice system? Does he even possess a primitivist consciousness? That cat would be food.

Real primmos borrow and hang with the neighbours cat friend, duh. Problem solved.

For three weeks in a row,the A NEWS podcast has descibed Anarchy Radio as "A consistent voice in a changing world." This a polite way of saying JZ is no longer relevant and that the Back To The Stone Age Or Bust narrative is getting tedious and stale.The approximate origin of this little feud can be traced to the competition between Black Seed ,whose editors claimed it was the literary offspring of Green Anarchy, and Black and Green Review, with its principal editors,Zerzan and Tucker, insisting that Black Seed is no such thing. Another factor leading to the decision by the contributors to the A NEWS PODCAST to ignore the topics covered by Zerzan on Anarchy Radio may have to do with Zerzan's response to the four episodes on The Brilliant about technology. This is not the space for saying who I think is right or wrong about their anarchist orientation.My only purpose here is to offer a guess at why Anarchy Radio is getting short shrift from ANEWS.

there are a number of possibilities, which is perhaps the point of the brevity of the line. maybe that line in the podcast means different things on different weeks. why is this a puzzle that is worth your time and attention?
basically: who gives a shit? getting sucked in to other people's bad blood is only interesting if you have skin in the fight. if you do, say your own piece. if you don't, move on.

Lol, have you ever listened to anarchy radio? Every week they just read off articles from the new york times and then JZ says something like "well, we know why that's happening don't we" because of course his analysis is both self-evident and eternally true at this point, and then they'll talk about school shootings. Sometimes things will get a lil exciting and a crazy will call in or he and his wife will talk about a neat engagement they went to, they're just out there living their best lives aren't they!

It amuses me how I cannot fail to recognise the merit of this comment despite the fact that I think that Anarchy Radio is great.

Its older than black seed.

Anyone who identifies as an anarchist has skin in the game, despite the mediation of the internet.I will continue to "give a shit" as long as I please.Get over it!

and/or Anarchy Radio, why don't you phone the show and discuss it with John? JZ doesn't hide behind a screen, a hidden IP address; he is there waiting for your call... and that includes Aragorn! The Coward and the rest of @news. Talk about taking responsibility, Aragorn! uses his media vehicles to TRY and discredit John's work but will not phone Anarchy Radio to debate HIS issues. Yet, Aragorn! has plenty to say on TOTW. This is old ground for some but others may not realise Aragorn! and @news have plenty of opportunity to debate and discuss whatever issues with John but they don't, preferring to play their game instead.

how jz treats his guests when they try to raise a point with him that he disagrees with. at BEST he is nice to their face and then when they'r off the phone he says how they're wrong. he did tht with a friend he's known for years, with whom there is no feud at all. the musician guy who called in last year (don't remember what name he went by for that call). the caller tried to talk about nihilism and how jz wasn't giving nihilists enough credit for having thought things through. jz said something to the effect of, yea, you might be right, and then when the caller got off the phone said something different, and during the following week's show said something even more smug and self-congratulatory about that caller's point. calling in just encourages him.
jz doesn't know how to argue in a way that gives any credit to other opinions. it makes it worthless to disagree with him in real time. the fact that he doesn' tknow this about himself at his age is a lesson to us all.

there’s just as much opportunity for JZ to do the same (minus the call-in). as another anon mentioned, this feud is older than black seed. part of it is that JZ isn’t able to understand or appreciate any analysis that isn’t the same as his (a problem that is not exclusive to him or course) and especially one that takes a few of the same premises and comes to different conclusions. his even longer feud with feral faun/wolfi landstreicher/apio ludd began with wolfi daring to take JZ’s rejection of mass society into a stirnerian direction. his problem with aragorn! and black seed comes from their orientation away from a eurocentric imminent critique of industrial capitalism, which JZ is incapable of understanding; he just keeps calling it (and aragorn!) “postmodern” — as if that were a self-evident evil. similarly he has proved incapable of understanding post-left critiques; he can only repeat that if it’s not anti-left then it’s still leftist. i have appreciated JZ’s contributions to the critique of technology and civilization, but the many discerning anarchists have moved beyond his analyses, and i for one am repelled by his cataloguing of socio-cultural disintegration through endlessly repeating articles from mainstream sources. he apparently believes that these are signs of subconscious rejections of mass society and civilization, while i see them (mostly) as symptoms of a desperate and stronger embrace of the primary cultural value of mass society and civilization: the desire for domination. because i have that different analytical foundation, JZ has decided that i am hostile to him and his project rather than a friendly critic. nothing will ever change his mind

Thanks for this, i feel a lot of the same things.

Multiple times on the show I have heard how bad faith John is with people trying to explain a nihilist position to him.

Funny that GA magazine used to mention nihilism, at least to my memory. I wonder what JZ thought about that then?

He's got 99 problems with civilization, but a nihilist ain't one.

'...orientation away from a eurocentric imminent critique of industrial capitalism,...' If this could be put into layperson language as I want to understand what this means? Thanks for explaining some of the historical context re JZ and others.

specifically to the points you raise in your comment or has anyone else? I'm going to read the wolfi essay linked on this thread, any other material that disagrees with the JZ perspective on the anti-civ way forward would be appreciated. Is the nihlist perspective one of basically anything is possible and therefore there is no prescription?

'...he has proved incapable of understanding post-left critiques; he can only repeat that if it’s not anti-left then it’s still leftist.' Anti-left, post-left??? Anymore-left, is this one too?

Then why don't you call his show and point this out to him, give him a chance to respond? It a'int just JZ who does this though, probably most of us do it. The nihilist caller could have phoned back again on another show and re-discuss the issues. If JZ appears to change his mind or is disrespectful after hanging up the phone, call back and call him out on it. It's not hard to do, just pick up the phone again, easy. Listeners would soon get the idea and JZ would be outed. Simple.

Why wouldn’t you just keep smacking your head into a brick wall? At some point you’ll surely break through it.

Anews anonymous coordinated call-in campaign for hilarity

How did the situation go when there was supposed to be some kind of public debate between JZ and Wolfi?

wolfi said his piece, then jz just sat there, didn't say a word, *a WORD*, and finally wolfi said, i'd rather be swimming, and went off to swim, and as soon as he lft, jz said something smarmy.

the other thing that sucks about jz's attitude, or at least presentation, is that he always sounds like he's happy for projects he doesn't like to be failing, and anticipates their failure. like recently he was talking about the anews podcast and said "they're gettign shorter and shorter", or something, as he sounds happy about it. only one example in so so many... but because he doesn't say it explciitly, it's deniable or something. so sure, but you can only do that so oftern before you might as well claim it, 'cuase you're sure putting out tht vibe

All this takes me back to the days

Such an innocent time that was

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