Anarchy Radio 02-21-2017

  • Posted on: 21 February 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Kathan co-hosts. How urbanism fails globally. How fixating on Trump fuels
science and technology. Homo Deus, another hideous, tech-worshipping book.
Scurvy makes a comeback in a disease-ridden world. Older Americans hooked
on mind drugs. Elon Musk on human-machine interface: needed to keep up!
Are egoists and nihilists anarchist? Resistance briefs, three calls.



Ahhhhh so it's Tevin Kucker who was arguing in good faith, whereas Osmia, the postmodern, egoist, not-an-anarchist was in bad faith. And what is the point of critiquing the dogmas of primitivism anyway? I mean really, what does that have to offer?

T-Kuck in the forum - you can actually go almost sentence-for-sentence from beginning to end finding logical/rhetorical fallacies:
"Bellamy isn’t giving anything to think about, he’s just pontificating in abstraction as he always does and trying to tether things to reality in the only way he knows how: philosophical bullshit.
This isn’t complicated.
Domestication of plants and animals is biological in nature. This is rarely, if ever, co-evolution. Co-habitation for mutual purposes? That’s cats and dogs at the start, but the domestic cat and dog are both unquestionably biologically changed through intentional breeding for specific traits.
Human domestication is social, not biological. We haven’t physically changed, we just physically suffer because of it. As such it is a process, not a historical point, though it arises as one.

The problem with thinking it really needs to be so much more nuanced than this is to think that the crazy shit Bellamy throws out needs to make sense. Like his cohort Aragorn, his form of engagement is to abstract something until they can make sense of it.
Domestication is a fully accepted and understandable concept and reality. You can do something with it. Because Bellamy thinks I’m invoking religion for saying domestication is a bad thing is symptomatic of his own delusions, not mine. That he calls me a Platoist for believing the world exists in its own right is equally just laughable.
I don’t find this worth engaging and wonder why this kind of discussion needs to be had at all. It’s back pedaling for pontificating and we need to call it what it is, a dead end, and split paths further or get on with it.
For Bellamy, nothing is what it is. It’s all obscure philosophical jargon. Can’t ever be what it is and it’s all some insidious master plan or some shit. I don’t have time for that nonsense and I just don’t put any thought into it.

For everyone who wants to know what I think, let me put it bluntly, Bellamy is the last fucking person on earth to be qualified to attempt to reiterate any of it. He has zero understanding of it. I’ve done a lot of writing and I am certainly not stopping, if you want to know what I think, read that, or just ask me. His long cut Cliff Notes interpretations aren’t helping discussion, they’re just his method for self-indulgent narcissism."

Lol, I like how this T-Kuck meme's caught on and spread beyond me. "IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!"

Re: are egoists & nihilists @?

@ means a lot of things for a lot of different people. Are Egoists and nihilists anarchist? Of course. Unfortunately so are pop-primmies and bubble-gum anti-civies. Fuck em' anyway tho. No denying that @'s got mad roots in the christian anabaptist tradition. They carry over into the present day and manifest in these fucking loser self-sacrificing #martyrlife jesus-freak @'s like JZ and T-KUCK.

Gawd, how I hate them.

Stones and fire to all the churches, especially the anarchist ones.

Every. body. gets. to. be. an. anarchisttttttttt!!!!!!

Yeah, you laugh, but guess where O around the @ came from.


Dear JZ and KT,




Check this out:

doesn't seem to have any audio! Is this a pattern for older shows? What's going on?

I've found no problem with the sound re: older broadcasts.Seems
to be something at your end. Sorry, JZ

I listened to this broadcast of Anarchy Radio from 3-10-15 where Bellamy was interviewed by Zerzan. The origin of the hostility between Kevin Tucker and Bellamy can be found in this episode.

If that was the origin of the hostility, then you can't tell it from that episode. There was disagreement between the two on certain points, but no moments of hostility.

The point of hostility stems from T-Kuck calling in at some point to bad mouth Black Seed when JZ was pretty neutral about it initially. Sometime after this Bellamy challenged JZ on FRR about giving animals anthropomorphic features in his fluff piece in BS#1. JZ, being a narcissist, saw Bellamy as a problem and not a fellow traveler because critique is an everyday thing for Bellamy while JZ's theories rely on faith.

This isn't the full story, since we can look to Wolfi Landstreicher's conflict with him for origins. The falling out with Bellamy and T-Kuck has to do with T-Kuck being unable to play nice on the internet and need to intimidate those he debates because his thinking is all messed up from wanting to be a hardcore militant rockstar and also caring feminist for his little family WHILE also being an ideological, political leader and inherited of JZ's branch of primitivism. The contradictions are numerous and this edgelord has filled over the years. T-Luck is now merely a spoon that wishes he was a dagger.

Filled is dulled. That's autocorrect for you.

Just for fun here is an auto correct sentence starting with T-Kuck. T-Kuck has to do a walk thru the white working class and small businesses that are Europe's version of a perceived threat to the greater profit for some of the largest of corporations.

I couldnt really be bothered listening to JZs whining diatribe for more than about 5 seconds, but my thoughts on the question posed "Are egoists and nihilists anarchists?" are that most egoists and nihilists to my experince are "ex-anarchists".

For a few people, Anarchism represents itself as a method of individuation, "no authority but yourself" etc... this seems appealing, so they get involved then after spending a few years being told what to do and what to think by a bunch of fat old crusty bastards and PC leftist wetfart students in shitty social centers, they stare miserably into their overpriced caffeinated drink, glance over to the piles of boring marxist propaganda in the bookshelf, and then finally realise "I did NOT sign up for this shit, where did i put my gun? Nihilism!"

check this post out from a few days back and youll see what i mean

The same shit can be seen time and time again, today its ITS and eco extremists and a hundred years ago the same debate was going on with the "illegalists" whose terroristic and criminal deeds were waaaaaay too scandalous to be accepted by the temple of "anarchist" morality.

Anarchy minus the elective/proposed ist/ism. The anarchy of Stirner's "lawlessness and selfhood". It's a great pity that Stirner never inspired the similar postulated sequel successors that Proudhon did, if that were the case we would at least have a distinct discourse of anarchy made more for the idiolectical and unique, the apolitical and the immediate, those who are the equivalent to the Zen after the built up Buddhism. That's how I see anarchy going forward in an age after ideology.

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