Anarchy Radio 02-12-2019


Kathan co-hosts. Strikes then & now. Chomsky on "Moral Depravity." More on ASMR. "Becoming Animal." Despair the basis of school shootings. "See something, say something." Latest fashion is post-apocalypse-wear. Surprising allergies rise. "Fauxtography." Resistance briefs, one (nihilist) call.


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JZ back to saying he doesn’t know what nihilism is because no one can ever define it. Sad.

"I don't know what nihilism is but I hate it" is definitely disingenuous at this point, though the caller didn't help matters in this instance. John's answers were entirely reasonable for such brief, vague, and hostile sounding questions.

But with a caller lacking literal poise, he could have at least introduced and agreed about the axiological aspects of existence within the industrial Western complex, the loss of individual self-esteem and self-worth, I mean, that's basically the whole reason for the primitivist lifestyle, its rebellion against the values of the capitalist consumerist/materialist status culture.
It was just so flippant.

Yes, even nihilists like the caller can't define it. LMAO!

I thought he understood the basic nihil qualities such as no time/space physical orientation nor having belief in any ideologically constituted moral and ethical code or faith. In 4 words ----- here, now, do it !
Wow, remind me not to go foraging and food gathering with primitivists, everyone will starve!

Its pretty obvious what it means Cess, but OMG NOOoOo, you're a poor atheist huh!

Classic cop out answer. If it's so obvious, you should be able to tell us then, right Einstein?
« A nihilist is a person who does not bow down to any authority, who does not accept any principle on faith, however much that principle may be revered. » -Ivan Turgenev
The anarcho-nihilist position is essentially that we are fucked.[11] That the current manifestation of human society (civilization, leviathan, industrial society, global capitalism, whatever) is beyond salvation, and so our response to it should be one of unmitigated hostility. There are no demands to be made, no utopic visions to be upheld, no political programs to be followed — the path of resistance is one of pure negation. In short, “that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility.

As you can see existential nihilism is basically the prime definition and one the one that I mostly use. I check off most of the boxes accept for political nihilism which I think has lead to a lot of bad ideas and orientations. On the metaphysical side I'm agnostic on whether there is a self or not though I do consider myself anti-realist.

Nihilexistentialist egoist sums me up among other things.

With Kathan joining, the show's tone changes and becomes a little more mocking and condescending. Do you feel she adds anything when she's on?

The caller is not a nihilist. The caller is a young person exploring ideas that are brand new to them by lashing out at old primmies on their irrelevant radio program.

The kid, despite his unfortunate vocal and general affective resemblance to the Sandy Hook shooter who was the last kid to call into AR, hashed the duo's vibe, man.
Thanks, kid- at least you tried.
All The World-Wide Nihilists who have thrown in the towel

Hiphip hoorah inarticulate nihilist kid. Hiphip hoorah,
For he's a jolly good nihilist, for hes a jolly good nihilist,
For hes a jolly good nihilist,
And so say all those who feel alot like he does, but couldn't learn at school cos of fucked up parents, landlords, cops, parole officers, prison guards, neighbours, average asshole in the street!

*Extreme therapist voice* Tell me about your nihilism...

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