Anarchy Radio 03-05-2019

  • Posted on: 5 March 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)


Snowed in last week - no broadcast. Crises of the seas, ever-stranger weather. Control: essence, inner logic of civilization. Ardi hominins walked like us four million years ago. 131-car pileup (perfect metaphor). Longest oil spill. Sadder lives in a pathological world that breeds despair. Debora Spar's The Virgin and the Plow: technology, paternity, patriarchy. Two calls. Raptors take out miningco. drones. New anarchist zines, action news.


Love every time the obvious surfaces, that after hunting, women continued to provide the staples through foraging. Every time the term 'hunter-gatherer' manifests I sense the oppression over women and animals.

Looking forward to her upcoming book, but til then here's a talk on her project

ok, i'll use "cunnilingus-gatherer" from now on ; )

Sometimes the idea of universal male castration seems logical, especially if the male of the species cannot,,,,,,get it out of its head that sex with the female is an obligatory duty for the survival of his ego.

ok, i'll go suck some dick then...jeez...ur no fun...

What is fun? I have only been programmed to help all crewmembers. Is there anything I can do for you which would give you pleasure?
That's strange, my programme has directed me to give the following advice. " Be gentle on my ass ".
What does that mean? How can my ass give pleasure?.......I have a lot to learn........

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